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China Resources Snow into the Coca Cola track! China’s largest brewer tries its first carbonated beverage

China Resources snowflake, China’s biggest brewer by sales, is going to start selling soft drinks!

Xiaoshidai noticed that today, China Resources snowflake beer announced on the official wechat account that a new product of snowflake beer, “Xiaopi Qi”, will be officially launched on March 12, 2021. It is worth noting that this is the first carbonated beverage product launched by China Resources snowflake, as well as its first juice beverage product.

“For snowflake, small beer is a brand-new track, a brand-new cross-border drink, and also a key step in the strategic transformation of high-end and young layout of snowflake beer.” The company said.

Let’s take a look.

First soda

Let’s take a look at what this beer giant’s first cross-border soda looks like.

Today, China Resources snowflake beer replied that it is a cross-border drink with beer soul, which is essentially a fruit flavored carbonated drink. “This new product is not fermented, so it’s not alcohol free beer. It’s not fruit beer, either, but a low calorie, fruity, carbonated drink with natural fruit juices. “

Snow Beer’s first soda

The biggest feature of this soda introduced by the beer giant is that it looks like beer.

Snow Beer represents a small difference from most of the carbonated drinks sold on the market. “Beer” has the same color as beer and its foam texture as beer, and also has malt composition and hops. In terms of taste, this product also combines the flavor of fruit litchi and rose.

When talking about the reasons for the launch of this new product, the company said that at present, all kinds of social scenes and consumer groups are gradually subdivided, and even the rich types of beer can not fully meet the personality needs of young people, so it launched a “fruity water beer like” small beer.

Obviously, the beer giant is trying to recruit more potential new consumers through cross-border new products.

In terms of taste, selling point and packaging design, especially catering to young female consumers. “Because of the same appearance and social attributes as beer, it’s not against you to choose small beer when you drink.” Snowflake beer said that the new product is aimed at people aged 18-35, which not only meets the needs of party atmosphere, but also meets the health needs of modern young people.

Xiaoshidai learned that at present, Xiaopi steam has launched three specifications, with different distribution channels. 330ml and 500ml cans are mainly sold in non drinking channels, while 500ml beer bottle design products are mainly sold in drinking channels. In addition, today, xiaoshidai search tmall, Jingdong and other platforms see that the new product has not been listed in major e-commerce channels.

Interestingly, with the increase of cross-border innovation, the attributes of many drinks seem to become more and more vague. For example, while snowflake and carbonated beverage companies are scrambling for business, Coca Cola is also scrambling for market with brewers. According to xiaoshidai, Coca Cola launched a Pineapple Beer flavored soft drink at the end of 2019. The flavor is easy to associate with “Pineapple Beer”, but it does not contain alcohol at all.

Multi category layout

Entering the soda market is the latest move of China Resources snowflake in its multi category layout.

At the first National Channel Partner Conference of snowflake beer held in October last year, Yan Dong, director of the product department of China Resources snowflake beer (China) Co., Ltd., mentioned that snowflake has developed from a single brand beer company to now a rich variety of products, including Facebook, black lion white beer, lavebon black beer, etc.

“In addition, alcohol free beer is also being developed. There are also drinks in the beer industry, including sodas, premixes and so on. ” In the future, dealers will have more products, varieties and packaging specifications to develop their business, he said.

Category strategy model of snowflake beer

Yan Dong said that nowadays young people pay more attention to low sugar, health and light drink, in exchange for a kind of consumer demand. “Around the needs of young people, we have more categories to actively layout.” At that time, he once said that “Xiaopi Qi” would go on sale in February and March 2021 to lay out non-alcoholic beverages.

Xiaoshidai noticed at the conference, and he also revealed that snowflake will be on the market in the second half of 2021. “Fruit beer is often popular with young people. Our current test shows that women aged 25-35 like this product very much.” In addition, he also mentioned Heineken’s alcohol free beer 0.0, as well as fiber functional drinks.

It can be expected that snowflake beer will have a wave of new products launched one after another this year.

Heineken 0.0

In recent years, alcohol free beer is a hot topic in the global beer market, and has attracted a lot of giants. For example, in overseas markets, Carlsberg launched biell, Heineken launched zero zero, Asahi launched Peroni Libera 0.0%. In the domestic market, snow, Yanjing, Qingdao, Pearl River and other beer giants have also launched alcohol free beer products.

But at present, this category is still quite small in China. According to Euromonitor eurorui data obtained by xiaoshidai today, the total retail sales of China’s non-alcoholic beer in 2019 will be 579 million yuan. Among them, Yanjing alcohol free beer ranked first with a market share of 21.9%, followed by Qingdao alcohol free beer with a market share of 10.2%.

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