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JUNLEBAO enters children’s cheese stick Market! He also said that he would enter the first camp of cheese in five years

In January this year, JUNLEBAO took a low-key stake in Scrooge Food Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a cheese manufacturer.

A few days ago, JUNLEBAO held a new product launch in Tianjin, announcing its Zengcong formula cheese stick, which is also the group’s first cheese product. Xiaoshidai noticed that an upgraded version of Scrooge children’s formula cheese stick was also launched at the press conference, which comprehensively improved the original product formula.

Double brand operation

It is understood that JUNLEBAO, who has just entered the cheese category, now adopts a dual brand operation mode. On the one hand, with the help of the market advantages and operation experience of the original rose cheese yogurt, JUNLEBAO takes the opportunity to expand the product matrix and launch rose cheese bar formula for children.

JUNLEBAO disclosed last year that JUNLEBAO, as the first cheese yogurt in the market, has sold 1 billion packs of cheese yogurt in the past two years, accounting for 84% of the cheese yogurt Market.

On the other hand, with the joining of JUNLEBAO group, skrjee children’s cheese product line has been comprehensively upgraded.

According to the data, the newly listed “Zengcong” formula and high-end boxed series of “zengcongla cheese stick” meet the basic nutrition of high calcium and high protein, at the same time, add DHA algal oil and Ara oil to help children’s intelligence and optic nerve develop well “.

At the same time, the upgraded version of Scrooge cheese stick series products on the market also added vitamin A, vitamin D and other nutrients on the basis of the original formula, as well as Bifidobacterium lactis, which can be used in infant food, “help the growth of bones and teeth, enhance immunity and balance intestinal flora”.

In order to meet the health concerns of the market and consumers, the whole range of cheese bars such as rose cheese bar and Scrooge cheese bar are reduced by 50% sucrose. At the same time, the two series of cheese products also cooperate with CCTV Animation group “new big head son and small head father”, hoping to use this one card image to quickly enter and expand the market.

So, what’s the origin of Scrooge who won JUNLEBAO’s favor? According to the industrial and commercial information of xiaoshidai, skq Food Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. invested by JUNLEBAO was established on April 11, 2019. According to the official website of Scrooge, the company’s sales of children’s formula cheese sticks will increase by more than 600% in 2020.

Open up a new version of the map

Through the development in recent years, JUNLEBAO group has made layout and development in low-temperature liquid milk, infant milk powder, normal temperature liquid milk and animal husbandry. At the same time, it has put forward the goal of entering the top three or the first camp in many fields.

According to the data, as of 2019, JUNLEBAO’s low-temperature yogurt market share has ranked the top three in the country, and the group’s milk powder production and sales also reached 75000 tons, more than 100 million cans, with a year-on-year growth of 62%.

At the same time, the group began to lay out the whole industry chain early, and at the same time of investing heavily in the self built milk source, it also entered the pasture planting link last year.

In January last year, JUNLEBAO group released its latest five-year plan, proposing to become a “leading brand of infant milk powder in the world, and low-temperature yogurt should be the first in China” within five years.

Behind JUNLEBAO’s new layout of cheese category is the rapid development of domestic cheese industry.

According to Euromonitor International data, the market size of China’s cheese industry has increased from 403 million yuan in 2004 to 6.549 billion yuan in 2018, with a CAGR of 22.04%. In a research report last year, Kaiyuan securities also pointed out that in recent years, among various categories of dairy products, the scale growth of the leading cheese industry still maintained a rapid growth of about 15%.

The new cheese category, JUNLEBAO also appears ambitious.

The group revealed that it has set up a cheese R & D team in Shanghai and will make great efforts to lay out the national market in the future. It also put forward a new goal of striving to be the first camp of cheese categories within five years. In addition, JUNLEBAO is speeding up the layout of a cheese factory with an annual output value of about 1 billion, and is expected to be completed and put into operation within this year.

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