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Add 5 kinds of HMO, the new generation of Nestle BEBA supreme series tmall global launched

COVID-19 has a profound influence on people’s life style and concept. In the post epidemic era of normalized prevention and control, health first has become the consensus of the whole people. How to effectively enhance the baby’s immunity and protect the baby from the virus has become the primary concern of novice parents.

As the latest research results, on March 14, 2021, Nestle group’s new BEBA supreme series was launched. The formula has been upgraded on the original basis. For the first time, it has integrated five kinds of HMO active nutrition in three categories of human milk, becoming the first German super high-end infant formula powder covering all three categories of HMO.

Good immunity is inseparable from good nutrition. Breast milk is a natural gift from mother to baby. The bioactive ingredients in breast milk are very important for the growth and development of baby and the maturation of immune system. Among them, HMO (breast milk oligosaccharide) is the most active nutrition in breast milk. It shoulders heavy responsibilities and has high ability. On the one hand, it can promote the growth of probiotics and make the baby’s intestinal environment more healthy; on the other hand, it can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and reduce infection; at the same time, it can also build a protective barrier in the intestinal tract and reduce the risk of disease caused by pathogens. It stimulates the baby’s strong protection by training immune cells. The intake of HMO at the critical stage of the infant’s development of systemic immunity helps to equip the infant with self-protection armor and keep healthy in the complex external environment.

Nestle has been committed to providing high-quality, innovative and scientific nutrition and services for the first 1000 days of life. While using the world’s top technology to create high-quality products, Nestle has a better insight into the changes of the times, actively play its innovation ability, respond to the needs of consumers, and promote the scientific concept of nutrition and health.


The new Supreme series has been widely certified by professional institutions and fully recognized by the market with its extraordinary quality and extremely strict testing standards. It has passed over 1000 authoritative tests of European top quality inspection factories and obtained the certification of European food safety agency. It is in a leading position in the German super high-end milk powder Market and is highly praised by consumers. At the same time, it has been approved by 70% of German experts It’s recommended by professional parenting institutions, and it’s also the partner of Dortmund Bundesliga football club in China. It’s recommended by many star dads. The new Supreme series will transform baopa Baoma’s warm care into baby’s growth power with strength.

The new Supreme series was launched by tmall global. The strong alliance between Nestle and tmall global is to meet the current trend of consumer demand and provide the most advanced HMO formula products and safer and more convenient purchase methods for Chinese parents.

Nestle BEBA established tmall’s official flagship store in 2019 to provide quality experience for Chinese consumers with more advanced formula products and more comprehensive services. In the past two years, it has won the trust and favor of more and more Chinese families.

The new Supreme series presents the top innovative achievements and nutrition concepts of Nestle BEBA, helping to upgrade the immunity of Chinese babies. In the post epidemic era, healthy body is an inexhaustible treasure in one’s life, and Nestle BEBA will spare no effort to provide high quality care for Chinese babies, so as to escort the healthy growth of Chinese babies with 150 years of outstanding achievements, pure German quality and scientific and healthy nutrition concept.


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