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Matcha is coming, making chocolate more competitive

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With the continuous development of the leisure food market, chocolate as a “veteran” sweet food product, in order to meet the different needs of consumers at all stages, chocolate has never stopped in innovation. Combined with the latest trend of the current market, it is constantly developing new products.
Matcha, as a single category product with high popularity in recent years, has a different spark when combined with chocolate. Have you got Matcha chocolate? The Japanese chocolate brand Meiji’s Matcha chocolate with stuffing has always been sought after for its invariable delicacy. This product can be said to start with its appearance, taste and quality. The combination of Matcha and chocolate is like the fusion of the essence of eastern and Western food culture, which has both the fresh and refined side of the East and the rich and colorful side of the West.
Flat development of Matcha chocolate
With the advent of baking industry, Matcha, as a kind of food additive, is widely used in food channels, which further promotes the development of Matcha, a niche category, towards diversification and flattening. When it comes to exploring more market space, Matcha chocolate is one of the typical products.
Dove’s Matcha cookie white chocolate has a small and fresh main idea, which is more in line with the consumption concept of the post-90s and post-90s mainstream consumers; gefisong’s Cocoa Butter strawberry sandwich Matcha chocolate has won a number of loyal fans with compound taste; and bliss’s freeze-dried strawberry sandwich Matcha chocolate has added freeze-dried fruit, which is richer in taste and more nutritious in product The raw Matcha chocolate of guancha, a domestic brand, has reduced its sweetness to a certain extent and adopted localization strategy, which is more suitable for the taste of domestic consumers and has been highly praised by consumers. In addition, chocolate products related to Matcha elements such as chocolate truffle Matcha wine sandwiched strawberry mixed flavor gift box, Qiqiao Matcha chocolate Weihua, Meiji nut sandwiched Matcha chocolate co branded by Xu Fuji and Nestle emerge in an endless stream.
Although these products have their own merits, it is not difficult to see their popularity from the sales volume of the market. Zhang Tao, general manager of Tianjin Lecheng Xinfeng trade, said: “among the products I represent, the sales volume of chocolate has always been very good, especially the hot combination chocolate products recently, such as Matcha flavor, strawberry flavor and so on. The audience of these products are mostly women and young people.” This also indirectly shows that the market of Matcha chocolate is so big that food enterprises are attracted to join the market and want to get a share.
Due to the taste characteristics of chocolate, the demand for Matcha is deepened. At present, in order to meet the consumers’ pursuit of the concept of Matcha, many Matcha chocolates have been listed in China, including guancha, mokishi, Haolilai and other brands. After a wave of rapid development, Matcha chocolate has carried out a good consumer cultivation, and the market demand for it has also begun to increase. At the same time, it also tests the brand side to pay more attention to the development of Matcha chocolate. It is understood that many Matcha chocolates in China basically use green tea powder, which tastes like granules. This also reflects the development status of Matcha chocolate in China, and the technology still needs to be improved.
Aiming at taste and seizing category opportunity
With the development of economy, people’s consumption ability is also constantly improving. While the material conditions are met, the snack industry gradually presents different consumption scenarios and diversified characteristics. In the case of chocolate, a variety of CO branded, IP, taste combination of products emerge in the market. As a traditional snack, chocolate’s first step to make changes is to increase its own taste, so as to adapt to more consumption scenarios. Consumers who don’t like or rarely touch chocolate are interested in learning about chocolate. The emergence of minority tastes such as Matcha has become the key to diversify consumption scenarios. Liang junshao, general manager of Zhengzhou niannianhong Food Co., Ltd., said: “Matcha chocolate, as a product with specific taste, can attract people who love Matcha first, but it is essentially a niche product, and its audience has certain pertinence. However, it is precisely this pertinence that opens up its own unique market, which is so-called complementary. “
Chocolate can not only bring a unique and wonderful taste, let you enjoy the silky and delicate texture, lips and teeth fragrance, it is memorable. In addition, chocolate has antidepressant effect to some extent. Pocky is a favorite chocolate biscuit stick for many consumers. People can’t help but buy it when they see it. Every spring pocky will launch season limited cherry Matcha chocolate biscuit stick. The pink and green color of the product will bring healing to consumers.
For the traditional chocolate market, Matcha chocolate is only a small step on the road of innovation and upgrading. With the continuous change of consumer demand, we believe that the development of chocolate in the future is more innovation and attempt, and diversification and multi taste is the only way in its development. This shows that the chocolate market has unlimited prospects!
Source: Snack express original article: reprint with authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Shi Yang editor: Song Guanchu

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