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Vote | super hot 2021 Shenzhen spring whole food show: who is the king of the best products? (2nd batch)

The 3-day 2021 spring global high end Food Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “whole food exhibition”) was successfully concluded in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Museum). According to the statistics of the organizers, as of 16:00 p.m. on the 6th, there were 68189 visitors to the 2021 Shenzhen spring total food exhibition. Among them, the number of professional visitors was 66157, accounting for 97.02%.

I believe you still have a lot to say about this exhibition. Xiaobian carefully selected the second batch of 30 enterprises to take you to review the 2021 spring total food exhibition.
Snack express reserves the right of final explanation of the event. It is forbidden to swipe the tickets. Violators will be disqualified from voting.


Cherry balls
Shenzhen xianzhibao Food Co., Ltd
Contact: Yu Shoujiang 13953334287


Heilongjiang halxiang Food Co., Ltd

The red sausage is made of pork and chicken, and refined by traditional techniques such as pickling, enema, and fumigation. It has uniform wrinkles and elasticity, compact structure, smooth and delicate section, and a smoky aroma. Sausages are selected from high quality ingredients. Pork is made from Beijing Dahongmen pig leg meat, Thailand Zhengda chicken breast and Holland imported honey do not add flavors, no incense liquid, and Russian oven for eight hours.
Contact information: Zheng Wei 18640956096


Wuxi xingyihang Trading Co., Ltd
Contact information: Jiang Lihong 18915281528


Xiamen Yuke Food Co., Ltd
Contact: Chen Qinghai 18759258555


Jiangxi Yikou Industrial Co., Ltd
Ecobox food sealed box series, with national patent certificate, test report; with high, transparent, clean, bright four major characteristics; high strength, anti falling and durable; strong light transmission, optimized display; one pure, no impurities; restore food luster, improve customer purchase desire.
Contact: Qiu Na 18970957611


Hong Kong lujiaoxiang Milk Tea Food Co., Ltd
Our company (Hong Kong lujiaoxiang Milk Tea Food Co., Ltd.) launched the brand series of huoliegu, boldly using Flamingo as the design theme. Flamingo implies youth, passion, responsibility and love. Milk tea plays an indispensable role in many young people’s lives. Our company’s products are divided into two types: hot and cold double bubble, open cap instant drink. To create the characteristic of “one cup of milk tea and half a cup of milk tea is the material”, adding rich content to the original single foundation of traditional milk tea. It not only has a strong sense of satiety, but also is delicious and not easy to get fat. Diversity of specifications and packaging, good appearance, clear market thinking.
Contact: Mr. Chen 18375341146


Henan Lixing Yiyuan Food Co., Ltd
Lizing, health fan expert. Pure powder coating process creator, practitioner, fans industry quality label, high-end pure powder production base. The enjoyment of food is not exciting, not strange, but comfortable. Pure, tasty, soft and smooth vermicelli, fat scallops, fresh scallops, spicy beef offal, with slow boiled original juice, Kaili red soup, white and tender Flammulina velutipes, real materials will have the same comfortable taste as home. The quality of Lixing is a pleasure that you can’t even let go of soup!
Contact information: Zhang Junhui 18939105100


Luohe thinking special food Co., Ltd

Chocolate sandwich series: pure chocolate sandwich, non ordinary cream sandwich, taste like eating chocolate, full-bodied mellow! The four flavors (white peach flavor + Matcha flavor + mango flavor + Chocolate flavor) are all natural pigments instead of synthetic pigments. The bag making adopts the latest printing and packaging technology, with 8-wire thickness, making the bag thicker and more stiff.
Contact: Hou Liujing 15638772058


Zhoushan Mar Food Co., Ltd

Contact: Yu Guoliang 13777780916


Guangdong norui Food Co., Ltd
Contact: Cai Zekai 13662722299


Zou whale Creative Design Co., Ltd

We are a “new species” that incubates brand creativity with non inertial thinking. We are a famous brand manufacturer focusing on marketing creativity of FMCG products with Z generation as the core audience. We provide customers with all-round solutions such as product marketing creativity, brand explosion, super IP creativity, packaging design, logo and VI, brand communication, etc. Facing the unknown business world, we always believe that creativity can solve business problems and work hard for it.
Contact information: LAN Liangliang 1506042460


Shenzhen Jiajia Industrial Co., Ltd
Small Mahua products: new packaging, nostalgic design elements, good visual effect of consumers, displayed on the shelf can be seen at a glance, packaging bags easily make consumers impulse to buy. The intrinsic quality and good taste are due to our Mahua: 1. Three times fermentation of old noodles; 2. Traditional technology of ancient method; 3. Fermentation at low temperature for more than 12 hours. (and the Mahua on the market is basically cut and made now). It is easy for consumers to remember this nostalgic and retro packaging bag after eating our Mahua, and the repeated purchase rate is high.
Contact: Ruan Jigang 13925252032


Jingjiang Youwei Food Co., Ltd
Uncle Piaoling crispy jerky meat is spread and sieved by hand, roasted at 80 ° slow heat, and only 5% moisture is retained to ensure the taste of the jerky meat is simple and mellow. Meanwhile, nitrogen is used to keep fresh and moisture-proof to ensure the taste is stable and lasting.
Contact information: Gu Yafeng 15952630323


Henan tianbang Food Co., Ltd
Red oil skin and sesame paste skin taste of food is able to quickly open the appetite, cure fatigue! YuYan’s red oil noodle, spicy red oil and sesame sauce, can be eaten after soaking in 5 minutes, and drive away hunger after a cup! The non fried dough is packed in layers. The taste is classic Sichuan flavor. Sichuan style spicy oil, plus a package of fresh seasoning powder, spicy, fresh and fragrant interweave with each other, smell the taste of the moment, then throat hair tight, want to drool. The amount of seasoning can be decided according to your own preference.
Contact: Jin Hongguang 18638005522


Shandong maichunshi Food Co., Ltd
Macjunshi coarse grain sugar free expert, protect healthy life!
Contact: Du Heqin 18003801138


Longyan Jiaqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Contact information: Mr. Cao 13860233999


Xiamen aimiyou Food Co., Ltd
“Aimi Shiyou” new squid series: fried squid (bulk, quantitative package) whole string squid, eat the whole squid to fry, a handful of squid, eat a handful of squid to be arrogant, suitable for channels: circulation, supermarkets, convenience stores, snack shops, fruit channels, e-commerce, micro businesses and other channels, suitable for people: men, women, young and old.
Contact information: manager Liu 18659187788


Hong Kong whitewash romance
Contact information: Yang Sheng 13590354321


Dongguan jinzefeng Food Co., Ltd
Weihua products use high-quality raw materials such as high-quality wheat flour, imported oil, edible glucose, New Zealand whole milk powder, imported whey powder, etc. through scientific and strict production process, they are sandwich layer by layer, mellow, thick and crisp.
Contact information: Huang Shufu 13987690463; Suzhou Hangzhou 13802512680


Shenzhen Jiacheng Trading Co., Ltd
Slote Dan soda: Slote Dan soda is a “Zero sugar, zero calorie, zero fat” health drink promoted by Shenzhen Jiacheng Trading Co., Ltd. in 2021. You can choose two flavors: original flavor and lime flavor; different tastes and different feelings bring you natural purity, give you quiet beauty and give you sudden mood.
Contact: Zeng Zong 18910361038


Xuancheng huimanxiang Food Co., Ltd
Huiman fragrant glutinous rice Guoba: 260 grams in a box (original flavor / spicy), strictly selected round glutinous rice from Jianghuai plain, without adding broken rice or additives, and retaining the original flavor of glutinous rice, Guoba is crispy and sweet. Exquisite packaging is suitable for supermarket, CVs, snack system and other channels, with high quality and high gross profit.
Contact: Tang Ji 15052610370


Shaanxi Fuping woma Food Co., Ltd
Woma fresh goat’s milk big cake China’s self created fresh goat’s milk big cake authentic characteristics healthy healthy fresh goat’s milk big cake fresh goat’s milk and noodles do not add a drop of water is not the same big cake from China’s goat’s milk capital / milk goat’s hometown – Fuping delicious fresh goat’s milk, as the name suggests, is sheep’s milk, goat’s milk with its rich nutrition, easy to absorb and other advantages is regarded as the best of dairy products, known as the “king of milk”, is the world’s fair It is the closest to human milk.
Contact: Chen Shukai 13806855651


Guangdong Nuoding Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Contact: Zhang Honghua 13609695257


Huanghua Tiantian Food Development Co., Ltd
Huanghua Tiantian Food Development Co., Ltd. adheres to the enterprise values of “reputation for today with quality and future with integrity”, and strives for perfection in more than ten production processes with craftsman skills, with unique quality. All raw jujubes are made of Huanghua winter jujube, which is of high quality and selected. There is no cholesterol or fat in the jujube. It tastes crisp, natural and sweet without any additives. “October red” brand crisp winter jujube all meet the Q / hhtt000is “crisp winter jujube” standard. It is the gold award product of China International Patent Technology and product fair, the gold award product of Hebei Agricultural Exhibition, the recommended fruit of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the excellent product of the 17th China Yangling Agricultural High tech achievements Expo, the top ten Chinese jujube brands in 2015, and the famous brand product of Hebei Province.
Contact: Wang Changming 15030710776


Hong Kong Da Dong Hang food Co., Ltd
Hong Kong Da Dong Hang food Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of high-end health pasta. As a traditional Chinese staple food, pasta is rich in carbohydrates and can provide enough energy. With the development of the times, people are no longer satisfied with the traditional pasta. In the field of traditional pasta, Hong Kong eastbound innovates to add high-end noodles such as Cordyceps militaris and monkey mushroom, which are widely loved by consumers in the market. In the future, the company will increase research and development efforts, and strive for better quality and taste. Excellent service.
Contact: Liu Huiyu 13549385156


Hebei Sifang Food Co., Ltd

Contact information: Zhang Zhiyong 13931364956


Zunhua Guangye Food Technology Development Co., Ltd
Guangye is a group company, mainly producing Hawthorn leisure food, canned fruits, frozen fruits and vegetables, pickles and other products, now undertake a variety of product processing business!
Contact information: Manager Jia 18732511692


Yiyang Qingcheng Zhixiang Food Co., Ltd
Contact: Zou Jiqiao 15828272133


Kejiu fruit wine brand
The company mainly engaged in the sale of domestic high-end leisure food, beverages, drinks, convenience food, its brand: “Kejiu” fruit wine, flower wine, yoghurt wine series products are given high value packaging, a new generation of low alcohol wine leading brand, and make the community praise. The products are sold all over the country year round, and are recognized by many dealers and terminal channels.
Contact information: manager Chen 18551905888; national unified service hotline 400-0303-037


Shandong Baobei Fresh Food Technology Co., Ltd
Bakers bread, selected high-quality imported wheat flour, butter, carefully baked, taste strong, soft, mellow, deeply trusted and supported by consumers, our bakers products adhere to product quality, carefully do every piece of bread, let consumers rest assured.
Contact: Zhang Menglong 151663780

Past review

Time: August 28-30, 2021
Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 181, convention and Exhibition Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province)
Exhibition hall: hall 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
Estimated exhibition scale: 79000 square meters, about 920 exhibitors
Estimated audience: 92000
Exhibit type: candy, snack, cake, imported food
Exhibition contact: 15810224093 Li Jun
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