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Oreo is a biscuit? No, it’s a food toy that’s been popular all over the world for 108 years

turns your brand into a million constant toys and super social currency.
Today, let’s talk about Oreo.
I don’t know if you have found that many drinks like to put Oreo crumbs in them.
Not other biscuits.
But have you ever thought about it? Why is it Oreo?
I once read such a passage on the Internet:
The so-called pig like friend, is a cold, let him bring a box of white and black.
As a result, he brought back a bag of Oreos.
To be honest, few brands have highly unified people’s perception of white and black as Oreo.
There is a little dog at home, Baijiahei, so he named it Oreo. He didn’t pay attention to Baijiahei at all.
Even if you really have a cold and want to eat white and black, some people have a strange exclamation that they always think white and black is Oreo.
Not only that, this seemingly ordinary white and black sandwich biscuit almost controls the happiness of young people all over the world.
For young people in China, Oreo is a panacea for contemporary young people to cure their life.
Even Sheldon said that there is only one kind of biscuit in the world, with something in the middle that can relieve the troubles of life. Its name is Oreo.
Screenshot of big bang
It can be said that Oreo, like cola, has become a part of the trend culture. According to incomplete statistics, if you connect all the oreos produced, you can make 381 circles around the earth. If you stack the oreos sold all over the world, the length is enough to go back and forth from the earth to the moon six times!
As we all know, flowers are never red. This is especially true for the food industry. Although the food industry network red products are frequent, but most of the single products are popular for a while, and then quickly silent.
However, born in 1912, Oreo has been a hot seller in the world for 108 years, and even has become the synonym of chocolate flavored sandwich biscuits in the world.
People can’t help asking: what is the magic of Oreo behind the fact that a single product has been popular for more than 100 years?
Is Oreo a soft addict?
Addict the world for more than 100 years
From a psychological point of view, our business is to maintain users’ choice and loyalty to us through the creation and maintenance of conditioned reflex.
This user loyalty is actually an addiction.
If we go back to the long history of commodities, we will find that the vast majority of commodities are short cycle commodities. Those categories that can really cross the long river of history often have a core feature: soft addicts.
Soft addictive products that make consumers addicted have three characteristics
① Tolerance
② Transient pleasure memory
③ Powerful social attributes
Tolerance leads to long-term increment; short-term pleasure leads to repurchase; social attribute makes traffic multiply and spread rapidly. This series of characteristics enable soft addicts to exist in a longer period of time.
So, how does Oreo keep people addicted?
The first is physical addiction.
1. High glucose and high fat stimulate the production of transient pleasure memory;
As we all know, eating is our lowest cost way to get happiness. In order to adapt to the hunting life lacking of fat and sugar, early humans had a strong tendency to like fat and sugar in their genes.
Existing studies also support this point. Studies have shown that sugar can stimulate the secretion of dopamine in the brain, thus bringing pleasure to people. Moreover, sugar is more addictive and harder to quit than tobacco, and its addiction is eight times that of cocaine.
So, what’s the sugar and fat content of Oreo?
Let’s take the barreled Oreo biscuits as an example. According to the nutrition table on the package of barreled Oreo biscuits, for every 100g Oreo, there are 2020 kilojoules of energy, 21g of fat and 66.5g of carbohydrates.
Human evolution, in fact, has turned instant gratification into the mainstream consumption of society.
As a high sugar and high-fat biscuit, Oreo obviously fully meets the human natural desire for sugar and fat, and stimulates the production of transient pleasure memory in the brain. So that people addicted to it, unforgettable.
2. It has a strong correlation with chocolate and stimulates Pavlovian conditioned reflex.
If you search Oreo on the Internet, you will find that many friends are asking:
“Why is Oreo white and black? 」
“Why is Oreo bitter? 」
Behind this, of course, Oreo intended to do it.
Because of the generalization effect of Pavlovian stimulation, once people and animals learn to make conditioned reflex to a specific conditioned stimulus, other stimuli similar to the conditioned stimulus can also induce conditioned reflex. This is also the reason why we used to confuse the word “Ri” with the word “Yue” when we were young.
Therefore, if you want to improve the value perception of your product in the minds of consumers, you can make it look more like a popular food.
What does the Oreo black crust look like? I think you can see that it looks like chocolate.
After chocolate entered the United States in 1765, it was praised as “a healthy and nutritious dessert” by Benjamin Franklin. During the first World War, chocolate was also transported to the battlefield and distributed to soldiers as nutritional supplements.
Although there is not much cocoa in Oreo biscuit crust (about 4.6% defatted cocoa powder), it gives it the color and slightly bitter taste similar to chocolate, making it strongly associated with chocolate. People think it’s a chocolate product at a glance, and they think it’s made of chocolate as soon as they eat it, which gives it the same value cognition as chocolate on the psychological level.
Of course, the most noteworthy thing about Oreo is its casting of social currency.
The best proof is that Oreo wins in the pick of the same type of products.
Yes, Oreo is not the only chocolate sandwich biscuit in the world. However, for the public, when it comes to chocolate sandwich biscuits, they mostly think of Oreo.
But in fact, Oreo is not the pioneer of chocolate sandwich biscuits. It is even a kind of fake product, from packaging design to biscuit taste. It was born four years earlier than the American brand “hydrox” in 1908.
(right) Oreo, (left) comparison of package design of hydrox
(left) hydrox, (right) Oreo product details comparison
However, as the “original version”, hydrox had already exited the market in 2001. Although it made a comeback in 2015, the performance was still mediocre. As a “copycat version”, Oreo is still popular among young people all over the world.
Behind this, Oreo contributed a lot to the creation of social currency.
Everything is possible, Oreo
Super interaction creates super social currency
A good brand is a social currency.
Consumers buy products not only to use its functions, but also to let others see the brand they consume, so as to form their own class cognition.
It can be said that brand is a means for us to create inequality in a society of superficial equality. These consumer goods don’t have to be expensive, but they have to be highly identifiable.
How does Oreo create social currency?
First of all, it is the product design with high recognition and high memory.
1. Image recognition naming, catchy, everyone spread.
The ingenious design of Oreo can be seen from its name.
There have been jokes about Oreo’s name on the Internet so far.
Why didn’t you sell Oreo without sandwiches?
Yes, but not Oreo. Oreo.
On twitter, some people even play Oreo as an equation.
Nutrition is a science, not an attitude
Snacks are supposed to be pleasant, but before Oreo, the name of snacks was like a chemistry textbook. Hydrox is named after hydrogen and oxygen. Not only bad pronunciation, but also as profound as chemistry books.
Delta hydrox poster. Source: pinterest
Don’t be fooled by what looks like
Naming is an art. Only words with graphic recognition ability like “badge” can be remembered and spread by the public.
There are different opinions on the origin of Oreo. There is also an easy and interesting explanation for “gold” in French or “hill” in Greek: two O-shaped biscuits with cream, o-re-o. It’s not only lovely and vivid, but also catchy. Nature is more easily accepted and spread by the public.
2. Make the small biscuit plane become an information platform.
In addition to Lang Lang’s catchy brand name, Oreo’s intention in product details is also worth mentioning.
At the beginning, Oreo couldn’t compare with hydrox in terms of product details.
The pattern on the hydrox biscuit is strongly influenced by the European totem, which is very delicate and durable.
The leaflet of △ hydrox in 1921-1922: the petal shaped outline is dotted with six small flowers, and the European handwritten hydrox is carved in the middle of the floating branches and leaves.
In order to compete with the always exquisite hydrox, Oreo has made great efforts in design. From the rough “flower garden” in 1912, to the “turtledove” in 1924, and then to the “four leaf grass” in 1952, Oreo’s appearance has gone through three versions, and the Oreo font in the middle is becoming more and more mechanized, which can clearly show the change from simplicity to modernity.
The exterior design introduced by Oreo in 1912, 1924 and 1952. Photo source: the bakery
A series of Orio hand-painted design manuscripts have spread on the Internet. From the signature, we can guess that the designer is William A. Turner, an old employee who has worked in Nabisco company for 49 years.
Delta Orio design manuscript. Click to view the big picture
Image source: Indy week
The exquisite manuscript is just like the architectural design drawings, which makes people have to sigh. The original snack can also be regarded as a fine design as a work of art, and it is also as rigorous as the construction space.
There are two kinds of people’s consumption psychology, one is to meet the needs of life, the other is to show off themselves and upgrade the class. In the marketing process, every commodity represents a kind of meaning: “I am a charming person…”. Conspicuous consumption is universal and rooted in human nature.
If a brand wants to become a social currency, it must make people feel that buying it can promote and prove their class.
It is obvious that Oreo achieves this through high recognition and high memory product design, which makes people feel that buying Oreo is a tasteful thing. And let good design across the shackles of time, become a classic.
On the 75th anniversary of Oreo, New York Times critic Paul Goldberger wrote this praise for the final version of Oreo.
Oreo can be called a legend partly because of his taste and texture – a pleasant combination of soft, sweet cream and hard, crisp chocolate, but more because of its appearance. It represents a prototype, reminding people that biscuit design is as conscious as architectural design, and sometimes biscuit can be better.
The wonderful design of Oreo also seems to make its small biscuit an information communication platform, and even inspired many artists.
Works by artist Megan Atlanta using Oreo
Photo source: instagram (ID: megjoy)
3. A high sense of participation and interactive way of eating has become an “edible” toy for contemporary young people.
I don’t know if you have found that many people like to make Oreo as a dessert.
On the Internet, you can easily find a lot of Oreo menus. There are wonderful food re creation, but also countless dark dishes
Part of Oreo dark Food Show
Why do so many people like to cook with Oreo?
Behind this, we can’t do without Oreo’s inspiration for DIY.
Everyone must know the classic slogan of Oreo: “twist, lick, bubble”.
In the 1940s, Oreo salesmen found that many women like to eat Oreo separately. Therefore, on the basis of “twist” and “lick”, we have developed “twist” and “lick”.
Therefore, we will find that in the poster of Oreo in the 1940s, only “twist” and “lick” were written.
Female theme poster of Oreo’s early life. Photo source: pinterest
Photo source: pinterest
In the TV ads of the 1980s, Oreo began to be on the same screen with milk frequently. “Twist, lick, bubble” is finally taking shape.
The most successful point of Oreo is that it has guided this highly interactive eating method for many years, making “twist, lick, bubble” the unique ritual of Oreo. When this method of eating was first introduced, it also attracted the attention of academic circles. In 1981, emizlor Mosby Adler, a folklore researcher, wrote a special paper “creative eating: Oreo syndrome”. “Twist, lick, bubble” has also added an academic term “Oreo syndrome”.
Not only that, this highly interactive way of eating also started the “toy” process of Oreo biscuits.
So that on March 12, 2012, this “America’s most popular biscuit” came out 100 years ago, dark cuisine “Oreo rice” was born, sweeping Japan
Oreo rice, the black history of Japanese rice cooker
Oreo also keenly observed everyone’s interest in cooking with Oreo. Since then, he has launched many creative and interactive activities.
In 2015, Oreo launched the activity of “play Oreo and show new fun” in China, encouraging people to use their imagination, challenge Oreo’s creative new way of eating, and create their own Oreo innovative recipes.
4. Constantly cross the border, play with packaging and become a toy factory.
In addition, Oreo is also very good at bringing freshness to consumers by making articles on packaging.
In 2016, Oreo launched a Guinness challenge of “the world’s largest biscuit box coloring graffiti” on tmall super brand day, and launched six coloring packages that consumers can customize.
Choose your art
In 2017, Oreo launched a “music box” that uses biscuits to play music. Let the biscuits turn into “vinyl records”. When you put on the biscuits, you can play songs and change a song. 20000 music boxes are sold out instantly on tmall.
In 2018, Oreo upgraded the music box into a DJ stage that can play discs and compose music. It can not only switch different melodies according to the shape of biscuits, but also arbitrarily adjust the position and superimpose different melodies.
Oreo not only plays a flower in the food industry, but also with the help of cross-border with all kinds of brands, crossing the boundary of cookies to other fields, opening up more possibilities for a small cookie.
For example, Oreo used 10600 black-and-white sandwich biscuits to restore the Palace Museum.
Oreo & the Palace Museum
Oreo & the Palace Museum
When Oreo biscuits are built one by one into the Grand Palace Museum, you will find that Oreo biscuits can also play like building blocks. With this wonderful crossover, Oreo has further deepened its understanding of “toy” food, and provided a steady stream of playing methods and materials for its continuing to become the social currency of Contemporary young people.
Unchanging position and new material
Create super “edible” toys
World class entrepreneur and founder of 7-ELEVEN in Japan, Suzuki minwen once pointed out in his book retail psychological warfare:
A long-term and unchanging position is the foundation of innovation and management, but in the unchanging position, we should continue to add materials, continue to innovate, and keep customers fresh.
The more delicious things are, the more likely they are to get greasy. In order to meet the needs of customers, businesses must provide delicious food, but at the same time, it means that it is inevitable to develop “delicious to greasy” products.
In fact, businesses have to continuously launch “delicious to greasy” products to provide customers with “boring products” on a time level.
In fact, what Suzuki says about “products that are hard to get bored with” is products that have tolerance.
As we all know, Oreo aims at the young market. At the beginning, he defined the target group as young people. And young people, just like the fresh, easy to change the kind of people.
Throughout the whole development process of Oreo, it has been closely linked with the “unchanged position and new material”. Even though it hasn’t changed much in a hundred years, it’s still boring.
From the taste point of view, Oreo has always been innovative.
In addition to the classic original flavor in the market, there are countless flavors of products developed by Oreo. According to statistics, there are more than 40 flavors of products on sale in the U.S. market. For example, Swedish fish flavor, ramen flavor, fried chicken flavor As well as customized flavors for the Chinese market: guzao Hawthorn taste sweet and sour Shengjin, Zhenxiang green tea cake taste tea aroma, Chaoshi barbecue taste crisp outside and fresh inside
In terms of playing methods, with consumers paying more and more attention to experience today, Oreo not only achieves continuous experience output through various packaging designs, but also makes the product itself become the “edible” toy and the strongest social currency for contemporary young people through the stimulation of various playing methods, and continues to attract young people’s attention and consumption.
So why do many drinks choose to put Oreo crumbs?
There’s no other reason, because only Oreo is good enough to be delicious and eye-catching.
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