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Oat drink giant oatly shows its latest production expansion plan on the eve of IPO

Oatly, the world’s largest oat beverage brand, is accelerating its capacity expansion. The Swedish company announced that it was going to build a large factory after it launched its listing in the us not long ago. Snack generation noticed today that oatly

另外,据通报显示,上述工厂将在英国采购燕麦,产品将供应英国市场。OATLY英国总经理 Ishen Paran表示,“英国市场对OATLY产品的需求不断增长,我们很高兴可以满足这一需求”。



在去年7月新获2亿美元融资时,OATLY就曾表示,这笔资金将用于扩大产能和建造新的工厂。上周,OATLY又宣布,其母公司 Havre Global AB拟在美国IPO,但并透露募资金额和用途等信息。彭博此前报道指,OATLY正考虑寻求约100亿美元的上市估值。

在一路狂奔背后,OATLY正经历高速增长。小食代留意到,今天有多家外媒消息指,OATLY 2019年的销售额已达2亿美元,增长接近翻倍,2020年的销售增幅预计也是这一水平。

According to the official data of , oatly, headquartered in Malm ü, Sweden, was founded in the 1990s and now sells its products in more than 20 countries. It is the largest oatmeal beverage company in the world. In addition to oatmeal drinks, the company also launched oatmeal based cream, oatmeal yogurt, oatmeal ice cream and other products. In 2018, oatly officially entered the Chinese market, and its first stop was Ole, a high-end boutique supermarket of China Resources. However, limited by the difficulty in finding the correct product positioning, oatly is “basically ignored” in supermarkets. Later, oatly turned to focus on boutique cafes and achieved initial success in China.

In September last year, Chinese mainland President Zhang Chun said that OATLY has entered more than 10 thousand cafes including Starbucks in mainland China. In addition to catering, oatly has also entered retail, e-commerce and special channels.




Zhang Chun, President of oatly Asia

In fact, oatly has also formulated a new strategy for expansion in China. Zhang Chun previously told xiaoshidai that in the future, oatly will increase its efforts to develop the C-end market. In terms of channels, oatly plans to put its main position on the line, and will also enter some new offline retail channels.

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