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Clean label pro, the decisive way of food innovation in the second half! |Go! Innovation live announcement

In recent years, the concept of cleaning label has become increasingly well known to consumers in the food and beverage industry, and has been listed on the “Top Ten Trends of global food and beverage” forecast of innova


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Opening time: 15:00-16:00, March 11 (Thursday)
Activity fee: Free
Sharing guests:

Winnie Koh, Asia Pacific clean label ingredients business manager

Head of China clean label ingredients business



宜瑞安一直是清洁标签运动的先驱,我们拥有超过40种的清洁标签配料以及在全球28个IngredionIdea Labs®创新中心的配方经验。宜瑞安致力于为您打造多样化的清洁标签配料选择。

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