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What kind of venture capital opportunities does the compound condiment industry contain? |Foodplus × feii venture capital wind vane · sharing meeting

Feii venture capital wind vane · sharing meeting is an important online activity in feii community member activities. It is an online live activity with the theme of insight analysis on China’s food and beverage venture capital events, venture capital hotspots and important industry trends. It is shared by foodplus analysts, hoping to capture industry opportunities and operation rules through insight analysis of industry events.

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The third sharing session will start with compound condiments. Recently, giants have entered the market one after another. At the same time, many start-ups have frequently raised funds. These industry trends show that the activity of compound condiments market is extremely high, so it is very worthwhile to make an in-depth analysis of compound condiments.

In this venture capital wind vane activity, we will focus on the following aspects to share and insight:

In recent years, the market scale of compound condiment industry has grown rapidly. Will this trend continue in the future?

The logic of haitianwei, Jinlongyu and other condiments or grain and oil giants joining the complex condiments.

What is the market competition pattern of compound condiment industry?

The thinking and case analysis of how start-ups enter the market.

What is the investment logic of compound condiment industry? And what kind of investment opportunities are there?

Compound condiment is perhaps the most worthy of attention and layout in the condiment industry

Since its landing in the A-share market in 2014, Haitian’s revenue scale and market value have achieved a substantial growth, and the market value in the peak period is more than 600 billion yuan. With such a high growth, capital market also attracted more attention to condiment industry.


Throughout the domestic and foreign markets, leading condiment enterprises often have a long history of development, which is not only related to the properties and characteristics of condiment itself, but also related to the long-term accumulation of enterprises’ advantages. Although the domestic condiment industry presents a highly dispersed market pattern due to geographical and historical factors, there are still strong brands in the country and some regions, especially in the single condiment fields such as soy sauce, vinegar, oil consumption, cooking wine, etc.


In this context, it is undoubtedly a great challenge for the start-ups trying to enter the condiment industry.


However, since 2010, with the trend of domestic consumption upgrading, compound condiment has ushered in a period of rapid growth. Referring to the data of CICC, the CAGR of compound condiment market in 2010-19 was 14.9%, while the CAGR of single condiment market was 8.1%. By 2019, compound condiment has become the largest segment of condiments, accounting for 23.5%, but its penetration rate is still less than 20%. Compared with the penetration rate of more than 50% in Japan, the United States and other developed countries, there is still a large space for development in the future.


Compared with single condiment, compound condiment has many varieties, tastes and short product life cycle. For enterprises in the industry, they need to have the ability to conduct continuous new product R & D guided by consumer demand. Compared with the national channel network constructed by leading enterprises in the condiment industry and the cost advantage brought by scale effect, this ability is not the same It can’t be overstepped.


At the same time, the advantages of convenience and standardization of compound condiment are also conducive to attract young consumers with weak cooking technology and fast pace of life, making them an important consumer group in condiment market.


Therefore, single seasoning giants such as Haitian flavor industry and grain and oil giants such as golden dragon fish also began to lay out in the field of compound seasoning, and began to gradually increase the investment of resources. For example, Haitian flavor industry not only launched Chinese compound sauce, but also launched the product line of hotpot seasoning.


The single condiment giant and grain and oil giant enter the market, and the entrepreneurial and innovative companies rise, and begin to compete with the traditional compound condiment companies. Different types of compound condiment players have their own advantages and disadvantages, and also have their own market playing methods and paths. In general, the demand for core competence of the enterprises and the gradual change of consumer groups in the compound condiment industry provide awesome opportunities and soil for the team to start and invest in this field.


At the end of last month, the newly established compound condiment enterprise “add a little flavor”, which was established only half a year ago, got tens of millions of dollars of financing in Angel round, and the investors behind it were not lack of high-level venture capital and IDG. In addition, in 2020, companies such as Chengming food and bear drive to get financing, and start-up companies frequently get financing, which may also prove this point.

How to capture the opportunities of entrepreneurship and investment in the compound condiment market?

In this sharing meeting, we will comprehensively analyze the competition pattern of the compound condiment market, sort out the existing types of players in the current market, and outline their R & D clues and paths from the product dimension, so as to judge which market needs are not met, and how should start-ups enter the market? At the same time, we will also see the layout of giant enterprises such as Haitian and goldfish in the field of compound condiment. What’s their logic?


From the perspective of investment, in the past six months, in addition to adding some flavor, there are also compound condiment brands including Chengming food and Xiaoxiong Qiandao that have obtained investment in the primary market. What are the development status of these enterprises, what are their commonalities, what are the possible reasons for the layout of investment institutions, and what are the investment opportunities in the primary market in the future?

On March 18, our third feii venture capital wind vane sharing meeting will focus on the above topics one by one. This time, the sharer is San, an analyst of foodplus. San is a member of the foodplus research and analysis team. He was born in the early stage of primary market investment and master fund management. He is good at analyzing the company, structure and market judgment from the perspective of investment. Long term focus areas include: snacks, pet food, condiments and early investment in food and beverage.

Theme: what kind of venture capital opportunities does the compound condiment industry contain? Feii venture capital wind vane

Time: 20:00-21:30, March 18, 2021 (Thursday)

Form: Live Online

Shared by: San foodplus analyst

Price: 99 yuan / person (free for feii members)

Registration method: scan the poster QR code to enter the registration page directly

Note: Please fill in the questions you are most interested in the topic of compound condiment in the registration information

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