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Blue bottle coffee in mainland China! He also invited former executives of Starbucks in China

Nestle, a food and beverage company known as “apple in the coffee industry”, has set up a team in mainland China in a low-key way, and invited former Chinese executives of Starbucks to take charge.

The official website of blue bottle coffee recently released an information about the recruitment of Senior Product Manager in China. He works in Shanghai and reports to the general manager of blue bottle coffee in Greater China.

According to this information, the above senior product manager will join the pioneering stage of blue bottle coffee in China to formulate product strategy and be responsible for the planning and implementation of all product projects (including but not limited to beverages, goods, food and consumer retail packaging products).

raise or enlarge an army

What is more noteworthy is that xiaoshidai learned through public information that grace Hu, a former executive of Starbucks in China, was the general manager of blue bottle coffee in Greater China.

According to LinkedIn, grace Hu has been the general manager of blue bottle coffee in Greater China since November last year. Information shows that before that, she worked in Starbucks China for nearly six years, responsible for store development and enterprise projects. Before leaving Starbucks, she worked in China siren retail

So, is this boutique coffee brand from the United States finally opening its first store in mainland China? In this regard, xiaoshidai today inquired about blue bottle coffee headquarters and relevant people in China, and no reply has been received as of the time of publication.

However, compared with the company’s low-key mystery, the official information released by Shanghai is much more straightforward.

Today, the snack agent has searched the information and found that as early as July last year, Jiefang Daily published a report entitled “Shanghai’s first store economy is accelerating to lead the whole country” in a prominent position on the news page, which mentioned that pengwu bookstore, Harold, mujicom convenience store, kakao friends, djula and blue, French jewelry brands The first heavyweight stores such as little coffee have signed contracts or are under negotiation.

This also means that long before the general manager of Greater China took office, blue bottle coffee had already contacted Shanghai to open a shop. It is not clear for the time being that more progress will be made in the local settlement plan.

step by step

Like many coffee chains, in addition to opening stores, the choice for blue bottle coffee to enter the mainland can also be consumer retail products.

After reading the above recruitment information, I think that “this one is more inclined to product management, and its description pays more attention to product quality management and development”.

Xiaoshidai introduced that blue bottle coffee is famous for its single origin coffee beans and cold extracted coffee. In addition to selling freshly ground coffee in stores, the company also offers retail products such as super high-end ready to drink coffee, as well as roasted coffee beans and coffee powder. These products are sold in retail stores and online.

In the Chinese market, blue bottle coffee actually registered its trademark in the mainland as early as 2013. Today, xiaoshidai checked the registration information and found that blue bottle Coffee Co., Ltd. has applied for 73 trademarks.


For example, blue bottle coffee opened its first store in China in Hong Kong last year, and then opened its second store in central in January this year. Prior to this, blue bottle coffee has been distributed in Japan and South Korea markets, and has achieved a good reputation.

In fact, due to the late entry time, blue bottle coffee will face a lot of market competition after landing in the mainland of China. In terms of coffee shops, in addition to Starbucks, which has more than 4800 stores in China, the company will also face up to local boutique coffee chains such as manner and seesaw, which are speeding up the “conquering the city”. In addition, KFC and McDonald’s are also investing heavily in the coffee market in the mainland, and lucky coffee is about to make a comeback.

Link: Nestle and blue bottle coffee

As one of the representatives of high-end coffee market, blue bottle coffee is sometimes referred to as “apple of coffee industry”. Founded in the early 2000s, this boutique coffee company has won the “adoration of fans”. It provides fresh roasted coffee beans for coffee enthusiasts, and the origin of coffee beans is also very diverse, coming from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia and other parts of the world.

In 2017, based on the strategy of investing in high growth categories, Nestle announced that it would become the largest shareholder of blue bottle coffee at a price of no more than US $500 million (about RMB 3.27 billion), accounting for 68% of the shares. Nestle said at the time that blue bottle coffee would continue to operate independently, and its products could reach a broader market through Nestle’s coffee consumption network.

In February last year, Nestle CEO Schneider once said that he was particularly excited about the growth prospects of blue bottle coffee in Asia, and in addition, blue bottle coffee has a good business in the U.S. market.

In fact, Nestle is not directly involved in the operation of blue bottle coffee.

“When you enter a new market, you have to make sure you have a suitable location, and so on. A lot of things need to be considered,” he said when talking about the possibility of blue bottle coffee opening in the mainland in the future. I believe they will comprehensively assess the market potential before entering the new market. I personally think there are many opportunities in China, so we need to wait and see. “

James Freeman, the founder of blue bottle coffee, clearly has great respect for his much larger rival. Previously, he said in an interview:

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