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Nestle will provide flexible office space for Chinese employees. Lu Minfang said that he is focusing on the “100 billion level” target. Fuyi’s major shareholders guess that there may be a takeover offer within a few months. Kraft Heinz’s CEO and others are nominated as new directors

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Nestle will provide 3500 flexible office spaces for Chinese employees (company news)

IWG group, one of the world’s largest operators of flexible office space, recently announced that it has reached an agreement with Nestle group to provide 3500 flexible office space for all Nestle employees in China. The cooperation will start with landing in China and expand globally in the future.


Yili Chairman Pan Gang meets with Zang Guoping, President of Inner Mongolia Branch of China Development Bank (company news)


On March 14, Zang Guoping, President of Inner Mongolia Branch of China Development Bank, and his party investigated the construction of Yili Group headquarters and Yili modern smart health Valley project. He said that in the future, China Development Bank will provide various financial services to support Yili’s development. It is reported that after the completion of the health Valley, it will create a GDP of more than 100 billion, a cumulative fiscal revenue of 90 billion, and directly and indirectly promote the employment of more than 500000 people.


Lu Minfang: keep a close eye on the “100 billion level” target, and further increase the support for Mengniu Dairy Industrial Park Project (vitality and Ringer)


On March 11, Zhang Yongwen, Secretary of Helingeer County Party committee, led a team to Beijing to inspect key projects and meet with Mengniu President Lu Minfang and others. Lu Minfang said that Mengniu Group is committed to building a research and development center, a quality center, and a consumer experience center in Mengniu Dairy Industrial Park. At the same time, it promotes the transformation and upgrading of the whole dairy industry chain around digitization and intellectualization, and focuses on the “100 billion level” goal to build a whole industry chain cluster. He also said that the group will further increase support for Mengniu Dairy Industrial Park project.


Huang Rengang meets with Ni Xia, senior director of International Department of Mengniu Dairy


Huang Rengang, economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Australia, met with Ni Xia, senior director of corporate affairs of the international division of Mengniu Dairy Co., Ltd., in Canberra on March 3, 2021, according to the recent news from the economic and Commercial Department of the Chinese Embassy in Australia. He exchanged views on the status and prospects of bilateral economic and trade development. Huang Rengang welcomed Ni Xia to take up his new post in Australia and presented him with a guide to investing in Australia and other books.


Major shareholder of Fuyi: may receive acquisition offer in the next few months (Aohua Finance Online)


According to Aohua finance online today, although the rumor that polyrexa is preparing to purchase Fuyi wine has not been confirmed, some analysts and investors believe that due to the decline of Fuyi’s share price, it is likely to receive an offer in the next few months. Jamie Hannah, van Eck’s deputy head of investment, told the Sydney Morning Herald that given the strength of the company’s assets and its relatively low valuation, he thought it was “very likely” to get an offer for the company. Van Eck is one of Fuyi’s top 20 shareholders.


Trillion “alligators” increase Maotai holdings! Fund positions of asset management institutions with the largest number of Maotai holdings in the world (China Securities Journal)


According to China Securities News yesterday, the fund company with the largest holdings of Guizhou Maotai in the world is the US trillions asset management institution capital group. According to the latest data, the new world fund of capital group slightly increased its position in Guizhou Maotai in February. This means that in the fourth quarter of 2020, capital group began to buy back Maotai after the reduction of its funds.


Yibao grape holiday launched in March


According to the official account of “WeChat”, the grape juice beverage of grape holiday is fresh on sale in all major supermarkets and convenience stores in China since March.


Kafheinz CEO nominated as new director (company news)


Kraft Heinz recently announced that its board of directors has nominated Lori Dickerson fouch é and Miguel Patricio, the company’s chief executive, to be elected as directors at the upcoming annual general meeting. According to reports, Lori Dickerson fouch é has rich experience in financial services. He was the senior executive vice president and chief executive officer of financial solutions of the teacher retirement foundation of the United States.

Quick reading of food industry information



In 2020, 12315 will accept 21.3032 million complaints and reports, with outstanding problems in fresh food and online ordering (Xinhuanet)


According to the data released by the State Administration of market supervision and regulation, the total number of complaints received by consumers in 2020 was 213.3 billion yuan, and the total number of complaints recovered was 1233.5 million yuan. Among them, a total of 2.0332 million online shopping complaints and reports were received by the national 12315 platform, and the appeal focuses were mainly on live delivery, fresh food and online ordering.


Four departments jointly issued documents to strictly prevent and control campus food safety risks (Xinhuanet)


Recently, the General Administration of market supervision, together with the Ministry of education, the National Health Commission, the Ministry of public security and other departments, jointly issued the “notice on school food safety in the spring semester of 2021” (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”), deploying relevant departments to further supervise and implement the main responsibility for food safety of schools and off campus catering units, and strictly prevent and control food safety risks on campus, We will make overall plans for the prevention and control of the normalized epidemic situation and the school food safety work in the spring semester of 2021.


Last year, Guangzhou Customs seized 116 batches of unqualified imported food (Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government)


According to the official website of Guangzhou Municipal People’s government yesterday, in 2020, the Customs District of Guangzhou seized 116 batches of unqualified imported food, including meat, bird’s nest, aquatic products, honey, beverage, infant cereals and other auxiliary food. The main reasons for the disqualification were the excessive use of food additives, the lack of access to inspection and quarantine, the excessive nitrite and the detection of animal diseases The microorganism exceeded the standard and the sensory test was unqualified. From January to February of this year, Guangzhou Customs returned or destroyed 12 batches of unqualified food, including aquatic products, beverages, candy, biscuits, etc.


Two major actions of special food safety supervision in Anhui Province in 2021 (Anhui Market Supervision Bureau)


Recently, Anhui Province formulated the “key points of special food safety supervision in the whole province in 2021” (hereinafter referred to as “key points”). “Key points” mentioned that we should focus on security development and implement two major actions. First, we will promote special clean-up and rectification actions in the health food industry. We will continue to implement key inspections, flight inspections, “double random and one open” supervision and spot checks, and cross departmental “double random” joint inspections. The second is to improve the quality of domestic infant formula milk powder. The implementation of infant formula milk powder production enterprise system inspection full coverage, urge infant formula milk powder production enterprise raw materials, key links and product inspection control rate of 100%. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of key areas such as rural areas and the urban-rural fringe, supermarkets, wholesale markets, maternal and infant supplies stores, online e-commerce and other infant milk powder business places, and strictly check the sales of infant formula milk powder that is not registered according to the regulations and the secondary sales of infant formula milk powder by cross-border e-commerce.

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