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From plant protein drink to plant yoghurt, where is the base of fighting for yoghurt market?

nowadays, people’s health awareness has been improved again, consumer demand has been iterating layer upon layer, the understanding of plant-based food has been deepened and their interest has been enhanced, and plant yoghurt has begun to usher in development opportunities, and become a new track for major brands to seize. “

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In recent years, the plant-based food industry has set off a new wave, attracting many food and beverage brands at home and abroad. According to foodaily’s “acceleration of capital innovation, inventory of 112 investment and financing events in the food and beverage industry in 2020” published in January this year, it can be seen that plant meat and plant protein drinks have become the “new favorites” of capital, which has promoted the rapid development of new and cutting-edge brands such as ZhouLing, heymaet, oatoat and Maimai Ouye.
However, compared with the plant meat, the plant protein drink market has already entered the situation of competition. According to the report “2020 innovation trend of plant protein beverage” released by tmall, the growth rate of China’s plant protein beverage market will reach 800% in 2020, accounting for 15.5% of the market growth, ranking only after drinking water and tea drinks, becoming a high-speed engine driving the growth of beverage market.
However, it is undeniable that China’s vegetable protein beverage market is a bit tepid before 2017. Although one or two enterprises have achieved good performance growth, they are more likely to fall into the “middle-aged crisis”. It was only in 2017 and 2018 that this market received unprecedented attention.
In order to comply with the trend of healthy quality of food and drink, Dali group launched the soybean milk brand doubendou in 2017, with “pure natural without addition” as the biggest highlight and difference selling point of the product to attract consumers, and then launched a series of products, such as organic soybean milk, pure soybean milk, original soybean milk, to meet people’s different intake needs for plant nutrition. In the year of listing, the sales volume of doubendou reached 1 billion yuan, which had a great impact on the market structure of soybean milk beverage at that time.
Nowadays, people’s health awareness is rising again, consumer demand is iterating layer upon layer, the understanding of plant-based food is deepening and the interest is increasing, and the plant-based yogurt is also beginning to usher in development opportunities, and has become a new track for major brands to seize. Doubendou, as a player who has been deeply engaged in the field of plant-based, naturally will not miss this tuyere. At the beginning of this year, doubendou released a normal temperature plant yoghurt with “good taste and no burden”. In particular, unlike most plant yoghurt on the market, which is mainly refrigerated, “normal temperature” has become the ingenuity of bean plant yoghurt.
So, as a heavyweight player in the field of soymilk, why does doubendou want to cut the plate of yogurt, and what strategy will it use to compete with dairy giants? In addition, why does doubendou choose normal temperature yogurt? Can doubendou solve the problem that has not been solved by refrigerated plant yogurt? Is it possible for it to become the leader of plant yoghurt?
From plant protein drinks to plant yoghurt,
Why does Dou Bendou want to grab the business of dairy giants?
Doubendou, which has been deeply engaged in the field of soymilk, announced its entry into the yogurt market this time, which attracted a lot of attention from the industry. In foodaily’s view, the expansion of douben beans is closely related to the current market opportunities of yogurt.
1. China’s yogurt market volume & growth rate leads the world, and normal temperature yogurt leads the world
How many new opportunities are there for China’s 100 billion yogurt Market in the past 30 years? |In the article “the development history of yoghurt in China, Japan and the United States”, we outline the current situation of China’s yoghurt market.
The first is the total market volume. The volume and growth rate of China’s Yogurt Market is the highest in the world. According to Euromonitor, the sales of yogurt products in China will increase from 45.6 billion yuan in 2012 to 220 billion yuan in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.2%. Its share in the whole dairy market jumped from 20% in 2014 to 36% in 2019, and it is expected to further increase to 42.2% by 2024.
The second is the composition of the main categories of yogurt. According to Mintel’s data, in the past five years, the average annual growth rate of normal temperature yogurt in China has remained at a high level of 45.8%, far higher than that of ultra-low temperature yogurt and lactic acid bacteria drinks. In 2019, the market sales of normal temperature yoghurt is close to the sum of low temperature yoghurt and lactobacillus beverage.
It can be seen that from the perspective of market opportunities, yogurt plays an important role in the whole dairy market, and normal temperature yogurt will continue to grow at a high speed, which provides a great foundation for doubendou to enter the yogurt track.
2. Category & demand subdivided, domestic plant yoghurt market “growing”
Recently, a report of hexa research predicted that by 2025, the global plant yogurt market will reach US $2.53 billion, which highlights the growing confidence of consumers in the industry. According to Nielsen’s previous data, the growth rate of vegetable yogurt in the U.S. market is ten times that of ordinary yogurt, which shows its huge growth potential.
In China, although plant yogurt is still a very small category, in recent years, after some “pioneers” have tried to enter the public vision; in addition, due to the frequent appearance of plant milk in recent years and the pursuit of capital, consumers have higher attention and expectations to plant yogurt.
Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, said that after nearly 30 years of development, China’s yogurt has entered a “post yogurt era”, and new changes will take place in the market pattern, that is, to enter a segmented market, enterprises should match different products to consumers according to different consumers, scenes and channels. And plant yogurt is to firmly grasp the health needs of this segment of the market, usher in development opportunities.
3. Differentiation and innovation of big and small brands
As mentioned above, in the past two years, many brands have started to set foot in the field of plant yoghurt, but they have never run out of a large single product and failed to make a big splash.
Through combing the domestic plant yogurt Market, we found that most of the plant yogurt on the market are refrigerated, such as Nongfu mountain spring plant yogurt, Sanyuan United French St Hubert’s “shengyouhuo” and Meiren food’s “jomma” on the e-commerce platform are available, but they are rare. For example, at the beginning of this year, Yili also announced that it will launch coconut milk fermented plant yogurt In such a situation, the plant yogurt launched by doubendou has two advantages: the popular soybean milk fermentation base and the room temperature fermentation to break the cold chain restriction, so it has the opportunity of category occupation.
So, as the new focus of plant yoghurt category, in addition to creating good conditions of “favorable weather and location”, is bean based soybean plant yoghurt itself excellent enough? What are the advantages of doubendou in order to occupy the track of plant yoghurt? What positive significance does its launch bring to the development of this category?
Where does bean plant yoghurt win?
How to give full play to the advantages of plant yoghurt?
Just like the above analysis, in order to seize the outlet of plant yogurt and avoid direct competition with other soybean milk brands, doubendou aims at plant yogurt and chooses to open up new fields and occupy new markets at the same time.
But we also know that the development of plant yogurt is not smooth. From the perspective of consumers, there is a lack of market education, and consumers do not adapt to the taste of plant yogurt and doubt its nutritional value. From the industrial point of view, there are also many technical problems in this category. For example, the composition and content of protein and carbon source of plant-based raw materials fluctuate greatly due to the influence of species, extraction and refining process; or there are technical difficulties in fermentation process and strain selection, which are not easy to break through, and there is a big gap with European and American markets
So, how to solve these difficulties? How to give full play to the inborn advantages of plant base and the advantages of doubendou brand to break the circle?
1. Dig deep into the nutritional value of plants and capture people’s heart with “zero burden” difference point
As we all know, due to the excessive intake of high calorie and high-fat food in modern people’s diet structure, chronic health problems such as three highs and obesity have become more and more people’s heart pain points. Yogurt, as a kind of food with health aura, is recognized by the majority of consumers for its advantages of promoting intestinal digestion and helping weight management. However, because animal yogurt contains lactose, trans fat, cholesterol and other ingredients, some potential consumers of yogurt will be deterred. So how to solve the pain point of this category, make yogurt more healthy, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses? Bean plant yogurt provides us with the answer.
It’s fermented from soybean, which contains up to 3G of high-quality plant protein per 100g. It’s reported that soybean plant protein is the only plant protein that contains 9 kinds of essential amino acids needed by human body, and the content meets the needs of human body, so its nutrition is very high-quality. At the same time, the product does not contain lactose, animal fat, cholesterol, trans fat and other animal ingredients that may cause unhealthy. It is very friendly to people who are lactose intolerant and allergic to dairy products, and perfectly meets the needs of breakfast and afternoon tea.
In addition, each box contains 5g dietary fiber, which is equivalent to the dietary fiber content of two apples. It is considerate for today’s young people who have greasy diet, often order takeout, and lack of exercise. A box of yogurt not only meets the needs of satiety and nutrition, but also promotes gastrointestinal digestion, and helps to play the role of weight loss and weight management.
It can be seen that creating a more natural and burden free product with pure plant base compared with animal yogurt can not only provide the nutritional value of animal yogurt, but also effectively avoid the occurrence of chronic health problems that may be caused by animal yogurt, and also provide the unique benefits and functions of plant ingredients.
2. The taste is king, and it is a combination of bean milk and plant-based refreshing feeling
Previously, we mentioned that the taste, taste, texture and other issues in the fermentation process of plant yogurt are common problems in product development. For example, plant yogurt often has a strong sense of starch, beany or bitter taste and other unpleasant taste, which will directly affect the drinking experience of consumers.
There is no doubt that a bad yogurt will not last long. However, doubendou has rich experience in the research and development of plant yogurt products because it comes from soybean milk and has better taste than most soybean milk products.
First of all, like soymilk, douben soybean plant yoghurt selects high-quality non transgenic soybeans from northeast black land. Meanwhile, the brand continues to use the four core technologies in the production process of soymilk, namely, wall breaking by stone grinding, raw milk purification, molecular emulsification and aseptic truth locking, striving to create a high-quality fermentation base for soymilk;
Secondly, in order to overcome the flavor, viscosity, texture and other technological problems in the fermentation process of plant yoghurt, the brand introduced foreign advanced technology on the basis of high-quality soybean milk, selected the special strain for the fermentation of plant yoghurt Streptococcus thermophilus + Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus, and finally realized the smooth and dense sensory experience of the product through 8 hours of natural fermentation, To really meet the “good” demand;
Third, the new product maximizes the natural taste advantage of plant-based raw materials. Compared with animal yogurt, plant yogurt has the characteristics of refreshing, sweet and non greasy taste because of its lower fat content in raw materials. Take this product as an example, the fat content in 100g soybean milk is 1.5-2.0g, which is only half of that of milk. It greatly reduces the thick and heavy greasy feeling of animal yogurt and becomes a “powder absorption point” of the product.
In addition, in order to provide consumers with more diversified product choices, doubendou also launched two series of 250g high-end dream cap and 205g Tetra Pak diamond, hoping to meet consumers’ different needs with different packaging specifications and tastes. It is a very good choice to send friends and elders away. Moreover, the appearance of high-value products also increases consumers’ active sharing on social platforms The willingness to shine.
In addition to the above advantages different from animal yogurt, the biggest highlight of this product is “normal temperature plant yogurt”. So, what’s the difference between this normal temperature plant yogurt and most refrigerated plant yogurt on the market? Why do beans choose normal temperature plant yoghurt? Frozen plant yogurt has not solved the constraints, bean beans can solve, what are the advantages?
It’s not as difficult as refrigerated plant yoghurt,
Can bean plant yoghurt solve this problem?
As we all know, under the background that plant protein drinks are popular overseas and encroach on the dairy market, Nongfu Shanquan, as a pioneer, took the lead in launching live bacteria type plant yoghurt in 2019, stirring up a pool of spring water for domestic plant protein drinks and attracting the attention of traditional dairy industry. But it’s a pity that the refrigerated plant yogurt still hasn’t come out of the market. What’s the reason? Are these reasons the starting point of making normal temperature yoghurt?
1. Why did the refrigerated plant yoghurt not warm before?
The first is that market education is still in its infancy, consumers are very unfamiliar with the concepts of “plant-based” and “plant yoghurt”, and lack of understanding of its nutritional value; the second is that there were very few brands and products involved in plant yoghurt at that time, and only a few brands were trying, so it is inevitable that they were a little “weak”;
The second reason is that products need cold chain transportation. At present, the domestic cold chain logistics construction is still in the developing state, the circulation efficiency is not high, and it can not reach more cities and consumers, so its own reach is limited; moreover, the cost of cold chain logistics is too high, and the conditions are strict, once there is a problem, it has a great impact on the products, and it is easy to cause food safety accidents;
Third, the price is on the high side. Due to the dual factors of cold storage and plant-based, the price of plant-based yogurt is generally on the high side, which is difficult for ordinary consumers of yogurt to understand: “why is it more expensive to make yogurt without milk and only with plant ingredients?” Therefore, the product is not easy to be seen by consumers, but the high unit price will still persuade many consumers.
So for these “lessons from the past”, will Dou Bendou do better? How will it respond?
2. In order to make this “the first normal temperature yogurt based on soybean milk in China”, what did douben do?
First of all, from the perspective of market maturity, although plant-based yogurt is still a relatively forward-looking category, consumers’ acceptance and recognition of plant-based products have generally increased in recent two years, and they are more tolerant of price. In addition, generation Z has become the main consumer, they are very willing to try new things, and will pay a higher premium for nutritious and healthy food
The maturity of these external conditions makes it wise for doubendou to lay out plant yoghurt at this time. However, as an industry leader, doubendou will also practice its corporate responsibility, actively transfer category value, and popularize knowledge related to plant yogurt by inviting spokesmen with national standards, various traditional channels, social media, live e-commerce publicity, etc., so as to cultivate consumers’ mind.
Secondly, doubendou has broken through the cold chain restrictions and selected normal temperature products to meet the urban and rural consumption demand of imperfect cold chain with the advantage of long preservation period, which not only reduces the cost, but also helps the products reach more cities and users, and creates conditions and provides convenience for the development of products in second and third tier cities. This is a key step for the brand in the layout of plant yogurt, and also a consideration for the long-term development of the brand.
Some people may have a question: after high temperature sterilization, will the nutritional value of plant yogurt be lost due to high temperature operation? After inquiring the information, we found that in fact, the nutrient content of high-temperature sterilized plant yoghurt is similar to that of low-temperature plant yoghurt. The World Dairy Federation (IDF) has made a conclusion on fermented yogurt earlier: the metabolites produced in the fermentation process of yogurt have unique nutritional value, which is the core of the nutritional value of yogurt, and it does not depend on whether lactic acid bacteria continue to exist after fermentation.
Third, in order to avoid direct competition with other plant yogurt brands, doubendou adopts the strategy of “opening Ka market first, and then distributing national channels”. First of all, we should be light, avoid direct price competition as far as possible, and obtain the right of product pricing, focusing on the limited number of products and the limited number of product development; second, we should pay attention to regional development, so that we are obviously better than our competitors in the regional division. After consulting the official flagship store, we found that this new product is price-friendly, which provides a greater possibility for the brand to win customers in the first wave.
It is worth pondering that China’s yogurt market itself is a category with relatively active entrepreneurship and innovation. From the perspective of category development, does plant yogurt have the opportunity to become the next structural opportunity for China’s fast-growing yogurt industry?
Foodaily believes it will. Of course, in order to promote the development of this category, the industry needs to give priority to several problems: the popularization of market education and the development of market foundation, as well as various technical problems at the end of the industrial chain. This time, doubendou has great innovation and leadership in category shaping, category education, taste innovation, breakthrough of cold chain restrictions and other industrial issues.
Therefore, we are not only full of confidence and expectations for this market, but also full of expectations for the strategic new products of doubendou. It is expected that it can promote the progress of this industry and become the leader of Chinese plant yogurt!
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