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Plan to increase the construction of milk source, Bright Dairy upgrade strategic layout

On March 16, 2021, the board of directors of Guangming Dairy Co., Ltd. held a meeting to examine and approve the relevant proposal of this non-public offering of a shares. The company intends to apply for raising funds through non-public offering of a shares. The scale of funds raised does not exceed 1.930 billion yuan, of which 1.355 billion yuan is used for the new project of 12000 head dairy farm in Suixi, Huaibei, and the construction of 10-year dairy farm in Zhongwei, A total of 575 million yuan was used to supplement the company’s working capital for the new project of 3000 dairy cattle breeding demonstration farm, the new project of 7000 dairy cattle breeding demonstration farm in Funan County, the new project of 2000 dairy cattle breeding demonstration farm in hachuan phase II, and the reconstruction and expansion project of national dairy core breeding farm (Jinshan dairy farm).


The objects of this non-public offering are no more than 35 specific investors including the controlling shareholder Guangming Food (Group) Co., Ltd., of which Guangming Food (Group) Co., Ltd. intends to subscribe for 51.73% of the actual number of a shares issued in this non-public offering, and the remaining shares are subscribed by other objects in cash. Therefore, this non-public offering will not change the control position of bright food group over Bright Dairy, and the control right of the company is still stable.

It is worth noting that, as the controlling shareholder of Bright Dairy, bright food (Group) Co., Ltd. participated in the non-public fixed increase, which shows bright food group’s confidence in the sustainable and healthy development of Listed Companies in the future, and reflects the strong support of controlling shareholders for the good development trend of listed companies.


It is the general idea and guiding principle of agricultural development in the 14th Five Year Plan period and even longer period to actively develop the cattle and sheep industry and implement the action of vitalizing the dairy industry. In recent years, the general office of the State Council, the Ministry of agriculture, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments have issued and issued a number of documents to support the development of the dairy industry, which has defined the status of the dairy industry in the national economy and the future development direction and goals of dairy products. Under the background of consumption upgrading and domestic and international double cycle economy, China’s dairy industry has ushered in an important opportunity for high-quality development. Consumers’ attention to nutrition and health has been increasing, and freshness has become the core standard for high-quality development of China’s dairy industry.

As a dairy enterprise with the largest market share of fresh milk in China, Bright Dairy continues to vigorously implement the fresh strategy and has a good performance in the field of low-temperature dairy products. As the builder and advocator of “freshness” in the industry, Bright Dairy innovates the industry and takes the lead in labeling the contents of immunoglobulin, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase on the packaging of bright premium fresh milk, striving to make consumers drink the nutrients in real fresh milk and contribute to the improvement of national nutrition and health.

In order to further participate in the new development pattern, Bright Dairy has always accelerated the pace of new layout in the country, and reached close cooperation with high-quality milk production base. In June last year, Guangming dairy industry chain project started in Zhongwei to accelerate the upgrading and development of dairy industry in Ningxia; in July last year, it joined hands with Yinbao group to establish Jiangsu Guangming Yinbao Dairy Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yinbao Guangming animal husbandry Co., Ltd. to respond to the national strategy of changsanjiao integration.

“Fresh” is not only the core strategy of Bright Dairy, but also the demand of the market. It is reported that the implementation of this non-public offering will eventually turn into the output of terminal dairy products, and then realize the growth of sales revenue, fully respond to the national policy support, and comply with the development trend of sustainable growth of the dairy industry in the future. The pasture projects funded by the fund-raising are all close to the company’s production bases. The raw milk supply covers the daily production needs of many of the company’s factories, which can effectively shorten the time for raw milk to be transported to the factory for production and processing, meet the growing demand for low-temperature milk in the market and the supply demand for other high-end dairy raw materials, and ensure the new development of bright dairy industry The upgrading implementation of the national layout of the fresh strategy further strengthens the company’s main business and improves the upgrading strategic layout.


2021 is the 110th anniversary of Bright Dairy history and the 70th anniversary of bright brand. As a century old dairy enterprise, Bright Dairy’s new products are featured with frequent highlights and cross-border innovation. It is praised by the market and consumers as “holding on to the classics and becoming a net star”.

At the beginning of the new year, Bright Dairy once again quickly “fire out of the circle”, with CCTV exclusive title “China in classics”, once broadcast, with unique thought penetration and artistic appeal directly to the people, widely praised by the audience, known as the “fairy variety show”. Bright brand has been constantly surpassing for a long time. Behind this is the unchanging original intention of bright dairy industry, which is to connect the spiritual world of consumers with product feelings. While strengthening the brand tonality, it also increases the way of communication with consumers, so as to create a national fashion model with bright way.

The year of the ox is bright. This plan highlights the confidence of Guangming dairy industry in upgrading strategic layout, increases the construction of milk source, and starts a new development journey. In the year of the ox, Bright Dairy is full of strength. Centering on the theme of high-quality development, we will deepen the supply side structural reform, continue reform and innovation, and use more high-quality products to meet the people’s growing needs for a better life.

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