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Flow | leading the industry in the 2021 Shenzhen spring food show, who is the king of the best products? (batch 6)

The 3-day 2021 spring global high end Food Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “whole food exhibition”) was successfully concluded in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Museum). According to the statistics of the organizers, as of 16:00 p.m. on the 6th, there were 68189 visitors to the 2021 Shenzhen spring total food exhibition. Among them, the number of professional visitors was 66157, accounting for 97.02%.

I believe you still have a lot to say about this exhibition. Xiaobian carefully selected the Sixth Batch of 19 enterprises to take you to review the 2021 spring total food exhibition.
On the day 24:00, the first prize was awarded to the public official account for the 1 issue of the headlines, the second award headline advertisement phase 3, and the Third Award banner ad 2.


Guangdong Zhenmei Food Co., Ltd

“Create! Endless, craftsman! With the market and consumer demand as the guidance, Zhenmei will continue to innovate, develop and surpass, and become the most trusted nutrition expert of leisure meat products!



Dongguan chuoyu Food Co., Ltd

联系方式:唐江南 15183308258


Shenzhen chayunxiang Industrial Co., Ltd
Shenzhen adoptive brand marketing consultant Co., Ltd
Tel: Li Shengjun 13823149549


Sichuan Migao Food Industry Group Co., Ltd
Tel: kondlei 18016163617


Guangdong Shunde Huaji Machinery Industry Co., Ltd
Tel: Guan Xiaohong 13823419610


Da Ying Enterprise Co., Ltd
Suzhou Taishan Food Industry Co., Ltd
Tel: Zhang surong 18015519117


Guangzhou Xile Food Enterprise Co., Ltd
Tel: Qin Zhilin 13760683968


Xi’an meimeimeinianhua Brand Management Co., Ltd


Chazhu (Tianjin) Food Technology Co., Ltd
Tel: Luo fan 13001903805


Beijing lelan Youjia economic and Trade Co., Ltd
Tel: Guan Yingchun 13311381518


Qinhuangdao najiali Food Technology Co., Ltd
Tel: Zhang Jie 13315366511


Shenzhen youzan Technology Co., Ltd
Tel: Qiu Xiaoshan 13760203222


Zhongshan shite Machinery Co., Ltd

STM machinery is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of automation equipment in baking industry, providing automation solutions for raw materials and finished products transportation for domestic and foreign food factories. Enterprise with advanced technology, quality products, warm attitude to serve customers as our business philosophy. To create a safe, high-quality, efficient equipment as the goal. Establish two workshops, raw material conveying equipment workshop and finished product conveying equipment workshop. The integrated conveying system has a number of core equipment with its own property rights, such as turning machine, feeding station, weighing bin, vacuum breaking valve, etc
STM has many years of experience in R & D and manufacturing of food conveying equipment, and can provide customers with raw material integration system of flour, sugar powder, oil, water and small materials. Complete the feeding, pipeline vacuum transportation, weighing, warehouse transfer and other processes. Three dimensional conveying system integration: flat, inclined, curved belt conveying unit, effective use of every inch of space in the plant, efficient and durable equipment.
Tel: Li Yanqi 13825661139


Svet (Xiamen) Food Co., Ltd
Tel: Du Lijun 138678925


Suzhou Huaqiao Food Co., Ltd

Tel: Du Lijun 138678925


Guangdong zhiweike Food Co., Ltd
Tel: Lin Jieming 15018281777


Chaozhou Xiangqiao pengfa cake factory

Tel: Liu Junliang 13828335946


Shanghai Hanyang Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd
Tel: manager Zhou 13910380048


Shenzhen muteng Trading Co., Ltd

Tel: Liu Bao 18938689934

Past review

Time: August 28-30, 2021
Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 181, convention and Exhibition Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province)
Exhibition hall: hall 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
Estimated exhibition scale: 79000 square meters, about 920 exhibitors
Estimated audience: 92000
Exhibit type: candy, snack, cake, imported food
Exhibition contact: 15810224093 Li Jun
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