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About the report of feii track insight meeting

The report of feii track insight meeting is based on the content shared by feii track insight meeting. Feii track insight is an in-depth analysis activity of food and beverage segments produced by the research and analysis team of foodplus. It is carried out live online and is also a part of feii member service. 

The track insight meeting will conduct in-depth analysis on a specific food and beverage segment track, from the market scale, market trend, domestic and foreign market comparison, market competition pattern, market players, playing methods of various companies, track growth and development logic, track investment logic and other dimensions.

 for the industry practitioners, they can have a deeper understanding of the industry, the key elements of the industry and how the company develops and grows; for the entrepreneurs, they can find entrepreneurial opportunities, formulate the company’s strategic roadmap, understand the competitors and their playing methods, and formulate their own differentiated competitive advantages; for the investors, they can systematically establish the judgment system of this track And investment logic. 

Finally, we hope to build feii track insight into an in-depth analysis activity with industry, entrepreneurship and investment.

Chinese Baijiu industry was held in February 24, 2021 to hold the first phase of FEII track understanding. The development history, cycle, structural opportunities, important development trends and liquor business opportunities of Baijiu Baijiu were systematically analyzed. This report is based on live broadcast. Welcome to read and reference the friends of Baijiu and Baijiu venture capital.

By Ethan

Report contents

First, how do we understand Baijiu?

1. The essence of wine

2, Baijiu category characteristics

3, Baijiu differentiation

3.1 flavor

3.2 wine body

3.3 schools

Two. The history of Baijiu industry

Four stages of development

4.1 transition to industrialization (1948-1978)

4.2 transition to marketization (1979-1988)

4.3 high speed development stage of marketization (1989 to present)

5. Baijiu industry market cycle

6. The “bonus” of state-owned Liquor Enterprises

Three. Structural opportunities in Baijiu industry

7. Quality upgrading logic of traditional wine enterprises

8. Quality upgrading logic of start-ups

Four, the important trend of Baijiu industry

9. Trend of Baijiu industry

9.1 regionalization

9.2 diversification

9.3 channel disintermediation

Five. Baijiu industry’s opportunity to start business

10. Problems to be considered in starting a business

10.1 how will industry scale change?

10.2 Matthew effect, the strong always strong?

10.3 increase of cross category competitors?

10.4 what value does the brand create?

10.5 strengths and weaknesses of entrepreneurial teams

6、 Analyst introduction and cooperation

*The following is the text

First, how do we understand Baijiu?


1. The essence of wine

The essence of Baijiu is from the perspective of liquor function. Baijiu has 7 functions.

First, it is good to drink. It can produce a pleasant feeling and bring a pleasant experience to drinkers. This is the biggest and most important function of wine.

Second, wine can help people eliminate worries and reduce stress.

Third, wine can make people more outgoing and open.

Fourth, alcohol can promote sleep to a certain extent.

Fifth, alcohol can reduce pain to a certain extent.

Sixth, wine can dispel the cold.

Seventh, investment. Good wine has a certain financial attribute of value preservation and appreciation.


These are the seven basic functions of alcohol. From a biological point of view, drinking can reduce the inhibition and control ability of prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal lobe of human brain is mainly responsible for mental function, one is in charge of communication management, the other is to create leadership, mainly for these two functions. After drinking to a certain extent, people may become fond of speaking because of the inhibition of biochemistry in prefrontal cortex caused by drinking.

Figure 1

Alcohol will affect the five substances in the human brain, one is dopamine, the other is serotonin, endogenous opioids. These three substances will increase in the human body after drinking, making people feel happy, optimistic and eloquent.

Figure 2

After drinking, GABA will increase, GABA will inhibit the brain, that is to say, drinking to a certain extent will find that people do not speak much, because GABA has an impact on the brain.


From the biological point of view, combined with the function of wine, we think that the essence of wine is a solution to help people enter a certain pleasant state.

The main consumption scenes are: political and business banquets, family banquets, gifts, leisure drinking. Why do people drink? It is in these scenes that alcohol is a relatively efficient and low-cost solution to help people enter a pleasant state.



2, Baijiu category characteristics


From the perspective of category, Baijiu has four main characteristics.

Fig. 3: Baijiu category characteristics


3, Baijiu category differentiation

3.1 flavor


Baijiu mainly differentiated from flavor and liquor, and Baijiu mainly has 12 kinds of flavor. In addition, there are some other flavor types in the market, such as Daohuaxiang liquor’s Bi flavor type, Huanggou liquor’s compound flavor type, and Kaishan liquor, which started business in 2018, put forward the pure flavor type. These flavor types are very few, and have not yet formed a certain cognition in the minds of consumers.

Figure 4: 12 flavor types

3.2 wine body

There are two types of wine body differentiation: “soft type” and “soft and elegant type”


Among them, mianrou type is the main category. Yanghe has made an innovation in liquor body among Luzhou flavor types. According to the taste of liquor, a new Luzhou flavor type, mianrou type, has been differentiated.


In the category of wine body, there are two special concepts, one is light bottle wine, and the other is young wine. In a sense, we think these two concepts also belong to the category of wine body differentiation. In recent years, the popular concept is bare bottle wine. Last year, Luzhou Laojiao launched a “high-end bare bottle wine” called “Gaoguang”, which takes such a name. From its action, we can see that it is intended to make bare bottle wine. Gaoguang’s wine body has also done a lot of design, which belongs to the category of wine body differentiation. As for whether the bottle wine will become a kind of wine in the future, we will wait and see.


Another concept is youth wine, which started to be popular when Jiang Xiaobai was young. We think that youth wine and bare bottle wine have a certain similarity, similar to the relationship between soft and elegant. In essence, they are all the differentiation of liquor body, and there is no unified standard or difference specification in the industry at present.


3.3 schools

In addition, the industry will also classify Baijiu according to the flow, such as Sichuan flavor, Sichuan sauce and expensive sauce, and Sichuan, Jianghuai and Northern schools. The soft type and elegant type originated from the Jianghuai school. However, in the hearts of consumers, this is not the main way of classification.

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Two. The history of Baijiu industry

4. Three stages of development

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