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Costa ready to drink coffee has entered 10 markets in an all-round way. Master Kong will terminate the American pre care securities plan. Two senior executives of Nissin food will resign. The theme of 315 evening party is released, and chivalry dairy actively promotes the listing

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Master Kong Holdings: has decided to terminate the American Depository Trust Scheme (company announcement)

Today, Master Kong announced that in view of the low participation rate of the U.S. depository securities scheme and the costs and expenses of the scheme in recent years, the company’s board of directors has decided to terminate the scheme and has issued a notice to the Bank of New York Mellon to terminate the scheme, which will be terminated at 5:00 p.m. (US Eastern time) on Monday, May 10, 2021.

Resignation of two senior executives of Riqing food (company announcement)

Riqing food announced yesterday that since March 12, 2021, due to the adjustment of working arrangements, Mr. Zhang will resign from the company’s subsidiary Riqing food (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and a number of subsidiaries, as well as the group’s general manager in South China and senior management of the company. As he has decided to retire, Ying Lifeng will resign as a director of Riqing food (China), chairman of Shanghai Dongfeng Trading Co., Ltd. and senior management of the company.

New foreign investment in Tianjin Dingqiao catering service (business information)

According to industrial and commercial information, yishi’er’an (Shanghai) Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established on March 11, 2021, and its business scope includes wholesale of publications, retail of publications, import and export of goods, import and export of technology, etc. The only shareholder of the company is Tianjin Dingqiao Catering Service Consulting Co., Ltd.

Costa ready to drink enters 10 markets including Hebei (company news)

According to the official account of COFCO Coca-Cola WeChat, COSTA drinks coffee in 10 markets, namely, Hebei, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Chongqing, Shanxi, Jilin, Gansu, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Guizhou.

Box horse: 35 million yuan of “vegetable money” (36 krypton) returned to consumers in the past half year

According to 36 krypton today’s news, in the past half a year, the box horse has sent out more than 50 million short messages about the shortage, weight and refund balance in vegetables and fruits, and refunded consumers a total of more than 35 million yuan. In these orders, the average refund difference is 0.7 yuan. As the lack of weight mainly comes from the natural weight floating of vegetables and the natural loss of vegetables sorting and packaging, the lack of weight is only about a few grams in most cases.


Chivalry dairy actively promotes listing (jiuyuanrong media center, capital state)

Today, the official website of Jiuyuan District People’s government released the interpretation of the work report of Jiuyuan District government, which mentioned actively promoting the listing of chivalry dairy. According to the previous news of CapitaLand, Knight dairy was listed on the new third board on July 28, 2015. Last year, it submitted the application materials for listing guidance and filing to Inner Mongolia securities regulatory bureau, and was accepted on November 6, 2020.

In order to earn a price difference of 10 yuan, a man was sued for manufacturing and selling fake Nongfu Shanquan bottled water (Xinmin Evening News)

According to Xinmin Evening News today, a man in Shanghai made and sold more than 2000 barrels of counterfeit bottled water of well-known brands, earning more than 20000 yuan, by filling low-cost brand drinking water into barrels labeled with “Nongfu Shanquan” and other well-known brands. Later, the man was sentenced to one year and three months’ imprisonment and a fine of 30000 yuan for the crime of counterfeiting a registered trademark. A few days ago, the man went to court again for the incident, and Nongfu Shanquan claimed 300000 yuan from him. Xuhui District Court heard the case and decided that the man should pay “Nongfu mountain spring” 20000 yuan in the first instance.

Live broadcast in advance reveals the company’s performance, Shanghai Stock Exchange pays close attention to the supervision of the chairman of Yingjia gongjiu (surging News)

On the evening of March 12, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a decision to supervise and pay attention to Ni yongpei, chairman of Anhui Yingjia gongjiu. According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Ni yongpei, the then chairman of Yingjia gongjiu, released important information related to the company’s operating performance during an online live broadcast in the studio on November 30, 2020, which violated the Listing Rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

“Drink true” (Madison state)

According to today’s news from Madison state, Evian recently proposed a new global brand proposition “drink true” and released a new advertising film showing water sources.


Have the opportunity to become a Nestle supplier.

Nestle promises to plant 200 million trees in the next 10 years (company news)

Nestle China WeChat official account released Nestle plans to expand the implementation of the “reforestation plan” in the next 10 years and plant two hundred million trees in the global raw material procurement site.

Philippine food giant Monde Nissin applied for listing, raising up to $1.3 billion (Reuters)

Monde Nissin, a Filipino food company, plans to launch an IPO in the first half of this year to expand its overseas meat substitute business, Reuters quoted sources yesterday. Last week, Monde Nissin submitted an IPO application, raising up to $1.3 billion (about 8.5 billion yuan). The company did not give a listing timetable. According to reports, Monde Nissin is a family business with a history of 40 years. Its products include instant noodles lucky me!, biscuits skyflakes, meat substitutes Quorn and cauldron.

Vegetable meat manufacturer planted gets about 100 million yuan of financing (Foodbev)

According to foreign media recently, plant meat producer planted has obtained 17 million Swiss francs (about 119 million yuan) in round a financing. Planned will use the money to support its international expansion and strengthen its research and development. Currently, planted products are available in markets such as Switzerland and Austria.

Arla foods launches nutritional outlook

On March 11, Arla foods launched a new dry mixed protein raw material, which is said to be “rich in α – whey protein”, to help infant formula manufacturers reduce production costs without reducing product safety and quality standards. At present, the raw material can be used on a global scale and will be commercially available in bulk in the second half of 2021.

Yizi snackfutures joins the association of upgraded and recycled foods (company news)

Snackfutures, its innovation and venture capital center, became a member of the upcycled Food Association, Yizi announced yesterday. It is reported that snapfutures has entered into cooperation with two brands, namely, capao and dirt kitchen snakes, whose products are made from food “leftovers” that would otherwise be discarded, so as to avoid waste. Recently, the center also launched the colab project, which supports the start-up brand of healthy snacks in the United States.

PepsiCo is rated as one of the most ethical companies in the world in 2021 (company news)

The official account of PepsiCo Inc WeChat yesterday announced that it was once again awarded the prize of Ethisphere Institute as “one of the most business ethical enterprises in the world in 2021” for 15 consecutive years.

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Theme of 2021 “3 · 15” Party: boost consumption from the heart. (CCTV Finance)

Today, CCTV finance and WeChat official account says that the “3. 15” party will be broadcast live on CCTV financial channel, CCTV financial client, and central Guangzhou economy in March 15th at 8 pm on 2021. The theme of this “3. 15” party is to boost consumption and start from the heart.

Ministry of Commerce: from January to February 2021, China’s foreign investment was 176.76 billion yuan, up 31.5% year on year. (tiger smell)

According to Hu olfactory today’s news, data from the Ministry of Commerce show that from January to February 2021, the actual use of foreign capital in China was 176.76 billion yuan, up 31.5% year on year. In terms of industry, the actual use of foreign capital in service industry was 141.74 billion yuan, up 48.7% year on year, accounting for 80.2% of the actual use of foreign capital in China. Among them, the wholesale and retail industry, accommodation and catering industry, leasing and business service industry increased by 54.1%, 45.6% and 70.3% respectively.

Shaanxi operation of imported non cold chain goods traceability system (Xinhuanet)

Following the “imported cold chain food traceability system”, Shaanxi Province has launched the “imported non cold chain items traceability system” to realize the traceability management of imported non cold chain items, Xinhua reported yesterday. According to the introduction, the new system adopts the mode of “first bank code assignment, first station code assignment, and one code universal”, bringing the storage, production, sales and other links involved in imported non cold chain goods into the system, covering the three groups of regulators, practitioners and consumers.

Italian prosecutors fined 733 million euro for takeaway platform (Xinhua News Agency)

According to Xinhua news agency today, Italian prosecutors recently determined that the riders of the four food and beverage delivery platforms, including Uber food, are employees of the company rather than independent workers. Prosecutors have asked the four companies to pay a total fine of 733 million euros (about 5.754 billion yuan) for violating labor safety regulations.

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