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Feihe’s revenue last year was 18.593 billion yuan. Nestle ice cream launched a new brand, Yuanqi forest took a stake in beer, Danone Meiji cooperated to promote new milk powder products, and Starbucks will test water cold pressing for espresso

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Last year’s revenue of China Feihe reached 18.593 billion yuan (company announcement)

This evening, China Feihe, a milk powder manufacturer, announced its performance in 2020, showing that it achieved revenue of 18.593 billion yuan last year, an increase of 35.5%. The net profit was 7.438 billion yuan, an increase of 89%.

Fortune has announced that China’s 50 most influential business leaders, Zhong Qiong, Qu Cuirong, Wang Jingying and Zhang Jiayin, are on the list

Fortune Chinese announced yesterday that among the 50 most influential business leaders in China, Nongfu Shanquan Zhong ranked 15th, yum China Qu Cuirong ranked 27th, Starbucks Wang Jingying ranked 28th and McDonald’s zhangjiayin ranked 34th. yes

Nestle ice cream launches new sub brand yuexinyi (company news)

On the 16th,

Riqing’s mainland business revenue increased by 17.5% last year (company news)

Riqing food ( earned 20.3% to 252 million yuan more last year, with a net interest rate of 8.6%, up 0.5 percentage points from the previous year. In terms of business in mainland China, revenue increased by 17.5% to 1.758 billion yuan last year, the third consecutive year of double-digit growth.

Yuanqi forest affiliated company shares in Bishan beer (business information)

According to industrial and commercial information, on March 16, Shanghai Bishan Beer Co., Ltd. changed its industrial and commercial structure, adding Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. as a shareholder. Established in April 2020, Shanghai Bishan Beer Co., Ltd. covers food business, information consulting services, technical services, technology development and promotion, wholesale and retail of stationery, sales of general merchandise, retail of daily necessities, etc. According to shareholder information, Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. is the third largest shareholder of the company, with a shareholding ratio of about 25%.

Real control of life change, St Portugal management structure or meet the change (Beijing News)

Today, Tonghua wine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “St Tongpu”), which was suspended due to “no announcement of important matters”, issued a suggestive announcement on the change of shareholders’ equity and the proposed change of actual controller in the afternoon, saying that Yin Bing planned to transfer the control right of St Tongpu due to the change of personal career direction, and Wu Yuhua and Chen Xiaoqi were not satisfied with the operation of beverage consumer goods and e-commerce sales The channel has full interest, and plans to obtain the control right of St Tongpu by means of equity transfer, voting right entrustment, non-public offering of shares subscription, secondary market increase, etc.

Children’s food brand “Xiao Huang Xiang” completed tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton news today, children’s food brand “Xiao Huang Xiang” has completed tens of millions of Yuan Angel round of financing, and the investor of this round is Zhenge fund. Wang Yi, founder of xiaohuangxiang, told 36 krypton that this round of funds will be mainly used for category expansion, global supply chain integration and market promotion.

“Guangliang liquor” completed several hundred million yuan of round a and round B financing, hillhood venture capital and Bai led investment (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton news today, the new Baijiu brand “Michael Wong liquor” has completed several hundred million yuan A and B round of financing in 2020, including A rounds from high position venture capital, XVC and wild capital; B round is jointly invested by high alley venture capital, BAI capital, XVC overrun, and Anke capital is a financial adviser. At the beginning of its establishment in 2018, the company received Angel round investment from Dawang capital.

Goubuli’s response to the cancellation of its company: the operation fails to meet the expectation, close down and cancel (Sina Finance)

Today, Goubuli Group Co., Ltd. micro signal “Goubuli” released a situation note, saying that Wuqing branch of Goubuli catering chain of the group, whose industrial and commercial registration name is Tianjin Goubuli Catering Management Co., Ltd., decided to close and cancel the store because its business failed to meet expectations, rather than “Tianjin Goubuli cancellation” and “Goubuli resolution dissolution”. Goubuli restaurant chain Wuqing is located in weinidou, Wuqing District, Tianjin, covering an area of 383 square meters.

Small pot tea becomes official tea for Boao Forum for Asia in 2021 (company news)

According to the official public today, the official account of the Boao tea forum was 20th anniversary, the China tea forum, and the official tea of the Boao forum for Asia in 2021.

Danone board sets up a committee to select new CEO (Figaro)

According to Figaro today,

Danone updates the arrangements for the appointment of new directors (company announcement)


Due to the company’s future needs, the board of directors decided to suspend and reconsider the immediate appointment of new members, so the originally planned nominations for Ariane Gorin and Susan Roberts would not be submitted to the shareholders’ meeting, Danone said today. To this end, Danone will only propose the renewal of the terms of office of Guido Barilla, C é cile Cabanis, Michel Landel and serpi timuray at the 2021 general meeting of shareholders, and will approve the decision of the board of directors to elect Gilles Schnepp as a director in December 2020.

Danone cooperates with Meiji to launch Foodbev

Danone announced that it will cooperate with Meiji to develop a new form of product, and etamet will launch a new infant formula in the form of pre measured tablets, according to foreign media yesterday. The product combines Danone formula with Meiji’s production technology and is said to be the first of its kind in the UK.

Pepsi Cola to launch new series of mountain road energy drinks (CNBC)

According to foreign media today, Pepsi Cola’s brand Mountain Dew will launch a new series of energy drinks with six flavors, aiming to attract energy drink lovers and new consumers who usually drink coffee and juice. The product has about the same caffeine content as two cups of coffee, and contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements.

Starbucks will test cold pressed espresso and plan to open a sustainable roaster (CNBC) in China next year

Starbucks plans to start testing cold pressed espresso in some stores by the end of 2021, foreign media reported today. The company is also planning to open one of the first batch of sustainable roasting plants in China next year, and has set aside 150 million US dollars (about 974 million yuan) for investment in the project.

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50 new national food safety standards including infant formula released (Beijing News)

According to the official website of the National Health Commission, recently, according to the provisions of the food safety law, the National Health Commission and the General Administration of market supervision jointly issued the No. 3 Announcement of 2021, releasing 50 new national food safety standards and 4 amendments. The released standards mainly include: infant formula (GB 10765-2021) and other three nutrition and special food standards, cheese (GB 5420-2021) and one food product standard, food additive sodium carbonate (GB 1886.1-2021) and other 38 food additive quality specification standards, and tableware centralized disinfection hygiene standard (GB 31651-2021) Four test methods and procedures standards, including the standard of “standard for the determination of total acids in food” (GB 12456-2021), and four amendment sheets, including the amendment sheet No. 1 of “limits of pollutants in food” (GB 2762-2017). The formulation and revision of the above national food safety standards comply with the provisions of laws and regulations, fully consider the health rights and interests of the masses, take into account the development needs of the food industry, refer to the relevant international laws and regulations and common practices, and fully solicit the opinions of all sectors of the society in the process of standard formulation and revision, and report to the WTO.

32 people arrested in Shanghai Police’s case of illegal weight loss food (21st century business report)

In March 11, 2021, the Pudong police successfully cracked a production and sale of prohibited ingredients (sibutramine) in the diet category, and arrested 32 suspect, 26 year old woman and 26 year old woman, Zhou Mou and 30 year old women, who had been arrested by the police according to law. According to Shangguan news reporter, the 30-year-old woman Guo mentioned in the police circular is Guo Meimei who was released from prison on July 13, 2019. At present, the case is under further investigation.

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