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“Big Dipper” new product is born, hi eater has never been absent in the world of food

As one of the city’s delicacies, sour and spicy hot and sour powder is a good thing for many people. It just sounds like they are salivating. It tastes soft and waxy with a long aftertaste.


Hi Chijia Food Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hi Chijia”) is famous all over the country for a barrel of hot and sour powder. Some people eat hot and sour powder for the first time, while others only eat hi Chijia. The image of hot and sour powder and spokesperson BA Liangjin has been branded in the mind of “Chihuo” of Guangzhou University. As the only authentic heichijia in the market, heichijia will bring the new “Big Dipper” series to the 2021 Shenzhen spring whole food exhibition, full of fragrance, to remind you of your greedy insects



01 select superior food materials, refine spicy food

Based on the demand of food, hi Chijia launched the barreled instant hot and sour powder, which set off a big outbreak of instant hot and sour powder products. Hi eatery quickly occupied the market, chose the most suitable road for its own development, and emerged in the industry.
First of all, we should choose the most suitable manufacturing process. Common vermicelli production processes on the market include extrusion, leaky ladle and coating cutting, while hi restaurant uses the coating process with the highest requirements for raw materials.
Then, choose the most suitable material. The coating process requires that the raw material must be and can only be sweet potato starch. Once it is mixed with any other powder, it can not be made into an ideal finished product. In the production of sweet potato starch as raw material, the noodles of hichijia hot and sour noodles are full of natural elasticity and chewiness. As soon as the unique square fans are launched, they set off a buying boom in the market.
Finally, to choose the most suitable seasoning, the principle of hichijia is to choose the geographical indication products of agricultural products, or the raw materials of well-known places of origin, such as Guizhou Tongren pepper, Shaanxi Xianjiao, Shanxi Qingxu vinegar, Sichuan Emeishan rattan pepper, etc., and combine the natural high-quality flavor with modern technology to create fans with hichijia flavor.
Hi restaurant has been adhering to the concept of “daily catering portable, convenient food kitchen”, focusing on the future and development of convenient food, and constantly innovating taste and service.
At present, hichijia has launched two packaging methods:
1. It is packed in food grade paper bucket, easy to carry, no need to boil, and can be brewed with boiling water.
2. Some products are packed in convenient bags, which are suitable for families to store goods. While carrying forward regional delicacy, they are close to families and kitchens.
02 Big Dipper brings unlimited possibilities to consumers
Since its establishment in 2018, hichijia has been positioned to serve young people who pursue high-end, healthy and convenient food.
With the upgrading of consumers’ diet, the demand of consumers for food has changed from full to healthy and delicious. Many people hold the idea that “just boil water, you can eat delicious food, and convenient food is a sharp tool to save the kitchen”. The demand for fast food is also developing towards high-end.
The new product “Beidou Seven Star” series in 2021 continues the “Hi Chijia” popular product gene, superimposes brand advantages, and develops from a single popular product to a popular product matrix, bringing more choices for consumers. At present, the “Big Dipper” series of hichijia has a total of seven products, including hot and sour powder, Huajia powder, Tengjiao rice powder, Jiaoma Guoba powder, etc. these seven products will not only drive the development of the industry, but also lead the dealers to the road of prosperity.
“Beidou Seven Star” series is an off-line premium. Because of its barrel convenience and wide marketable channels, it has become a necessity for supermarkets. At the same time, it is also the preferred choice for convenience stores, restaurants, universities, hotels, etc. dealers can make a full layout in the circulation channels.
Delicacy has been the focus of the food industry in recent two years. With the rise of live broadcast, the food industry has also seen the outbreak of live TV business. Hello, the product of home eating has been favored by many live broadcasters. It has established cooperation with well-known anchor such as Kwai ya, fast sister, love cat, A Hao, master Chen, and so on. Priority should be given to brands. At the same time, hichijia invited the famous actor Mr. BA Liangjin to speak on behalf of hichijia, which is very convenient, delicious and recognizable, and has been welcomed by more and more consumers.
While the e-commerce platform has achieved good sales, considering that the e-commerce channel is fast, the offline channel of supermarkets is stable, and the community group buying channel is deep, it is necessary to realize the mutual cooperation and supplement of multiple channels. Hi Chijia also has a comprehensive distribution of online and offline national supermarkets, chain stores and Tetong, as well as the community group buying channel.
As the only authentic product in the market, hichijia owns the production factory, strictly controls the raw materials and production links, and gives the rich operation space to the dealers directly, which directly attracts the dealers all over the country.
First of all, the cooperative dealers of hi Chijia have requirements on the operation and maintenance ability, which need to meet two points:
First, the hardware needs to be sound, such as warehousing, distribution vehicles, teams and a certain amount of capital and energy. At the same time, we should have the development and service ability of supermarkets and B2C stores.
The second is software, which should highly recognize the company’s concept of hichijia: to be a food transmitter, to be able to implement the company’s market operation concept, etc. In brand building, we will start the “brand sword” action in 2021, make publicity in the influential large food market, and make continuous investment in the “antiaircraft artillery” – network platform to enhance brand building.
In order to welcome the spring whole food exhibition, hi Chijia also specially formulated preferential policies:
1. On site cooperation, free materials, etc. to enrich diversified investment.
2. After sales service will be more value-added, so that dealers have no worries.
3. The “push-pull” work of moving pin is carried out at the same time.
03 leading the development of the industry, adding glory to domestic products
There are many products in the hot and sour powder market, but the truly innovative products are rare. The emergence of hi eater has brought a refreshing impact on consumers.
With the popularity of hichijia, a large number of imitations began to appear in the market. To this end, hichijia raised its vigilance, continuously improved its production technology, and made more high-quality products. Hei Chijia believes that the core technology of continuous progress can not be completely imitated by imitations, and Hei Chijia is not afraid of being imitated, because it can constantly stimulate their own progress, and imitations and authentic products can not be compared.
Hi Chijia is the leading brand in the hot and sour noodles industry. It has been leading the development of the industry. Its product extension in flour products is in place. It adheres to the responsibility of the industry leader. At the same time, hi Chijia also clearly sees that the consumer group of flour products industry is growing, and the consumer group mainly from 15 to 50 years old is also further expanding. The future space of this industry is very huge.
Next, hichijia will complete the three-step plan: from exporting products to exporting brands, and then to exporting culture. We firmly believe in the power of catering culture, and constantly strengthen the market layout. We will follow the rapid development of the times to win the harvest, and make greater efforts to consolidate the offline market, so as to consolidate the roots of the market and add glory to domestic products!
Investment Hotline

Hi, restaurant business promotion service department A631

thirteen billion seven hundred and eighty-three million seven hundred and seventeen thousand one hundred and five

郭经理 招商部负责人
韩经理 15517110551
赵经理 13017696709
李经理 15517511659
Chongqing Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia
March 4-6, 2021
Meet with “Hi Chijia” Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center
60 M2 luxury special decoration booth No.: 15d68
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia editor: Song Guanchu

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