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What is the strength of “idyllism” to break out of the siege?

in the era of quality economy, the pursuit of health has become the mainstream of young people’s outlook on life.
From the earliest eating vegetable salad, drinking ketogenic coffee, to today’s love of whole wheat bread, from “sugar free” to “Pastoral”, the concept of healthy diet of the contemporary public is constantly evolving. Whether we can accurately grasp the subtle changes in consumer preferences has become the key for the brand of light food to stand firm in the market.
In December 2020, Yuanqi forest became a shareholder of Hangzhou light food Health Technology Co., Ltd., from “sugar free bubble water” to “light food bread”, showing the strategic thinking of the overall layout of health food. And the brand “idyllism” of this light food company in Hangzhou has also begun to attract the attention of the industry.
“Idyllism”, a healthy light food brand with whole wheat bread in the market, was launched on tmall platform in 2019. In less than two years, with strong product appeal and the ability to create user experience, it soon stood out in the healthy food track. In tmall flagship store, the monthly sales volume of its main product, sugar free and oil-free whole wheat bread, whole wheat sliced toast, whole wheat biscuits and chicken breast meatballs, reached 220000, 100000 and 30000 respectively. In tmall’s whole wheat bread category, the sales volume of “Pastoral” ranked first for 11 consecutive months.
As a “houlang” brand in the field of light food substitute, “idyllism” firmly grasps the consumption demands of the post-80s, post-90s and even the Z generation of “pursuing health”, catching up from behind and full of vitality. After less than two years, what is the secret of “idyllism” in brand management? The same is to make light food instead of food. Why is the food in “rural” so fragrant?
How to lock in the light cannibal market?
According to Euromonitor International data, in 2017, the global light food substitute market reached 66.16 billion US dollars. Among them, the Chinese market alone will reach 57.1 billion yuan, which is expected to reach 120 billion yuan in 2022. In addition, according to the forecast of tmall food industry trend analysis report, the overall sales of light food substitutes are growing steadily, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%.
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Slimming, low calorie, high satiety Around these nutritional demands, light food substitutes have sprung up and become the basic configuration of health food. After the ups and downs of several years ago, the light food industry will be rejuvenated in 2020 with the promotion of the national pursuit of health and home convenient diet.
Seize the opportune moment of opening up online channels in September 2019, tiktok has been able to grow grass on the social platform such as jowl, Xiao Hong, micro-blog, B station and so on. At the same time, it has also grabbed the brand’s private content marketing and quickly seized the light eating mentality of the new generation. Its main products include sugar free and oil-free whole wheat bread, sugar free biscuits, low-fat coarse cereals, chicken breast jerky, etc. relying on the product characteristics and accurate dissemination that meet the appetite of young people, it quickly occupied the top of tmall’s diet and light food camp in a few months, which also confirmed the huge potential of this market.
The key to the take-off of “idyllism” lies in the fact that the pain point in the process of contemporary people’s pursuit of “healthy diet” — how to truly integrate delicious food and nutrition, and constantly bring forth new ones?? The specific path can be summarized as the following four steps:
1. Accurately cut into the light food track, and widely win over the brand awareness of high consumer groups;
2. Insight into pain points, segmentation into the market, in order to continuously iterate products and services;
3, multi penetration, with Tmall and jitter dual platform as the starting point, quickly create category first tiktok;
4. From increment to stock, the market user group is affected by the stock of operation
Strive to enter the hearts of consumers
Careful marketing is precious
Every year, the “3.8” Queen’s Day is a marketing show for fast-selling brands, not to mention the light food brand with the core of light body shaping women.
Marketing with women as the theme is not just to follow the hot spots, it will reflect the brand’s understanding and cognition of consumer groups. Only by truly entering the inner world of women and providing meaningful content and services for users, can passers-by become loyal fans.
At a time when every brand is “confessing” to women in a high profile on “3.8” day, “idyllism” has found a new way, choosing a more low-key but more popular way of playing.
Flowers are always in women’s eyes. Flower itself is also a good carrier to convey emotion and brand value proposition. On this “3.8” women’s day, “Pastoral” cooperates with lamoda, a florist supplier of LVMH group, to customize the bouquet, launch the online marketing topic of “girls, your question, sister to answer”, and invite KOL to answer their puzzles and send encouragement and blessings to girls at different stages of their lives.
Photo source: Official Blog of “Pastoral”
At the same time, “idyllism” and we media “probability theory”, the head of social creativity, jointly launched a unique “temperature meaningful” interesting social experiment activity on wechat platform – flower delivery experiment. During the activity, 500 selected users will receive task cards with “colored eggs” – a bunch of flowers, encouragement and blessings will be delivered to the strange girl they meet. The extraordinary creativity and the public welfare caused a large number of users to participate and spread spontaneously, forming a good brand feedback. The insight of “idyllism” to users and the values of doing things right are fully demonstrated in the activities.
“Idyllism” means that the cooperation with “probability theory” is only the first step for a brand to get closer to its users and establish an emotional connection. With the help of online marketing activities, each brand involved is trying to break the stereotype of “women” in the society, deeply explore the physical and mental confusion faced by contemporary women, and continuously output the brand’s positive and positive understanding of women, so as to convey the brand’s care and care for women’s inner world.
Looking at the marketing methods of other light food brands, some join hands with the food app to carry out the activity of uploading recipes, so as to spread the concept of light food with low sugar and low calorie; more join hands with sports and fitness brands to carry out offline experience, which is also conveying the life concept of “regular life and healthy diet”.
Compared with these brands, this wave of women’s marketing choices of “idyllism” cut in from the emotional point of view and directly hit the heart of women.
In the face of serious homogenization of exposure marketing, young people are more loyal to Amway around them, more sincere spontaneous recommendation has become more and more important, and the “core stock” of brands has become of great significance. The driving force for the continuous growth of core users precisely comes from the continuous insight into users and the continuous polishing and iteration of products. Therefore, the proportion of creating value and exceeding the expected experience for loyal users in the overall marketing of “idyllism” is gradually increasing.
“Idyllism” always believes that “truly understanding, insight into users, and creating value for them” is its core competitiveness, which can turn the tide in the market.
Photo source: “idyllism”
After reaching the first group of loyal users through multi-point touch, the “Pastoral” synchronous vision turned to improve the brand service process. No matter from the product, packaging, customer service, content operation, marketing or user operation and terminal logistics, only by sticking to the two mountains of products and users, can the brand achieve continuous vitality.
In addition to the major business platform, “Pastoral” pays special attention to the high-density layout of the platform, and quickly carries out content marketing with short frequency and fast play, so that it can complete the wide distribution network, small budget and large penetration one-stop marketing tiktok in the category of healthy food. In just three months, it has accumulated more than 100000 private domain users by means of drainage and fission, and the number is still growing exponentially. In the future, “Pastoral” tiktok will combine Tmall, jitter and other public domain platforms and private private traffic to achieve full link closure of user operation.
For young people, compared with product freshness and functional attributes, multi-point story content marketing is more willing to pay for products that can meet the spiritual and cultural needs besides meeting the daily entertainment needs.
The success of “idyllism” in the 0-1 stage stems from the choice of the market and the subtle insight of consumers. There is still a long way to go for “Pastoral” to continue to lead the track of healthy food.
Fine control card, make light food for young people
New consumption wave is sweeping the whole society. The concept of healthy diet is accepted and pursued by more and more people. The core goal of the new diet concept is to control sugar and calories, improve the intake of high-quality protein and dietary fiber. Looking back on the evolution process of human diet for thousands of years, from the primitive period when meat and wild fruits were the main food, to the agricultural society when grains and vegetables were added, the food categories were constantly enriched, and then to the industrial age and modern society, the food became more and more rich and refined. However, the intake of sugar and fat in the diet also soared, eventually leading to obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and other life forms High incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. In the past 40 years, the obesity rate of Chinese women has increased 8 times, and that of Chinese men has increased 29 times; in the past 30 years, the prevalence of diabetes has increased 17 times!
Contemporary young people advocate self liberation and have a strong sense of individuality. They embrace all kinds of cultures and trends, and they are also free from the same pattern in their food choices. There are many people practicing punk health preservation and Buddhist health preservation, and there are also many who regard milk tea and desserts as “life sustaining artifact”. No matter what kind of dietary preference, there is always the problem of unbalanced nutritional proportion – “excessive intake of sugar, but a serious lack of protein intake”.
Based on this situation, more and more health food brands take “high protein” and “low sugar” as their main demands, and the claims of “zero sucrose, low-carbon water, high fiber and high protein” can be found everywhere in the packaging. However, these alone are obviously not enough to stand out in the light food circuit. So, how to impress the well-informed and carefully selected young people?
Take two products of “idyllism” – whole wheat bread and low-fat vinegar as examples.
Photo source: “Pastoral”
Whole wheat bread from two aspects of raw materials and technology, accurate control card. Bread is ground with whole wheat as raw material, which keeps all kinds of natural crude fiber, low fat, low calorie, and has a strong sense of satiety. The unique 14 hours low temperature fermentation + 4 hours medium temperature fermentation process is adopted to completely remove the defects of traditional whole wheat bread, such as rough taste, sour and bitter, loose structure, natural wheat aroma and soft texture. The product does not contain sugar and oil, only uses a small amount of dried fruit to improve the taste, and truly achieves the goal of “dissipating heat in the invisible, carrying delicious taste in the lips and teeth”.
Look at the low-fat oil vinegar.
The sauces (sauces) of traditional light meals contain a lot of fat, and the heat is not poor. And people who only look at chicken breast and whole wheat bread tend to turn a blind eye to this part of the heat. “Idyllism” starts with selecting materials and strictly controlling heat. Taking brewing soy sauce and vinegar as the main materials, through repeated debugging, the acid, sweet, alcohol and aroma were adjusted to the best proportion. With the help of the “humble” sauce, it can make the taste buds slightly sweet and mellow, and make the persistence simple.
Photo source: “Pastoral” Jingdong flagship store
It is precisely with these details that “Pastoral” can achieve “accurate card control and endless enjoyment”.
The ultimate strategy of light eating
The rapid change of consumer demands constantly creates new business space, and each new category is in the exploration of new brands, in the demonstration of leading enterprises, with the help of capital, quickly summarizes the survival rules to adapt to the market. The light food market, which has been baptized, has also begun to form a relatively fixed path to break the circle
1. Enrich the product line, rely on diversified product portfolio to meet the needs of consumers
It is the practice of most brands to enrich the product structure and mix. There is little difference in the product itself, but more cost-effective. Brands need to grasp consumers from the perspective of content marketing. “Idyllism” attaches great importance to the richness of its product line, covering the needs of light eaters in five categories: the most common staple food substitutes, meat protein, light food drinks, light truck snacks and light truck seasonings.
2. Expand categories around target groups
For example, wonderlab, which focuses on beauty and nutrition products, mainly expands the categories of female consumers from fat reducing meal to female oral liquid.
3. Category expansion based on functionality and raw materials
From the overall layout of the industry, light food is a subdivision category between meals and snacks. With the social change, the market of this segment is expanding at a rapid speed, stirring the traditional diet mode with the situation of “small products and big energy” — from the traditional “rice”, “fine noodles” and other fine foods to “whole wheat bread”, “instant chicken breast” and other low-fat light calorie foods, which are seizing the “healthy stomach” of young people.
“Light food” track has already started, there will be more players in the future. Where is the end of the track?
A few years ago, liquid full nutrition meal replacer milkshakes showed the industry another form of “contemporary food”, while people’s imagination of the future diet never stopped.
Almost all light food brands focus on what young people will eat in the future. In the longer term, light food is more like a modern representation of human food. With the development of light food industry, it is a deep change of human food form.
“Idyllism” starts from advocating healthy diet, and takes “relaxed and light” diet culture as a good way of life, quietly infiltrating into young people’s life. In the future, we will continue to expand categories, and ultimately achieve a business model of cross category and multi scene coverage.
Good “food” with help, send me to “light” day. The secret of breaking the circle of light food brands is not difficult.
Cover image source: Official Blog of “idyllism”
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