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Trend | super popular 2021 Shenzhen spring total food exhibition: who is the best product? (batch 4)

The 3-day 2021 spring global high end Food Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “whole food exhibition”) was successfully concluded in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Museum). According to the statistics of the organizers, as of 16:00 p.m. on the 6th, there were 68189 visitors to the 2021 Shenzhen spring total food exhibition. Among them, the number of professional visitors was 66157, accounting for 97.02%.

I believe you still have a lot to say about this exhibition. Xiaobian carefully selected the fourth batch of 17 enterprises to take you to review the 2021 spring total food exhibition.

The right of final explanation of this activity belongs to snack express. It is forbidden to swipe the tickets. Violators will be disqualified from voting.


Jinduoduo food group
Jinduoduo food group is the world’s leading creative candy manufacturer, Chinese Nutrition candy expert and China’s leading candy export enterprise. The company owns blink binglik high-end mint candy, Amos Ames 4D building block candy, 4D fruit candy and other creative candy, as well as biobor Bao probiotics candy and other nutritional candy sub categories of its own brands and products, and has launched a bright new black technology candy infieel pop music lollipop, leading the new trend of China’s candy development.
Contact information: Zhou Bo 13928415273


Lujiaoxiang drinks Shijiazhuang Co., Ltd
Contact information: Yan Huilin 18921506888


Dongguan Guangming display cabinet Technology Co., Ltd
Luohe Jinming display cabinet Co., Ltd
Contact: Li Qingyan 15820812676


Liaoning Yuehui Food Co., Ltd
Contact: Deng Tiejun 13654063366


Jieyang island travel notes Co., Ltd
Very 2 + 1 sandwich series, adding fresh eggs, preferred wheat and pure milk source; using high-quality sauce, two-color fruit flavor sandwich; using high-quality fruit powder, sprinkled on the cake body, unique color, more appetite, attracting modern young people.
Xingang is a series of eggs, which are baked with high-quality wheat and sauces. The high-quality sauces are infused into the heart, with mellow milk flavor and sweet fruit flavor. The special grouting technology brings a different feeling to the tasters.
Contact: Zhang Jing 13925587918


Jiangxi Huachen Food Co., Ltd
The company introduced advanced production technology from Japan. After 121 ℃ constant temperature sterilization, the imported Anjia butter and reconstituted milk stock solution were fused with New Zealand imported full fat milk powder to make doremil jelly. It has 0 antisepsis, 0 pigment, strong milk flavor, no obvious colloidal feeling, and can be melted immediately. Normal temperature is milk, frozen for 6 hours is ice cream.
Contact information: Xiong Zong 18179638158/
Zeng Zong: 13755935559


Tianjin hongdashun Food Co., Ltd
Tianjin hongdashun Food Co., Ltd. is in love with a Wai 778 drifting bottle net. The super large popcorn is coming. It’s a nationwide agent!
Contact: Liu Feifei 18202652070


Xinjiang Baili Shengbang Brand Management Co., Ltd
Contact: Wang Wenbo 18599010088


Anhui saifuli Food Co., Ltd
Contact information: Mujie 18655517759


Dongguan wanxinlong can making Co., Ltd
Contact information: Shi Weiwen 15916923996


Shenzhen Sanheyuan Industrial Co., Ltd

Sanheyuan Guiling ointment, southern flavor, a little bitter!
Contact: Jiang Chaoren 13005493887


Guangzhou bosni Printing Co., Ltd.

Contact: Wu Zhengjie 15876824888


Guangdong Heyi Food Technology Co., Ltd
Puffed corn flour is a kind of powdery product made of high-quality corn by high-temperature and high-pressure extrusion and deep processing. It has the characteristics of uniform structure, soft texture and improved starch gelatinization. It not only has good color, aroma and taste, but also improves nutritional value and digestibility. The corn cake and instant paste developed by our company not only taste crisp and fragrant, but also can be cooked in 10 seconds.
Contact: Huang Lijuan 13710367863


Xiamen xiangmantang Food Co., Ltd
Instant luncheon meat, Haohao brand luncheon meat is fresh in material, delicate in texture, tender in taste and fragrant in flavor; the process of high pressure can release more nutrition in the meat quality, Haohao brand luncheon meat is rich in protein, carbohydrate, minerals and so on. Our company uses special technology to transform the traditional canned lunch meat into leisure food, which greatly improves the convenience of eating and has a wide range of eating scenes.
Contact: Guo Wenpeng 18559027617


Shanghai Zhisheng Food Co., Ltd
With the improvement of people’s living standards and the importance of health, people begin to know more and more about the nutritional balance of diet. Therefore, the advent of dried fruits and vegetables, fully solve this problem. The South can be served as refreshments, while the north is called extra meal. After work, it can relieve pressure and supplement children’s picky nutrition. Therefore, dried fruits and vegetables are convenient to eat, easy to carry and store, and can supplement the nutrition of the body, which is suitable for all kinds of people.
Contact: Zhang Junqi 13524598709


Shanghai Jinxiang Food Co., Ltd
Jinxiang is the first to promote the small cake with explosive pulp, which is on the stage wholeheartedly. With selected raw materials and scientific proportion, it has a wonderful taste. Sunshine wheat flour, fresh eggs, maltose syrup and mellow vegetable oil are used. The proportion of ingredients is strictly controlled to achieve the best taste. Independent small packaging, beauty and delicious online at the same time, happy with the “food” to enjoy!
Contact information: you Jinhai 13611807566


Xiamen lulala Food Co., Ltd
Xiamen lulala food began to be engaged in the production, processing and sales of leisure food as early as 2006. The most characteristic products are egg rolls, yolk crisp, potato, Yiye crisp and so on. The company’s standardized plant, strict operation process, senior technical R & D team, focus on providing the best quality products for consumers. The products are suitable for wedding, BC, e-commerce and OEM channels.
Contact: Huang Biqin 13395032961

Past review

Time: August 28-30, 2021
Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 181, convention and Exhibition Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province)
Exhibition hall: hall 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
Estimated exhibition scale: 79000 square meters, about 920 exhibitors
Estimated audience: 92000
Exhibit type: candy, snack, cake, imported food
Exhibition contact: 15810224093 Li Jun
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