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The key to improve the charm of food packaging lies in these places!

Attractive food packaging is a powerful persuasion for consumers. It will not only bring profits to enterprises, but also bring achievements to designers and convenience to consumers. How to design attractive food packaging is the key to product sales.
01 grasp the packaging tonality
Tonality comes from music art and generally refers to the positioning of style in packaging. For different foods, their packaging styles are quite different. Some are implicit, some are luxurious, and some are simple. Designers can not locate the quality of food packaging temperament according to their own preferences. They can only release personality and charm under the premise of inclusiveness, and set an overall style by combining product characteristics, market positioning and consumer psychology.
02 aesthetic view
The colors, graphics and words in packaging design show the charm. These elements are the embodiment of the charm value of packaging, and are an indispensable part. Packaging is visual and full of color. Color not only conveys charm, but also shapes the temperament of food packaging. For food, bright and rich colors are generally used, mainly warm colors, highlighting the freshness, nutrition and taste of food.
In terms of graphics, text and other elements, it is necessary to accurately reflect the product information, grasp the inherent characteristics of food, study the aesthetic psychological needs of different consumers, grasp the design rules of formal beauty, unify color and shape, harmonize artistic conception and color, and convey the charm of packaging. Packaging design only has a new perspective and expressiveness, and strive to highlight the image, truly people-centered design, in order to infect consumers and defeat market competitors.
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After the designer determines the food tonality, he should skillfully match the material technology with the characteristics of the food; the selection of material should not only echo with the product shape and color, but also pay attention to the consumer’s sense of experience.
Packaging materials have different texture and texture, including a certain visual charm, so as to meet the needs of different consumers. We should also fully study its performance, consider the color, transparency, surface gloss, printing adaptability and other aspects of materials, so as to effectively show the aesthetic feeling of packaging materials when creating packaging charm.
The new packaging technology will bring more technical imagination to consumers, which is reflected in associating them with the smell, ingredients, nutritional value of food, and giving people all kinds of aesthetic experience.
04 extended packaging value A631 A631
The demand of food packaging design is developing towards humanization. To give more value to simple packaging, flexible use of design thinking to make multi-level use of packaging, not only improves the added value of packaging, but also conforms to the development concept of green environmental protection, and truly achieves “one thing for multiple purposes”.
In this link, designers give consumers direct design experience, while consumers enjoy the convenience of design. After the product is eaten, the food packaging can be placed in a specific environment, as a decoration to beautify the living environment, users can refine the charm of packaging, so as to obtain unexpected spiritual enjoyment.
05 create the charm of display
The creation of food packaging charm not only exists independently in individuals, but also through the interaction between consumers and packaging in a specific environment. Packaging display can use the display platform lighting, sales space, color matching, series of graphic background and other means to create a charming sales scene with food packaging.
This not only creates a good sensory atmosphere, establishes the emotional communication between goods and consumers, but also forms a good consumption experience, improves the high-end image of food, promotes the trust of products, establishes a good brand image, and mobilizes the enthusiasm of purchasing.
06 convey brand charm
The packaging design should not only have the ideal appearance image, but also fully create the brand image and convey the charm of food brand culture to consumers. Brand culture is a bridge between products and consumers. Packaging is the first step for consumers to face products. Packaging image becomes the product image directly.
Packaging design needs to understand the consumer lifestyle, be familiar with consumer psychology, create a distinctive brand image, and build a unique brand cultural charm, so as to make the new packaging image meet the taste of consumers and win the favor of specific consumers.
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