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Menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, menopause This tea brand says it should take care of every special period of women | new Xiu brand

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Text: Tina Li

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Menstruation, she can not eat hot, can not eat cold, dysmenorrhea is invisible talons
During pregnancy, she may be accompanied by a variety of pregnant vomiting, fatigue, frequent urination, edema, cramps, and can’t get out of the door;
Lactation of her, blocking milk pain, feeding pain, stay up late pain, physical and mental fatigue;
Menopause of her, a large reduction in estrogen, hot flashes, chest tightness, shortness of breath, osteoporosis, ovarian failure and other problems hit
So, is there a good way to alleviate these “women’s suffering”? Today, foodaily is going to introduce the new Xiu brand hottea mama, a British tea brand founded by independent women with award-winning and outstanding performance, which is tailor-made for women in special periods. Next, let’s get close to this unique enterprise full of women’s temperature, feel what outstanding contributions it has made in “her economy”, and hope to bring enlightenment and inspiration to domestic female entrepreneurs.
The awakening of “her consciousness” and the popularity of “her economy”,
“She food” is unique
In the past two years, “she economy” seems to have set up a banner in the market. According to mobtech’s 2020 “she economy” Research Report, the proportion of women with master’s degree or above has increased from 1.6% in the post-75s to 7.6% in the post-95s, which has surpassed that of men, and the proportion of men with monthly income above 20K has increased from 1.5% in the post-75s to only 0.1% in the post-95s.
It can be seen that in recent years, with the improvement of women’s education level and work status, more and more women have achieved economic independence. Driven by major e-commerce shopping platforms, women’s purchasing power has increased year by year, and the consumer market is huge, covering shopping, entertainment, mother and baby, sports and health, etc.
In the field of food and beverage, women’s demand for beauty, sports and fitness, as well as a variety of special physiological and health is like a raging beast. They pay more attention to the high value packaging and functionality of products. Therefore, the corresponding food brands pay more and more attention to creating food designed for women.
For example, missberry berry berry, which will be launched in China in 2019, is precisely benchmarking the subdivision track of low alcohol wine, creating multiple series of products around various consumption scenarios of female users, and its candy color design is also very in line with women’s aesthetic. The brand has been ranked first in the category of tmall fruit wine for several consecutive months. When talking about starting a business, the founder, Ms. Tang Huimin, said that the low alcohol liquor market has great opportunities, and the women’s liquor track also has great potential. It’s more hopeful to combine the two things into one, because 80% of the low alcohol liquor is consumed by women. It can be seen that women’s consumption power has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years.
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This is especially true in foreign countries. Many female sex entrepreneurs are taking advantage of their own advantages and taking their personal experience of women’s health and life needs as inspiration and motivation to carry out product development. The new Xiu brand we are introducing today is created by female entrepreneurs and designed for female friends. I believe it will bring surprise and encouragement to all female friends.
The origin of Chinese tea, professional background blessing,
Making intimate health tea for women
Hottea mama was founded by Bethan Thomas and kateachilles in November 2017. It aims to provide health preserving mixed tea bags for women in special periods, and meet the consumption demands of women in different periods from pregnancy to childbirth, even menopause.
Bethan and Kate are friends from college. After graduation, Bethan came to China, deeply influenced by Chinese tea culture and professional training. He also obtained a degree in tea science. He is the first non Chinese to obtain a degree in tea science from Fujian agriculture and Forestry University. With her professional knowledge, Bethan will mix tea according to her different needs in her daily life to help her get a good sleep or refresh herself when she needs to work.
Bethan’s partner, Kate, had been restricted in her diet for a long time during her pregnancy. At the same time, she also had a variety of discomfort symptoms. Kate thought that tea might help, so she often asked her good friend Bethan about what to drink during pregnancy.
By the time Bethan got pregnant, she used to make her own tea to fight against pregnancy and vomiting, midwifery, stay awake and sleep. At this time, she found that although pregnant women will get more care, they can actually enjoy a limited range of products – no alcohol, no chocolate And it wasn’t until she was pregnant that she realized that many herbal teas and fruit teas she made were actually not safe for her pregnancy!
She started professional research – she couldn’t get a lot of caffeine during pregnancy, so she added lots of liquorice instead to make tea sweeter; but liquorice raised blood pressure and was extremely dangerous for anyone at risk of preeclampsia. This is also true of the so-called “raspberry leaf” ingredients that many “pregnant women’s tea” will incorporate. Although it can slightly contract the uterine muscles and enhance the strength of childbirth, it must be safe to eat after 32 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, if we can’t provide women with really safe tea, it will be too late for them to realize
It was also at this time that Kate suggested that they put their knowledge into practice and make mixed tea that pregnant women and postpartum mothers could drink safely. Therefore, they set out to make a series of teas that are safe during pregnancy and lactation and have functional benefits at the same time, helping to relieve pregnancy vomiting, lactation problems, fatigue and insomnia. They spent more than six months perfecting the formula of mixed tea, designing packaging and website, trying to package their teas into the perfect gift for any mother. So hottea mama was born.
Unlike other common “healthy” blended teas, hottea Mama has functional products specifically designed for women’s bodies – and then they even developed a tea to relieve menopausal and menstrual symptoms.
After obtaining the seed round of funds, hottea Mama launched in less than a year in Amazon Prime, and has two international distributors, independent retailers and online stores. Its monthly turnover has increased by at least 30%. Moreover, hottea Mama products have won many awards once launched.
Photo source: hottea Mama
More than two years after the brand was launched, it was nominated as the finalist of the “West Oxfordshire Business Award retail award”; then, it won the “best pregnant woman product” award of the 2019 baby award, which still won a historic victory in competition with big brands and start-ups with the same momentum; in the second half of the year, hottea won the “best pregnant woman product” award Mama won two silver awards for baby planning, with the tired Mama gift set winning “best gift for novice mothers” and the final push raspberry leaf tea winning “best pregnancy supplement” All the awards have proved the company’s excellent product strength and won wide praise from the public.
Although hottea When Mama was first founded, Bethan just wanted to make “the best tea” to support women’s childbearing journey; however, now the brand has reached a landmark growth, with more than one million bags sold every year, and will receive a large number of customers’ health knowledge about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis (EMS), premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause Face to face consultation.
Bethan said they are proud of their success and are happy to be able to reach out to and help many mothers, but most importantly, let more women benefit from homemade tea.
Take care of women in every special period,
Remember every festival that should commemorate mom
Hottea Mama’s tea bag series covers the health needs of women at all stages of menstruation, menopause, pregnancy and lactation.
Hottea Mama pregnancy teas is its most innovative and representative product, which can support women’s nutrition and health in the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy. Whether it’s morning sickness, waking up in the morning or preparing for childbirth, mothers can get support by drinking this series of teas.
Hottea Mama new mums and breast feeding teas series can help new mothers in the second and third trimester of pregnancy feel more relaxed. Mothers can choose jam with natural emulsifiers to help breast-feeding, tea with calming herbs to promote sleep and relieve anxiety, or mixed tea with caffeine to stay awake when they need to stay up late.
For example, night owl is a sleeping tea, which contains natural muscle relaxants. Its ingredients include chamomile, valerian root, lavender, cyanidia and South African black leaf tea, which are helpful for mood relief. Newborn is the opposite Wonder, which can make people relax after staying up or waking up, is made of white tea rich in antioxidants. It also adds rose buds to help relieve postpartum pain, and works with theanine to slow down caffeine.
If you want to avoid caffeine at all, get up & glow is the best choice. It is based on grapes, in addition to vitamin C, but also allows women to obtain mild natural sugar. Therefore, this product designed for pregnancy and lactation is also suitable for other periods.
Hottea Mama periods & fertility support series can be said to be a natural “good medicine” for women’s health. It can provide a comprehensive method to relieve spasm, calm emotions, balance endocrine and regulate menstruation, and help relieve up to 75% of physiological period problems. Well, maybe delicious tea will become a “good friend” for women during menstruation.
Among them, over the moon is aimed at premenstrual stress and tension, irregular menstruation and fertility related conditions, such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Its components include raspberry, chamomile, Ginkgo biloba, spearmint, dandelion root and rose petal. It is said that hot drink over the moon can help women relieve spasm, reduce abdominal distension, improve sleep and regulate menstruation.
Hottea Mama menopause teas is suitable for premenopausal, perimenopausal, climacteric and postmenopausal women. Its natural herbs, such as Folium Isatidis, ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, valerian root and steamed green tea, have been used since ancient times. They can make people peaceful and quiet, and also provide nutrients.
In addition to covering every special period of women’s life in terms of product functions, hottea Mama also pays great attention to giving mothers a “sense of ceremony”. In almost every festival related to women, different gift boxes are designed for them.
For example, mother’s day tea gifts, from mother are magic mugs to handmade supermama biscuits, as well as award-winning tea, are the best wishes for mothers when they need them most.
Another example is the splash proof thermos cup designed for mothers, which is convenient for them to bring the cup into the workplace, or walk with their babies or any place they need.
Give full play to women’s Entrepreneurship:
When the opportunity comes, fight
After seeing such a warm brand, we feel deeply about its meticulous care for women’s health, and admire its influence on the industry and entrepreneurs when women’s power rises. So let’s also learn about the mother behind the brand – why do you want to be such a tea brand? How to run the company and what are your insights? How to understand entrepreneurship?
After graduating from Oxford University, Bethan came to China and majored in tea science. She has always been very interested in tea. Fujian is the first place to grow tea in China and the hometown of black tea, white tea and oolong tea. Therefore, Bethan hopes to get the best learning experience here.
Bethan has taken courses in tea biochemistry, agronomy, blending, tea culture, manufacturing and advanced tasting. She likes to understand and explore why different teas taste so different. She is also willing to mix different flavors of tea by changing the ingredients and blending methods.
Photo source: hottea Mama
Bethan believes that as an excellent entrepreneur, the most important thing is passion, because passion makes people willing to stick to it and turn their ideas into reality, while only a few people have the ability to really think out of the existing “box” – therefore, to be a successful entrepreneur, we must do the following:
First, we should persevere and continue to work hard even if we feel a lot of resistance;
Second, we need flexibility: don’t delay, keep trying;
Third, enthusiasm.
As an entrepreneur, Bethan said that his favorite thing is to have his own products, the deep satisfaction from nothing. And entrepreneurs will inevitably make mistakes and learn lessons. For Bethan, the biggest lesson she has learned is to try her best not to repeat them.
As a mother, Bethan thinks she has a lot of work, but being with her children often distracts her energy. Therefore, she suggests using some excellent time management tools, setting up a task list at the beginning of the week, and then carrying out these tasks according to the plan, so as to focus attention and prevent distractions due to small things.
At the same time, she strongly encourages children to participate in the work. She said that her daughter usually helps to sort out sample orders and take pictures of hot tea Mama products, which is one of her favorite things. This not only makes children feel more existential in the parent-child relationship, but also makes them more supportive of their mother’s work rather than competing for her mother’s attention.
As for hottea Mama’s next goal, Bethan said that she hopes to officially operate on the D2c platform in the UK before expanding her retail business. He also said that he hopes to seize the opportunity of rapid growth in the near future and try to break through the sales volume of 3 million tea bags in 2021
In a word, the company led and founded by female entrepreneurs has set a good example for the development of “her food” and the creation of “her brand”. At the same time, hottea Mama uses social media to popularize tea therapy. Through the application of tea elements and the research and development of targeted new products, the female power of the brand is radiated from the inside to the outside, which also boosts women’s entrepreneurship in the food industry.
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