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COFCO’s chairman talked about the listing of jiaduobao, Pepsi China investment changed its name to Master Kang Baiyin investment, accelerated the IPO of Heshi, five community group buying enterprises were punished, and the founder of Nongfu Shanquan became the richest man in Asia

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COFCO Chairman: we will further strengthen cooperation in the restructuring and listing of jiaduobao in the future (company news)


On February 26, Wang Jinchang, chairman of jiaduobao group, Zhao Ju, vice president of China Merchants Bank, and their party visited LV Jun, Secretary of the CPC Leading Group and chairman of COFCO group. They had in-depth communication and exchange on further deepening cooperation. Lu Jun, Secretary of the CPC group and chairman of COFCO group, affirmed that jiaduobao group and China Merchants Bank bought back the shares of COFCO packaging through syndicate, and said that cooperation in jiaduobao’s restructuring and listing will be further strengthened in the future. Wang Jinchang, chairman of jiaduobao group, said he hoped to have further cooperation with COFCO in packaging services, product innovation, technology research and development, equity investment and listing. Zhao Ju, vice president of China Merchants Bank, said that on the basis of extensive and good cooperation at present, China Merchants Bank and JDB group will have further cooperation in creditor’s rights and equity investment in the future, which can promote the listing process of JDB more quickly.

Longxian people’s Government: speeding up the listing of Heshi IPO on the main board (Longxian people’s Government Office)


Longxian people’s government’s official website yesterday released “Longxian political situation phase 3” said that it supports the transformation and upgrading of Xiaoyang Miaoke and Heshi dairy enterprises, increases research and development, and enters the high-end market. We will speed up the listing of Heshi IPO on the main board, build a special medical formula sheep milk powder production line, and strive to create a provincial enterprise technology center and a high-tech enterprise.




Today, the State Administration of market supervision has imposed an administrative penalty of 1.5 million yuan on four community group buying enterprises, namely, orange heart youyou (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen meituanyou Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd., and a fine of 500000 yuan on Wuhan Qizhong Yumei Technology Co., Ltd administrative sanction.

McDonald’s and Fengyi international participate in the first batch of multinational enterprises signing projects in the 14th five year plan of Guangdong (released by Guangdong)


On March 2, during the “14th five year plan” period, the Symposium on cooperation and development between Guangdong Province and multinational enterprises and the signing activity of strategic cooperation framework agreement were held in Guangzhou. The total investment of 37 cooperation intention agreements exceeded 300 billion yuan. According to the list of signed projects, the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province has signed McDonald’s catering industry chain project with Guangdong Sanyuan McDonald’s Food Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Golden arch Food Co., Ltd. Yangjiang Municipal People’s government and Fengyi International Group signed the Yihai Jiali condiment project of Fengyi international group.


PEPSI CHINA INVESTMENT renamed as Master Kong Baiyin investment (business information)


According to industrial and commercial information, on March 1, Pepsi (China) Investment Co., Ltd. changed its name to Master Kong Baiyin Investment Co., Ltd. Established in March 1995, Master Kong Baiyin Investment Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of about US $360 million and its legal representative is Liu Liren. The main business scope of the company includes investment and Reinvestment in beverage, food processing industry and agriculture, establishment of scientific research and development center or department in China, research and development of new products and high technology, transfer of research and development achievements, etc.


Zhang Tao, deputy secretary of Taian municipal Party committee and mayor, meets with Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu Group (Taian Municipal People’s Government)


On March 1, Zhang Tao, deputy secretary of Taian municipal Party committee and mayor, met with Lu Minfang, President of Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. and his party to have a discussion on deepening exchanges and cooperation, expanding cooperation space and promoting the development of Mengniu Dairy Taian Co., Ltd. Lu Minfang said that Mengniu Group will rely on the supply chain to implement the 10 billion industrial cluster project of “planting, breeding and distribution” in Tai’an, hoping to make use of the provincial and municipal policies and regional advantages in Tai’an, build the whole dairy industry chain around the core factory, milk source base and supporting industries, and realize the output value of industrial cluster exceeding 10 billion yuan.


Hurun global rich list released in 2021, Nongfu Shanquan Zhong Xiao became the first Chinese entrepreneur to enter the top 10 in the world (Hong Kong Economic Daily)


Yesterday, the Hurun Research Institute released the “2021 Hurun global rich list”, adding 412 US $1 billion entrepreneurs in the world, with a total of 3228 people, reaching a new high. With a fortune of 550 billion yuan, the founder of Nongfu Shanquan has become the richest man in Asia and China, and the first Chinese entrepreneur to enter the top 10 in the world, ranking seventh. Tencent Ma Huateng’s wealth increased by 70% to 480 billion yuan last year, ranking second only to Zhong Qiong; Huang Zheng, founder of pinduoduo (US: PDD), ranked third with 450 billion yuan, surpassing Alibaba’s Jack Ma. As for Zhang Yiming, the 38 year old founder, he ranks behind Ma Yun with a fortune of 350 billion yuan.


China Feihe sells all shares of Feihe business to Leng Youbin and others (economic news agency)


China Feihe announced yesterday that through chairman Leng Youbin and two directors, it will acquire the full equity of Feihe business, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Heilongjiang Feihe, for RMB 10 million. Feihe business and Heilongjiang Feihe signed a framework contract, including business cooperation agreement, exclusive service agreement, exclusive purchase right agreement, shareholder’s right entrustment agreement and related shareholder’s right authorization letter, equity pledge agreement, loan agreement and spouse commitment letter. The above related transaction will make all shareholders of Feihe business Chinese residents, making Feihe business qualified to apply for value-added telecom Business license to enter into qualified businesses currently subject to foreign investment restrictions in China.

Nestle invests in Harbin DFI expansion project (company news)


On February 28, the cloud video centralized signing ceremony of Harbin investment promotion project was held, and Nestle dairy cattle breeding Training Center (hereinafter referred to as DFI) participated in the cloud signing ceremony. In 2021, Nestle will invest in the DFI expansion project, which includes the construction of grain capacity center and the expansion of ranch phase II.


Budweiser China Innovation Center unveils five issues this year (pingwest)


According to pingwest recently, this year, Budweiser China’s Innovation Center project will cover all aspects of the company’s value chain, from raw materials, production, packaging to sales. Specifically including food materials upgrading and reuse, innovative packaging materials, cutting-edge clean technology solutions, intelligent factory solutions, Restaurant & marketing efficiency improvement solutions. It is reported that the projects meeting the challenge demand will have the opportunity to pilot and land in the Budweiser China value chain, enter the Global 100 + accelerator of Budweiser, get financial support, and get access to ZX ventures of Budweiser.

Starbucks opens Jingdong official flagship store (company news)


Today, the official flagship store of Starbucks Jingdong officially opened, with physical commodities, physical star gift cards, seasonal foods (such as Star Ice dumplings, moon cakes) and their corresponding gift certificates as the main products.

KFC’s hot and dry noodles in Hubei restaurant for a long time (company news)


Following the sale of hot and dry noodles by KFC in Wuhan on January 18, KFC hot and dry noodles were put on the line for a long time in restaurants of Hubei Province on March 1, with the supply period from 6:00 to 9:30 in the morning. Hot and dry noodles will be sent online at the same time.


Net profit of Haidilao in 2020 dropped nearly 90% year on year (company announcement)


Haidilao recently announced that its net profit is expected to decline by about 90% in 2020. The expected decrease in net profit is mainly attributable to the significant impact of the outbreak of New Coronavirus in 2019 and subsequent disease prevention measures and the restrictions imposed by the countries and regions around the world on the implementation of consumer places. The net exchange loss of the US dollar against the RMB exchange rate was about 235 million yuan, most of which were unrealized exchange losses.

Budweiser Asia Pacific grants up to 1112000 restricted share units


Budweiser Asia Pacific announced that on March 1, 2021, the company granted up to 412240 prohibited shares to several qualified employees and 1111947 restricted share units to such grantees in accordance with the terms of its share based compensation plan adopted on September 9, 2019 and the new restricted share unit plan adopted on November 25, 2020.


Xibei yogurt house’s first store in Beijing closed quietly, and there is a gap between its high-end positioning and consumers’ price perception (Beijing News)


According to the Beijing News yesterday, a netizen said recently that Xibei yogurt House Beijing Zhongjun World City store has been closed. According to the Beijing News, the store is the first store of Xibei yogurt house in Beijing and will open at the end of May 2019. On February 28, a Beijing News reporter visited Zhongjun world city in Beijing and learned that Xibei yogurt house was closed in early February this year, and consumers mainly rated it as “high price”. At present, Xibei yogurt house has one store in Beijing and one store in Shanghai. On March 1, a Beijing News reporter asked Xibei whether the “yogurt house” project would be completely shut down. As of its publication, no reply has been received.


McDonald’s considering selling part of dynamic field, an AI start-up


McDonald’s is considering selling part of its artificial intelligence start-up, dynamic field, according to a recent report from Peng Bo. According to reports, the latter provides personalized digital promotion for consumers, and its technology can help restaurants change the display of items on the electronic menu board according to weather and other factors. Customers include McDonald’s and other brands. Since it was acquired by McDonald’s for more than $300 million two years ago, dynamic field has cooperated with 300 other brands around the world. McDonald’s is considering a plan to sell part of the company’s business with third parties, while retaining the part that serves McDonald’s.


Lele tea launches its first coffee brand “doudoule” (surging News)


According to surging news, Lele tea, a new tea drink, has launched its first coffee brand “doudoule”. The country’s first store has entered the White Magnolia Plaza on the North Bund. Its main products include “original Taiji Yuanyang latte” and “dirty osmanthus latte”. According to Lele tea, in the future, doudoule will try to launch joint brands with more high-quality coffee brands, or do some offline coffee sharing activities to further promote coffee culture.


Maotai, Guizhou Province, fell more than 20% in the year of the ox, entering a technical bear market


Guizhou Maotai closed down 4.63% yesterday, with its share price at 2028 yuan, falling more than 20% in the year of the ox, entering a technical bear market.

Alibaba will cooperate with new hope in the field of agriculture to cultivate 200000 new farmers (36 krypton) in three years


According to 36 krypton news yesterday, Alibaba and new hope are brewing strategic cooperation in the agricultural field. The two sides plan to cultivate 200000 new farmers nationwide in three years, and jointly build a new e-commerce business entity. The No.1 project that Ali and new hope cooperate in is the “first one kilometer” plan. The two sides plan to jointly introduce high-quality resources of agricultural scientists and focus on the “bottleneck” problems in key agricultural fields.

UBS: Danone’s new CEO focuses on implementing AOF at least in the first year


Yesterday, a report of UBS analysts pointed out that the new CEO of Danone in the future will focus on the implementation of the “local priority” plan under the supervision of fan Yimou, the current CEO and chairman of Danone, for at least the first year. The plan is formulated by fan Yimou and is believed to be smoother than the transition required by some shareholders who want significant changes in strategy and direction.


Illycaff è, the Italian coffee group, has sold 20% of its stake to private equity, worth 200 million euros (Hua Lizhi)


Illycaff è, a well-known Italian coffee company, has announced that it will sell a minority stake to RH è ne capital LLC, a US private equity fund, with a total value of about 200 million euros, according to the recent news from huarizhi. The group said the aim of the deal was to help it enter the next phase of international growth, particularly in the US market. The cooperation with RH ô ne capital will enhance the competitiveness of illycaff è and bring the necessary resources for its long-term development strategy (including possible IPO).


Herbalife appoints three new independent directors (company news)


Recently, Herbalife announced the appointment of three new independent directors, namely, Sophie l’helias, founder and President of leader XX change, Kevin M. Jones, CEO of Rackspace technology, a US cloud computing management company, and don Mulligan, former CFO of general mills.


Starbucks to promote oatly oatmeal products in the United States (company news)


Recently, Starbucks announced a new menu for the U.S. market, launched a milk free ice cream espresso drink, and will promote oatly oatmeal drinks across the United States.

Quick reading of food industry information


Heilongjiang: focus on introducing high-end infant formula milk powder and other projects (General Office of Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government)


Today, Heilongjiang Provincial People’s government’s official website released the work plan for investment promotion of agricultural and agricultural products processing projects in Heilongjiang Province, which shows that in the aspect of dairy products processing, it focuses on the introduction of high-end infant formula milk powder, high-end functional milk powder, cheese, condensed milk, cream and characteristic dairy products, low-temperature pasteurized milk, fermented milk, whey protein powder and other projects.


Australian food industry’s M & A starts again, billions of assets seeking buyers (Aohua Finance Online)


Yesterday, Aohua Finance Online quoted “Australian” as saying that the merger and reorganization activities of the food and beverage industry in Australia have accelerated again, and two well-known manufacturers may be listed for sale. There are also rumors that a food and beverage company may divest assets worth as much as a $1 billion. It is reported that vesco foods, valued at a $300-400 million, has offered an offer to buyers and may soon enter the market. The beverage company tru Blu has entered the inquiry stage, and the transaction amount can reach hundreds of millions of Australian dollars. At the same time, there is growing speculation that Kraft Heinz may spin off its golden circle business. It is said that the US based company has been considering withdrawing from the Australian market for the past two years.

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