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It’s not easy to dominate children’s snacks

A6021 “a6301 brands need to use the first generation of consumers to influence their next generation.

how much does a child spend each month in the family? Nearly 90% of families are between 1000 and 5000 yuan. The upgrading of consumption concept and people’s increasing attention to health have pushed “children’s economy” into a rolling wave. Among them, what babies eat into their mouths should not only satisfy their appetite, but also be nutritious and healthy. The higher and higher industry threshold of
, instead of persuading players, has attracted e-commerce brands and traditional enterprises to focus on children’s snacks.
from steamed bread, hawthorn slices to yogurt beans, cheese biscuits, faced with homogenization problems and the pressure of domestic and foreign enterprises to compete for the market, who can win the children’s snack track, is still a common expectation of consumers and practitioners.
please parents before selling snacks for children

Two years and 09 months of joy, the source of happiness every day comes from piggy page, Wang Wang Li Da Gong and a package of wangzi steamed buns.
two or three bags that are always available at home are often used as rewards. But more often, they need to buy at any time. “Almost any convenience store or small supermarket can buy Wangzai steamed bread. There is no need to stock up or worry about the channel.” Yueyue said to her mother.
a yuan a small packet of Wangzai steamed bread has the right amount and most of the shopping channels, so it is one of the first choices for many parents to give their children snacks.
Yueyue’s mother told us that when choosing snacks for children, children like them on the one hand, but more importantly, parents should trust the brand and products enough. “What children eat into their mouths is not a bit careless. If we don’t rely on big brands, we don’t dare to choose easily.”
some parents of children around Yueyue’s mother share the same idea. Although they can see the promotion of many emerging children’s snack brands under the promotion of some mother and child care KOL, they often don’t pay too much attention to such products.
for them, it is a huge and laborious task to re understand the background, product composition and production qualification of a new brand.
Parents are more willing to give their children big brand snacks A631
Referring to the children’s snack product lines set up by Internet brands such as liangpin shop and three squirrels, parents including Yueyue mother said: “we generally don’t choose OEM products. Food quality control is a big problem.” Yueyue’s mother said that the quality scandals of Internet snack brands every so often dissuade her to a certain extent.

and some diligent parents even feel at ease to control their baby’s snacks in their own hands. For example, small snacks such as yoghurt beans, shrimp slices, preserved fruits and seaweed are not complicated for parents, but also reassuring enough.
“although children’s snacks are given to children, the most important thing is to get parents’ approval first. What parents care about most is not the packaging, name and fame, but food safety.” Yueyue mother mentioned, “it’s not that the Internet snack brand is really bad. It’s just that the cost and risk are too high. We will try our best to avoid it.”
this point has also been verified in the white paper on children’s snacks market survey issued by China non-staple food circulation association in 2020. According to the data, 63.5% of the parents of the post-80s and post-90s pay more attention to the natural, healthy and non added products when buying children’s snacks, while 60.3% of the parents pay more attention to the nutrition, ingredients, formula, shelf life and brand of the products.
in the past year, children’s snack track has become a rich mine for old food companies, Internet snack brands and many start-ups. But the fact that people are adding fuel and the capital level is hot does not completely mean that the bond of trust with consumers has been firm.
, as a track that needs long-term cultivation, brands entering the children’s snack industry may face more challenges.

inverted pyramid family structure promotes industry explosion
“The outbreak of children’s snack industry is closely related to the upgrading of food consumption structure and the evolution of parents’ parenting concept.” An Internet observer believes that the current hot children’s snack industry is the general trend.
in fact, in 2020 alone, liangpin shop, baicaowei and three squirrels, the three giants of Internet snacks, launched children’s snack brands “liangpin xiaoshixian”, “Tong’an children” and “Xiaolu Lanlan”.
simultaneously locate children’s snacks, but they have different emphases in different dimensions. For example, “liangpin xiaoshixian” has opened a new store separately, covering seaweed, biscuits, candy, fish intestines, cheese, and even mom’s snacks; “Xiaolu Lanlan” is also operated as an independent sub brand, emphasizing more refined classification from the aspects of functionality, meal partner, nutrition and high calcium; “Tong’an children” is still in baicaowei banner Ship store sales, the current category only hawthorn, shrimp cake.
it is worth mentioning that the “big three” have roughly two ideas in the design of children’s snacks: one is to make adult snacks childlike, and change them in terms of composition, formula and packaging; the other is to start from children’s needs. Either way, they are faced with the problem of homogenization and routine. As for how to jump out of the original product base, and then innovate more in line with the needs of the audience, the same is to find a breakthrough in differentiation. A 6031 Lucilla, a member of China Marketing Department of a world-famous cheese brand, through years of research in the field of Chinese children’s snacks, found that the core publicity points of domestic children’s snacks are the basic elements beneficial to children’s growth, including the concepts of less sugar, less salt, dietary fiber, high protein, high calcium, multiple vitamins, probiotics and so on.
“on the whole, the domestic children’s snack enterprises are still continuing the product R & D achievements and direction of European and American countries, and are making adjustments, with less leading and innovation in the real sense. In China, there are many classic cases of taste, packaging and marketing (IP cooperation) worth learning. ” Lucilla indicated the zinc scale. Facing the breakthrough of the “big three” in the field of children’s snacks, Lucilla mentioned that this is related to the development trend of the whole society. “With the emergence of the inverted pyramid family structure, children’s products are bound to be an industry with higher premium space, and so is the snack industry. At the same time, in order to increase the subdivision category, increase the SKU of the existing products, expand the market, maintain and expand the product line and share, it is necessary to bring forth the new through the old. ”
is true. According to tmall data, since 2019, the sales of children’s snacks across the country have shown an explosive growth. Therefore, not only the Internet snack e-commerce keenly smell the business opportunities of this treasure land, many traditional enterprises have also increased the children’s snack track.
Many animation IP also began to launch children’s snacks A631
New hope, golden gong, Jianhe or acquisition, or launch of new brands, the continuous influx of players, so that children’s snack track temperature all the way up. Just under the hot market appearance, consumers are still looking forward to truly diversified and healthy children’s snacks, and practitioners are also looking forward to who will lead the trend next.

from meeting demand to creating demand, the trend of formula upgrading is obvious

With the upgrading of consumption and the impact of the epidemic, health and hygiene are becoming more and more important for Chinese consumers, and their consumption concept is becoming more and more professional and rational.
according to the estimation of Huayin capital, the market size of children’s snacks is expected to reach 21 billion US dollars in 2023, about 150 billion yuan. From the perspective of growth rate, children’s snacks are expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of 13.7% in the next five years, which is higher than the compound annual growth rate of leisure snacks of 7.8% in the next five years. On the one hand, the standard of children’s snacks is more strict than other foods, and the advantage of differentiation has not been highlighted.
at present, popular candy, biscuit and puffed food are still the main snacks for children on the market, and the product definition is vague. However, with the improvement of health awareness, the category and quality of children’s snacks should be improved and iterated accordingly.
Overseas children’s snack brand
“Getting involved in children’s snacks or healthy snacks is an important performance of an enterprise in the upgrading of production technology and quality. For example, an enterprise with the qualification of medical and health products can produce daily necessities, which is more reliable. For the next generation of consumers, they need to use their old brands to influence the quality of the first generation. ” Lucilla said.

Lucilla also mentioned that the three squirrels, liangpin shop and other brands participate in the competition in the way of seeking the cooperation of acting factories. The advantage is that the asset light model can improve the flexibility of the enterprise’s organizational structure, but the disadvantages such as serious homogenization, easy plagiarism, no independent production or product patent are also very obvious. In fact, based on Lucilla’s many years of experience in the field of snacks, she believes that the competition of children’s snack track focuses on raw materials and marketing. Raw materials test the R & D technology of enterprises, and can not be faked. And marketing tests brand influence and strategic breakthrough, from meeting demand to creating demand, and using products to meet them to lead the market.
as for the current children’s snack market, formula upgrading is a major trend, many foreign brands have begun to control the amount of additives as the research and development direction.
“the quality of most foreign brands is still higher, while there are certain loopholes in the quality and publicity of domestic brands. At present, there are still many domestic brands looking for processing factories overseas to enter China under the name of original import, so consumers should recognize the brand when they buy imported food. ”
for a long time in the past, children’s snacks are almost equal to junk food. Because of the uneven quality, some enterprises produce according to adult standards and sacrifice good raw materials to reduce costs, children’s tolerance, ability to expel and the need to develop healthy eating habits have not been paid attention to. The influx of giants and new forces may increase the degree of homogeneous competition, but it may also promote enterprises to work harder in R & D and marketing. Whether the track on the tuyere can let the players take off depends on the level of their hard power.
Author: Xing Wan; source: zinc scale (ID: znkedu), reprint authorized. Joining the community: Cherry (wechat: 15240428449); business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246). It is recommended to read the secret selection column of quality original plant protein beverage, NMN and Mengniu’s top 8 new take away packaging brands to maintain their vitality. One week’s hot news, innovation interview, lingting, new Xiu brand, trend insight, packaging outpost fbic 2021 , food people are “watching”

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