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Swire Coca Cola’s Spring Festival sales, JDB’s 2021 annual target, Budweiser’s three major investment priorities in China, Yili’s proposed high-end dairy factory, Fuyi’s four brands, and Ali’s integrated community group buying

Hot company information and announcement


Yili plans to build a high-end milk processing plant with a daily processing capacity of 2000 tons (Inner Mongolia learning platform)


According to the official website of Hangjinhou banner people’s government today quoting the Inner Mongolia learning platform, Yili has decided to build a high-end milk processing plant with a daily processing capacity of 2000 tons. The flag government has taken back the land and plant of Shenghua company through legal channels to lay the foundation for the project construction.


Swire Coca Cola’s Spring Festival sales increased by double digits year on year (consumer daily)


According to consumer yesterday, sales of Swire Coca Cola during the Spring Festival this year have achieved double-digit growth not only relative to 2020, but also relative to 2019. “Multi packaging innovation, low sugar drinks and sinking market have become the troika driving sales.

JDB’s business objectives for 2021 (company news)


Yesterday, Kata Boryocha disclosed the annual business goal of WeChat in 2021 official account, that is to say, “the scale of marketing has increased substantially, and profits have continued to increase significantly”. The company said that it is necessary to strengthen the operation of multiple items, realize the growth of distribution rate and business scale, maintain the stability of product prices and ensure the rapid growth of performance.

Budweiser Asia Pacific CEO Yang Ke: future investment in China focuses on three major areas (China Daily)


According to China Daily yesterday, Budweiser Asia Pacific chief executive Yang Ke said in an interview that due to the steady performance of the Chinese market and the performance growth brought by high-end products, in the future, Budweiser’s investment strategy in China will focus on three key areas: high-end, business expansion and digital transformation.

Today’s capital sent investment managers to lead the operation and management of manner coffee company (IPO known)

According to the IPO, today capital, founded by Xu Xin, has sent its investment manager Jin Binbin to participate in the daily operation and management of the boutique coffee brand manner coffee. By the end of 2020, today’s capital’s shareholding ratio in the invested company mannier has exceeded that of the founding team. An investor close to manner said that according to manner’s growth rate, the possibility of IPO in the next year is not small.


Heilongjiang Feihe quits Heilongjiang Feihe e-commerce Co., Ltd. (industrial and commercial information)


According to industrial and commercial information, on March 8, the investor of Heilongjiang Feihe e-commerce Co., Ltd. changed from “Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd.” to “Cai Fangliang, Leng Youbin and Liu Hua”.


According to the news, there is no upper limit on Alibaba’s integrated community group buying and investment, and officials will not comment (blue whale Finance)


According to late latepost, Alibaba recently set up a MMC business group to focus on community group buying business and integrate the community group buying business of retail link and box horse market. The business group leader is Alison’s partner and President of B2B business group. She also said there would be no upper limit on the amount of money invested in community group buying. Ali declined to comment.


Alibaba to acquire Bangladesh delivery service provider hungrynaki


Alibaba Group has reached an agreement to acquire Bangladesh delivery service provider hungry Naki, which is Alibaba’s first cross-border acquisition in the delivery industry. A.D. Ahmad, chief executive of hungrynaki, said the deal had been concluded and it could take a month to complete the acquisition process. It is understood that hungrynaki company was founded in 2013 and currently has more than 500000 regular users in five cities in Bangladesh. In addition, the company has 100 employees and 500 takeout boys, serving 4000 restaurants.


Hungry will train 10000 takeaway operators (36krypton) for free


According to 36 krypton news today, up to now, we have reached cooperation with 15 cities, including Lishui, Jiangmen and Nanjing, to establish a new professional talent pool in various places. Among them, the first batch of delivery operators who are most in short supply will total 10000 people.


Rio’s parent company, Bairun Co., Ltd., plans to acquire and establish a tasting experience center (CFA)


Rio’s parent company Bairun Co., Ltd. announced on the evening of March 9 that Shanghai Bacchus Liquor Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, intends to acquire 100% equity of Shanghai Modong industry with its own capital of RMB 448 million. It is planned to build a domestic comprehensive and experiential tasting experience center and wine culture communication base based on the building area of the target company.

Fortune China’s 20 most influential start-up companies are released, and green Monday, a plant meat company, is selected (Fortune)


Yesterday, fortune published a list of the 20 most influential start-ups in China, including green Monday group, a Hong Kong based plant meat company. According to reports, green Monday group has cooperated with Wanchai wharf, Starbucks and other brands. At present, its business has expanded to catering, distribution and production. In September 2020, Green Alliance announced the completion of US $70 million financing, which is the largest single financing record created by Asian plant food industry.


JDE Peet’s organic sales fell slightly year on year last year and are expected to resume growth this year (company news)


Yesterday, JDE Peet’s, the world’s largest pure coffee and tea company, released its financial report for 2020, showing that its annual sales were 6.651 billion euros, an organic decline of 0.2%. Among them, organic sales of home business increased by a record 9.1%, while organic sales of outdoor business decreased by 30%. The company expects organic sales to grow by 3% – 5% in 2021, assuming a steady recovery in outdoor channels. This year, JDE Peet’s will also increase investment in growth, especially in marketing and innovation support. Affected by this, the growth of adjusted EBIT in 2021 is expected to be in the low single digit range.


Fuyi sold four brands and shares rose nearly 3% (Aohua Finance Online)


Fuyi Wine Group announced on Wednesday that in order to further reduce the low-end wine business in the U.S. market, it has sold four brands including Beringer main & Vine to the wine group at a $100 million price. The wine group is the second largest wine company in the United States, with more than 60 brands including franzia. Affected by the announcement, Fuyi shares rose at noon on Wednesday, up 2.88% at 12:44.


Yizi plans to acquire gourmet food, an Australian food company (company news)


Yesterday, Yizi announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire Gourmet Food Holdings Pty Ltd, an Australian food company with brands such as ob best, OLINA’s bakehouse and crispbic, and has a leading position in the high-end biscuit and cookie markets in Australia and New Zealand. The acquisition is expected to be completed in April, and the terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Beyond meat shares soar, new partnership with Wal Mart


Beyond meat will start selling Italian vegetal sausages at 400 Wal Mart stores in the US this week, according to a news report from Pember yesterday. In addition, beyond meat’s value-added picnic package will be launched in 500 new Wal Mart stores. Driven by the news, beyond meat’s share price soared.


CEO of Diageo North America says it’s focusing on soaking in water with wine essence (Reuters)


On Tuesday, Ann Mukherjee, chief executive of Diageo North America, said that as far as the opportunity of the company’s product portfolio is concerned, soaking water with liquor essence is undoubtedly a hot category. “This is also the category we are focusing on. If it continues to grow and promote the increase of liquor penetration, we will certainly expand in this area. “Ann Mukherjee said.


Starbucks appoints new global chief inclusiveness and diversity Officer (Corporate News)


Recently, Starbucks announced the appointment of Dennis Brockman as its new global chief inclusiveness and diversity officer. According to reports, Dennis Brockman has been working at Starbucks for 13 years. He was vice president of the Midwest region and an important member of the North American executive team.


Carbon Lite, a plastics recycling company, seeks bankruptcy protection with customers including Coca Cola (WSJ)


Carbonlite holdings LLC, which claims to be the world’s largest plastic bottle recycler, sought bankruptcy protection on Monday because of the epidemic. According to reports, carbonlite filed a chapter 11 application with the US bankruptcy court in Delaware, covering the company’s main factories in riverside, California, and other recycling factories in Texas and Pennsylvania, which provide services for major beverage manufacturers such as Coca Cola, Nestle North America Water Company and Pepsi.


Diageo crown whisky push ready to drink product line (NASDAQ)


To seize the opportunity of growing demand for home-based alcoholic beverages, tiagio’s crown whisky has launched a canned ready to drink cocktail line with three flavors including Washington apple, whisky coke and peach tea, foreign media reported yesterday.


Suntory to invest nearly 200 million to expand Nikkei Asia


According to foreign media yesterday, Suntory holdings will invest about US $30 million (now about RMB 195 million) to expand its gin plant in Osaka, the latest move of the company to meet the growing demand for spirits at home and abroad.


Quick reading of food industry information



Pork prices across the country have dropped for six weeks in a row


According to the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas’ monitoring of 500 national markets, in the first week of March, the national pork price was 47.46 yuan per kilogram, which fell for six consecutive weeks, with a year-on-year decrease of 19.8%. Industry insiders said that in January this year, the number of live pigs on hand increased by 35.3% year-on-year, and the number of new piglets in large-scale pig farms was 29.27 million, an increase of 83% year-on-year. It is predicted that in the first quarter, the number of live pigs sold in China will increase by about 40% year on year, and the price level of pork will certainly decline.


How about the implementation of the new regulations on plastic prohibition and restriction in the Yangtze River Delta? The implementation rate of takeout was 75.6% (Interface)


On March 9, Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission released a consumer side Research Report on the new regulations of plastic prohibition and restriction in the Yangtze River Delta. According to the report, the new regulations have basically realized the comprehensive coverage of enterprises of different sizes in the retail catering market (limited format) in the Yangtze River Delta. The Consumer Protection Commission of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui surveyed 1640 enterprises on the spot. The implementation rate of the new regulations reached 78.6% in shopping malls, 77.5% in supermarkets, 58.8% in pharmacies, 73.0% in bookstores, 90.1% in large hotels, 82.5% in medium-sized hotels, 64.3% in small restaurants and 75.6% in takeout.


OECD: vaccination and US stimulus boost global economic outlook (Reuters)


The organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) said that with the acceleration of vaccination and the launch of a huge new stimulus plan in the United States, the global economic outlook has become bright. The OECD said in its medium term economic outlook that the global economy will rebound at a rate of 5.6% this year and grow by 4.0% next year. However, the prospects for improvement are shrouded in major risks, especially how quickly national authorities can promote vaccination, how quickly epidemic prevention restrictions can be lifted, and whether new variants of the virus can be controlled.

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