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Crossing the dimensional wall, yoghurt brings the beautiful spring cherry season to Z generation

The annual cherry blossom season of
has a sense of ceremony that consumers are looking forward to. It is also an excellent entry point for the brand to keep up with the pace of young people and play with young people.

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March is another year when cherry blossoms dominate the screen.
The romantic and gentle cherry blossoms hide the whole spring, and the cherry blossoms in the circle of friends come and go one after another. In addition to the beautiful group photo with cherry blossoms, cherry flavored food are also heading towards consumers with the aura of spring.
From dessert to drink, from packaging to taste, everything can be cherry blossom. So, how should a brand make good use of Cherry Blossom elements in spring marketing? Now that the post-90s and post-90s have become the main consumption force of the new generation, how can brands upgrade and rejuvenate in order to keep pace with the young people at the forefront of the trend? What are the strengths of brand rejuvenation marketing?
Spring fashion, spring cherry season Limited new romantic
When spring comes, all kinds of flowers are blooming. Cherry blossoms, which are lit by neon people, stand firmly in the C position, attracting waves of tourists to watch. On the picnic cloth of tourists, there are all kinds of high-value spring limited products. Among them, cherry blossom has the highest Paping index.
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Starbucks recently launched this year’s cherry blossom season special drink. Oreo, which turned pink last year, reappeared this year with cherry blossom and strawberry flavor. Greeco brings the cherry blossom series taste of Baiqi Baichun bailizi With its high appearance value, cherry blossom perfectly matches products of different brands and categories, bringing consumers the best spring feast.
This year’s 24-year-old national milk beverage yoghurt, also replaced the iconic green box, in this spring cherry season put on cherry blossom.
The limited new products of yoghurt in spring cherry season include the original flavor of cherry package and the new flavor of cherry green plum. Cherry blossom and green plum yoghurt is fresh in the mouth, with a hint of cherry blossom fragrance, and a hint of playful green plum fruit acid in the aftertaste. The new product is mainly based on two-dimensional packaging. There are three series of packaging. Two kinds of packaging can be combined into a complete picture. The beautiful Japanese style cartoon style is used to present the picture of cherry blossom in spring. The virtual spokesperson Xiaoyou tells the romantic story for everyone. The topic is “youyou’s sour milk blushes”, and the spokesperson Chen Linong carries out publicity to detonate the major social platforms.


Different from other spring cherry blossom restrictions, the new product of this excellent yoghurt spring cherry season is featured with fresh, sour and sweet plum and cherry blossom, light floral fragrance and silky fruit acid perfectly integrated, fresh and not greasy. Compared with pure Cherry Blossom taste, it has more recognition and memory points. The brand IP is integrated into the packaging, and the concept of CP packaging is adopted to connect the original products with the limited taste. Besides the promotion of new products, the classic products are brought to the attention of consumers once again.
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Xiaoyou warm house also came back in the spring, using Cherry Blossom theme decoration, incarnating Cherry Blossom punch in place, from the two-dimensional world to reality, and once again attracted the attention of young people.
In spring and cherry season, the surrounding areas are sincere and consider the needs of young people from all aspects. The “Cherry you blush hand account gift box” contains a hand account book, postcard, fountain pen, adhesive tape and stickers. You can collect all the cherry blossom, nongnong and Xiaoyou in one copy and record the wonderful moments of life. Sunny umbrella blooming in water, cherry cup sensitive to temperature and discoloration, two wireless mechanical keyboards of cherry blossom and green plum, and cherry Tote Bag Limited in spring and cherry season, are both practical and beautiful. They are high-quality products out of the street. Go to the official small program of yoghurt to participate in the interaction, and you can exchange the above limited amount with points for free.
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The spring day limit is only part of the season limit. Nowadays, the seasonal restriction is no longer just the limited supply caused by the limitation of food materials, but with a sense of life ceremony, consumers begin to look forward to the restriction before it comes, bringing year after year heat to major brands. With the continuous change of consumer composition, behind the seasonal limit, there is the shadow of younger marketing.
Capture the hearts of young people
Yoghurt has its own set
Interest is the first thing
As young people gradually grasp the power of discourse and economy, the consumption in the market becomes younger and more diversified. Data show that by 2020, generation Z will account for more than 40% of American consumers, and their annual purchasing power is estimated to be $44 billion. In China, according to the “2020 Z generation consumer attitude insight report”, the total number of Z generation people is about 260 million, with an expenditure of 4 trillion yuan, accounting for 13% of the total national household expenditure, and the consumption growth rate is far higher than that of other age groups. They were born and grew up when the country’s economy was booming. They have higher consumption habits, willingness and strength. They are the “most dare to spend generation”.
Therefore, understanding the new consumption concept of generation Z has become a matter of great concern to brands. To understand the concept of consumption, we should start from understanding the circle of interest. With the help of the Internet, the interest circles of generation Z are more vertical and diversified, among which Guochao, Biyuan, e-sports, fanquan, etc. have attracted much attention.
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With the country’s culture, value and economy quietly booming, “national tide” culture has gradually become the spiritual totem of young people, appearing in almost every field of interest for young people. Among the fans of Chinese style in station B, nearly 90% are generation Z.
National brand yoghurt has also taken a series of measures to continuously strengthen the trend attribute of the brand and continue to build small excellent IP.
This spring cherry season series and cherry blossom themed small excellent warm house are built according to young people’s interest in recording life, collecting and clocking. It enhances the interaction between consumers and brands, and brings consumers more dimensional quality experience in addition to delicious products. These activities stimulate young people’s consumption power based on their interests, and make Chaoyin yoghurt closer to young people.
Spiritual leader & company is a warm and firm force
Born in the Internet age, generation Z is more tolerant of different cultures, has a wide range of interests, and is relatively prosperous in economy, but also lacks a sense of company and identity. To create a high-quality model of young marketing.

Connect the warm core of the brand with the life scene by immersive experience

Star spokesmen represent the power of idols. Xiaoyou warm house carries the spirit of companionship, product upgrading, online and offline interaction. Yogurt captures the hearts of young people with the sense of experience from the inside out and the warm and firm strength.
As a 10 billion large single product with good quality and low price, yoghurt is not satisfied with the status quo. Since its launch in 1997, yoghurt has always focused on young people. Through the continuous upgrading of products and marketing, yoghurt adheres to the road of brand rejuvenation.

From the point of view of products, yoghurt focuses on Z generation, and constantly develops new flavors that Z generation likes. From the perspective of marketing, looking for Jay Chou in 2009, we have a deep understanding of young people’s interest circle. With the help of the spiritual power of stars, Guochao and bidimensional, through online multi-channel communication and offline experience of small and excellent warm houses, young people have a sense of identity with the brand and successfully shape the image of Guochao drink.

The second dimension is becoming a sharp tool for young marketing
In the environment of the strong rise of the secondary meta culture, the secondary meta marketing is becoming more and more important for brands. As an important part of young people’s interest circle, it has great advantages in brand communication.
Unconsciously, food brands have created one hot content after another, occupying a place in the secondary cultural circle. What does the brand value? How do food brands stir up the Z generation?
The common secondary marketing methods are brand and existing strong secondary IP cooperative marketing and brand original IP marketing.
In terms of cooperation with strong two-dimensional IP, there are countless examples of KFC and “Yin Yang master”, Naixue’s tea and virtual KOL Ling, dove and “love and producer”, and food brands taking advantage of mature IP.
In terms of brand original IP, there are three squirrels and jiangxiaobai in the front, and Xiaoyou IP of yogurt in the back. Self created IP is the most difficult but also the most valuable secondary marketing.
Since the launch of Xiaoyou IP in the summer of 2020, youyoghurt has continued to launch new products and marketing activities around Xiaoyou, gradually improving its design attributes and humanizing the brand. It not only caters to the preferences of Z generation, but also perfectly matches the tone of the brand. Besides product consumption, youyoghurt has added a link of “brand culture” consumption with users, and has better communication with consumers, Seeking innovation in products and creativity, and constantly improving the young people’s recognition and favor of the brand.
This spring cherry season Limited new products, seize the social mentality of young people who love to share, create CP packaging concept, integrate Xiaoyou IP with Japanese comic style, continue the offline warm experience of Xiaoyou warm house, which is the product of yoghurt precise positioning and secondary marketing, and embrace young consumers again.
Compared with the real person advertising, the two-dimensional advertising has more tension and communication power; compared with the real person endorsement, there is no public opinion risk such as the collapse of human design in creating the two-dimensional content, and the plasticity can be higher; after effectively reaching the target group of the two-dimensional circle, the brand can try to carry out more in-depth and diversified cooperation. Moreover, consumers who like the second dimension are more willing to pay for their favorite content.
Whether it’s Guochao or Biyuan, in the successful marketing cases again and again, we can see that looking for young people’s interest circle, understanding their consumption motivation, and playing with them in the way that young people like, is the most effective way to win the “young battlefield”.
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