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How to break through the fast growing vegetable protein beverage track? Learn Danone and oatly, and break the situation with scenario thinking!



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Based on the increasing attention of consumers to nature, health and sustainability, we have seen the rapid growth of vegetable protein drinks in the past decade.


According to the data, plant protein beverage has been the fastest growing sub category in the beverage industry since 2007. On the other hand, according to the “2020 plant protein beverage innovation trend report” released by tmall new product innovation center, in 2020, the sales growth of tmall plant protein beverage market will reach 800%, the number of buyers will rise 900%, and its growth contribution in the beverage market will reach 15% 5%, becoming the absolute “dark horse” in the beverage market.

Photo source: report on the innovation trend of vegetable protein drinks in 2020

Although the growth is gratifying, the whole plant protein beverage track is actually facing a lot of competitive pressure. According to the current market structure, the plant milk track is mainly divided into three types of players: one is the traditional old brand of plant milk, such as six walnuts, Chengde Lulu, etc.; the other is the cross-border comprehensive strength of large companies, such as Yili, Dali, Tongyi, etc.; the other is the new brand We are promoting consumer brands, such as oatly, hollers, etc.


It is not difficult to see that, no matter which of the above categories, domestic plant protein beverage brands still focus on the development of subdivision categories as the main strategy, with different subdivision tracks such as slot soybean milk, walnut milk and oat milk shaping the head brand cognition. Nowadays, the major sub categories such as soybean milk, coconut milk, Oatmeal Milk and so on are occupied by brands, and the products are becoming more and more homogeneous. In addition to mining more niche plant protein categories, such as pea milk, flax milk, rice milk and so on, is there any way to break the situation for new brands?

An important idea is to use scenario thinking. For example, the traditional plant milk was originally a space occupying Festival gift giving scene; oatly, the brand of oat nipple, won the market with the development of coffee scene. However, when new consumer demand continues to emerge, the attraction of traditional festival gift giving scenes gradually declines, or there are more products to replace, what new scenes of vegetable milk are worth paying attention to?


Silk of Danone, a leading North American plant-based brand, recently released a plant-based sports protein drink, which aims to develop the plant-based sports protein drink from the traditional milk replacement scene to the sports fitness scene. This issue of daily new product stew foodaily takes it as an example to learn how new brands can make use of new scenes to make vegetable protein drinks out of the circle quickly.


It is specially developed for sports and fitness people,

Danone launches high protein plant based beverage for the first time in North America


In January this year, Danone North America launched a functional plant protein drink silk in its plant-based brand silk, which is specially developed for sports and fitness people Ultra, the product provides 20 grams of complete plant-based protein per serving, and its protein content is 2.5 times that of traditional milk. It can well meet or assist the sports fitness crowd’s demand for protein, and is conducive to the muscle maintenance and repair of daily training.


In addition to rich plant protein, the product is also a good source of calcium and trace elements such as vitamin A, D, B2 and B12, which can meet consumers’ more diversified nutritional intake and better muscle shaping needs.


Image source: Silk


In terms of protein sources, silk ultra uses soybean protein with complete protein. As we all know, soybean protein is the best plant protein with outstanding sports performance. Its sports nutritional efficacy has been certified by the American College of sports medicine, American Dietetic Association, Canadian dietitian Association and other authoritative institutions.


In the sports and fitness scene, a big problem faced by traditional protein supplements is “health and delicious can’t have it at the same time”. You need to worry about the taste problems such as inconvenient dissolution of water and caking after brewing Considering this demand, ultra designed the product as a beverage with a smooth and delicious taste like a milkshake. Meanwhile, it designed three flavors of cream chocolate, sugar free and original for the new product, which can be drunk directly, frozen or eaten with grains.


In fact, with the further research on the performance of different proteins in muscle performance, sports and fitness enthusiasts put forward higher demand for protein intake and the diversity of eating methods. Although the effect of plant protein in muscle shaping may not be as good as whey protein in traditional cognition, the high cost performance, health factors and sustainability of plant protein itself make more and more people take plant-based protein into their daily diet and training programs.

Aiming at this trend, Danone silk launched one of the first functional vegetable protein drinks on the market. On the one hand, it provides more efficient protein supplement for traditional vegetarians, and on the other hand, it provides more flexible and healthy options for non vegetarians.


Follow the family fitness trend,

Using scene thinking to polish products


On the surface, this may be just the expansion of silk’s product line based on plant protein, but in fact, it shows the application and grasp of scene thinking everywhere.


First of all, from the perspective of product development, silk defines the use scene of the product as a family fitness scene. This is based on its insight into the current situation of consumers. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has forced most people who love fitness to readjust their training schedules. Various kinds of home version gyms that exercise in garages, basements and idle rooms have emerged.


In the United States, during the epidemic period, sales of fitness products soared, the number of users of fitness applications soared, fitness live classes were very popular, and family fitness business was developing in full swing. According to NPD retail data, from March to October 2020, revenue from fitness equipment in the United States more than doubled to $2.3 billion; sales of treadmills surged by 135%, while sales of stationary bicycles almost tripled.


All kinds of signs show that family fitness is becoming a new trend, so the product development for family fitness scene is particularly important. This product of silk ultra is fully developed with the needs of family fitness in mind.

Matching the needs of family fitness, consumers are constantly looking for better diet and healthy lifestyle, so the demand for plant nutrition and plant-based diet erupts. In this context, consumers hope to have a product that can better support the healthy diet lifestyle of family members who are vegetarians or elastic vegetarians, and can match every meal or every time they need, such as morning coffee, lunch cooking, afternoon tea, etc., rather than just nutrition and protein supplement before and after exercise and fitness.


In response to the packaging of the products, silk does not use the normal temperature, convenient and small bottle style of general sports drinks, but uses 59 ounces (about 1700 ml) large capacity carton packaging, and designs a repeatable screw cap, which fully takes into account the use scenarios of different families at different times. It not only supports the needs of multiple families for different doses of protein, but also facilitates the single family’s heavy weight Re drinking and preservation. Moreover, the products need to be refrigerated at low temperature to transfer the storage scene of traditional sports drinks to the refrigerator representing “fresh”, which improves the health attributes and is also suitable for family storage.


It is precisely based on such a subtle consideration of the scene that the launch of silk ultra has won the praise of many sports fitness people and healthy people.


Deep cultivation of scene marketing

Skillfully use celebrities to blow up products


Silk not only has a set of ideas in product development, but also has a lot of ideas in using scenarios to boost marketing.


As mentioned above, the epidemic has caused the explosion of consumer demand for family fitness, so the demand for family fitness equipment has once increased by 500%, and even many sports and fitness people lack the equipment they need for daily exercise.


In order to alleviate the situation that consumers are hindered from exercising at home, and appeal to more consumers to actively respond to the healthy lifestyle of sports, silk launched a nationwide activity for the majority of fitness enthusiasts at the same time of releasing this new product, through which participants can win the fitness equipment needed for exercise at home. Prizes include kettlebells, free weight equipment, resistance bands, etc., as well as a one-year free supply of silk ultra products.


At the same time, in order to expand the influence of the brand and products, silk will host the event by two Olympic champions, swimmer Michael Phelps and gymnast aly raisman. They each launched a sweat training challenge on the social platform, which opened the curtain of the national movement.


Image source: Silk


In order to get rich prizes, participants must fully release the “inner beast”. Complete the following three tasks within 20 days of the event release:


1. Complete any 10 minute sweat training (initiated by Michael Phelps or aly raisman)

2. Upload a self photo of sweating to prove the result of exercise

3. Share how the plant-based food and beverage can help you to perform at your best


Image source: the silk channel


Through the call of two well-known celebrities, the event soon received a lot of positive responses on social networks. The event not only made consumers realize that they should maintain healthy exercise habits and eating habits even at home with limited conditions.

At the same time, it is not difficult to see that through the extensive participation of consumers, high-intensity sports training is linked with silk ultra plant protein beverage in different sports scenes, which naturally spreads the high-intensity and high-performance plant nutrition of the product itself, which is comparable to animal protein.

Just like the idea of the product itself, plant power can be wild.


Scene breaking? How to break it?


Aiming at the sports fitness scene, using the “beast” label to redefine the plant protein beverage, silk uses the scene thinking to push the plant protein beverage to a new track.


In China, the demand for plant protein is at a critical stage. Obviously, in order to get a piece of the fast-growing track, whether it’s product development or marketing, such scenario thinking needs to be arranged to bind brands and products with scenarios.


Looking back on the previous plant protein beverage brands, it is not difficult to find successful examples with ingenious implantation scenes. Let alone the typical festival gift giving scenes, Weiyi soymilk has become the “standard configuration of hot pot” in the southwest market by taking the catering channel as a breakthrough, and its ancestor soymilk has dominated the breakfast market for a long time

Image source: Internet


Nowadays, new consumer groups, new consumer demand and consumption scenarios are constantly changing. More and more new competitive brands and products have emerged. Not only plant protein drinks, but also other categories have begun to share.


For plant protein beverage brands, the only way to survive is based on the product itself, and to develop upgraded products that better match the needs of consumers in the scene compared with competitors, such as making the traditional breakfast soy milk healthier and cleaner, matching the protein composition and sugar content that consumers are concerned about today;

Photo source: dalidou Bendou


On the other hand, plant protein drinks can learn from oatly and develop a new scene. Oatly first popularized Oatmeal Milk because it was matched with coffee in coffee shop.


For the development of new scenes, one idea is to replace, such as seizing the scene of traditional milk and milk drinks. As mentioned earlier, Danone silk’s idea is to replace traditional sports drinks with plant protein drinks;


Another idea is to develop new scenes based on the unique advantages of plant protein, such as the scene of women becoming thinner and beautiful, health care scene and so on.


Plant protein drinks developed by Japanese brands help support women’s health and beauty


After all, in fact, scenario thinking is a test of whether we can put ourselves in the user’s shoes and understand whether consumers really need this product? Is there a better choice in this scenario? How to persuade consumers to turn to your product? Who can more accurately understand and grasp the consumer demand under the segmentation scenario, who can better win the market opportunity, I believe this rule will not go wrong in every track.


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