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Tea making spring water on the market, to help farmers spring “vertical and horizontal layout” upgrade again



For more than 20 years, Nongfu mountain spring has made wonderful differentiated marketing of ordinary “water”, and its innovative positioning can always make consumers feel refreshing.

In March, Nongfu mountain spring announced the introduction of Wuyishan tea making spring water, which has been polished for five years, and announced the recommended standard of tea making water jointly studied with Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences: conductivity 10-100 μ s / cm. This also marks another step in the market segmentation and water source distribution of Nongfu spring, and the “vertical” and “horizontal” layout of Nongfu spring is upgraded again.
Set the standard of tea making water,
“Horizontal” layout: a 6031
In line with the trend of consumption upgrading, Nongfu Shanquan, together with the authoritative organization, has put a special brand on its products with the two concepts of “making tea” and “Shanquan”, and has established a “sea calming needle” for the rapidly growing market segment of “making tea water” in the drinking water market.
According to the magic mirror market report, in recent years, the scale of tea brewing market shows a trend of rapid development. In 2020, most of the month’s sales are growing by more than 75% year on year. However, there is no credible standard of tea making water in the market. There are many brands in the market, and the market as a whole is growing savagely.
Therefore, the publicity of Nongfu mountain spring tea making spring water directly emphasized that the Institute of tea, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences recommended that the physicochemical standard of tea making spring water should be 10-100 μ s / cm, that is, the water should contain an appropriate amount of mineral elements, and the Wuyi Mountain tea making spring water launched this time fully conforms to the standard.
Industry insiders say that “making tea” is like “cooking”. Making tea with pure water without mineral elements is like clear cooking. Although the top ingredients can highlight its taste, it will be a little insipid. Making tea with high salinity water will put too many seasonings, and the color, aroma and taste of the tea soup will be interfered by too many mineral elements. Making tea with mountain spring water containing an appropriate amount of mineral elements will benefit each other Zhang, tea soup is more elegant and long, clear and transparent.
This is also the first time for Chinese enterprises to put forward scientific physical and chemical standards for tea making water. Clearer physical and chemical indicators enhance the entry threshold of competitive products, which can not only help consumers better choose the products they need, but also fundamentally clarify the “rules of the game” for the tea market.
Mountain spring water,
Or “horizontal” layout of the next important piece
What few people have noticed is that the new product is also the first time that Nongfu mountain spring introduces the concept of “drinking mountain spring water”.
Spring culture originated in Tang Dynasty, flourished in Song Dynasty and precipitated in Ming and Qing Dynasties. In Tang Dynasty, the style of drinking tea gradually rose, and the aroma and taste of tea began to integrate. In the book of tea, Lu Yu, the sage of tea, put forward the idea of tea making water: on mountains and rivers, in rivers and under wells.
With the rise of tea fighting in the Song Dynasty, tea guests often bring spring water to the teahouse. Tang Geng of the Song Dynasty summed up in the book of tea fighting: “water does not ask the river well, it is important to live.”. The concept of “mountain spring water” has been further developed at this time.
Tea people in the Ming and Qing Dynasties systematically combed and developed the tea culture in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and some even began to put “water products” above “tea products”. In the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Dafu said that “the nature of tea must come from water”. Eight percent of the tea meets water very much, so does tea. Eight percent of the water, tea is ten, tea only eight ears
After generations of literary interpretation and development, mountain spring water has become the best choice of natural water in people’s mind. Later generations of tea makers chose this as the standard when they made tea water. Therefore, a large number of literati went to famous mountains and rivers to seek famous springs for a pot of good tea water.
In the name of mountain spring water, the Millennium tea culture is integrated into the product, which is not only the best endorsement of the product, but also the maximum differentiation of the product. We can’t help but look forward to whether Nongfu mountain spring can have a wider exploration space in the category of “mountain spring”.
The introduction of tea making spring water is another important layout of Nongfu spring in the “horizontal” market segments. Before that, Nongfu spring had already “built walls high and accumulated grain widely” in various market segments. In 2015, with Moya spring in Changbai Mountain as the water source, Nongfu mountain spring launched “baby water” which is suitable for infants and young children with low sodium and light minerals; in 2019, mineral water containing lithium was explored in China’s “Arctic”. Because lithium can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, it launched “lithium water” suitable for the elderly. At the same time, with the help of household consumption upgrading, Nongfu mountain spring bottled water has maintained a high-speed growth, ranking first in the market share in this field all year round.
Under the attack of multiple sets of combination boxing, the “horizontal” layout of Nongfu mountain spring has been gradually improved.
Wuyishan spring,
Add bricks and tiles to the brand “in depth” layout
“Water source” is one of the most important commercial symbols of Nongfu mountain spring. In recent years, Nongfu spring frequently uses the live documentaries of “Changbai Mountain” and other water sources as the catalyst, and successfully imprints the concept of “nature” into the brand culture of Nongfu spring. The listing of Wuyishan tea making spring water further enriches the humanistic connotation of the water source culture.
Wuyishan, located at the junction of Fujian and Jiangxi, has a long history of cloud and fog, clear water and Danshan. It has the only original subtropical forest system in the same latitude, with a spring water conservation area of tens of thousands of hectares. The mountain spring water also nourishes all kinds of famous tea followers, including Dahongpao, the king of tea, Zhengshan race, the ancestor of black tea, baijiguan, the master of daocha, etc. Therefore, the local also has the reputation of “strange tea by the stream is the best in the world, and Wuyi immortal has been cultivated since ancient times”.
Wuyishan, the hometown of famous tea, and the product concept of “good water makes good tea” create a huge creative space for Wuyishan to make tea spring water. In addition to “natural”, let “tea”, a commercial symbol with humanistic connotation, be incorporated into the culture of water source area. Nongfu mountain spring is a steady and wonderful move.
Since its establishment in 1996, Nongfu Shanquan has been working in China’s beverage industry for more than 20 years, and its strategic layout has been talked about by the outside world. Taking the mountain spring of tea making as an example, horizontally, it takes “mountain spring” as the base, and insists on the concept of “tea making”, and continues to expand the segmentation market of Nongfu mountain spring; vertically, it also successfully puts the traditional cultural symbol of “tea” into the cultural marketing of water sources, and enhances the cultural connotation of the brand. This kind of differentiated marketing may be one of the magic weapons to help Nongfu Shanquan win many battles.
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