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Strive to be the blood returning agent for urban women after work, the army of slightly drunk fruit wine is coming~

is striving to be the blood returning agent for urban women after work, and slightly drunk fruit wine products are constantly occupying a larger blue ocean market.

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Fruit wine is made by natural fermentation of the juice of mature fruit. The alcohol in fruit wine is produced by natural fermentation of fruit, and its content mainly varies from 5% to 15%. With the development of technology, the production of fruit wine has become more and more flexible. With its pleasant flavor and refreshing aroma, it is more and more popular among consumers, especially among female consumers.
According to the data of the 2021 tmall New Year’s festival, the number of orders for the preparation of wine and fruit wine during the new year’s festival rose by nearly 120% over the same period of last year. The sales growth, the number of buyers and the number of orders of low alcohol wine represented by Rio exceeded 150%. It can be seen that with the prosperity of low alcohol wine market, the continuous innovation of fruit wine categories and the change of consumers’ consumption habits, fruit wine has gradually grown into a potential stock in this track.
So, what are the driving factors behind the rapid growth of fruit wine category, and what are the dazzling stars born in recent years? From the perspective of product innovation, where can fruit wine develop?
Fruit wine categories become popular
Women become the main force of consumption in the first tier cities
According to the “2020 fruit wine innovation trend report” released by tmall new product innovation center, as of November 2020, the growth rate of plum wine was 90%, the growth rate of premixed cocktails and fruit wine was 50%, and behind the category growth was the growth of nearly 70% buyers.
According to cbndata’s “wine consumption insight report for young people 2020” (hereinafter referred to as “wine consumption report”), both the number of consumers and the per capita consumption level, the post-90s and post-95s consumers show a sustained growth, and the per capita consumption growth rate of post-95s is the fastest. Behind these crazy growth of people, there is a force that can not be ignored, that is, the rapid rise of female consumer power.
Photo source: insight report on 2020 young people’s drinking consumption
According to the statistics of tmall New Year’s festival, more than 60% of the consumers who buy fruit wine are women; in terms of age, the post-90s account for the largest proportion of fruit wine, accounting for 45%; followed by the post-85, accounting for more than 20%. Women living in the first tier cities, including cutting-edge white-collar workers, exquisite mothers and post-95 generation, are becoming the main consumers of fruit wine and premixed wine.
Photo source: tmall new product innovation center “2020 fruit wine innovation trend report”
For them, fruit wine with good taste and high color value is their first choice to set off the atmosphere in all kinds of social occasions; for alcoholics, fruit wine can achieve the effect of slight drunkenness to release pressure, but also not to the “top”; for ordinary consumers, fruit wine can also be used as a soft drink substitute and atmosphere, invading hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, group building and friends gathering And other consumption scenarios.
So, in the past year or two, how many fruit wine brands have sprung up in the Chinese market, and what are their respective advantages? What’s the difference?
Packaging + taste + marketing
Trinity aiming at female consumer market
1. Packaging should be bright
Berry sweetheart is a very representative brand of cutting-edge female fruit wine, which was established in 2019. At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, it clearly divided the female target groups and designed products around the various consumption scenarios of women. The first product launched by the brand is fruit wine. The design of its small square bottle makes it stand out among a lot of fruit wine products, which can be said to attract consumers at the first time.
Photo source: Berry sweetheart
Tang Huimin, former director of Rio e-commerce and founder of berry sweetheart, believes: “since low alcohol liquor products are designed for female consumers, we must understand them and be able to” wake up “users.” In an interview, she also analyzed the three characteristics of women’s drinking from the perceptual level: self-confidence in appearance, comfortable taste and emotional freedom.
Women’s unremitting pursuit of beauty drives more and more women brands to spend more effort on packaging. At present, on the market by high value packaging eye-catching fruit wine products have been countless, dazzling. According to the data in xiaohongshu, there are as many as 70000 + Notes on women’s wine, and the number of views has exceeded 100 million. Among them, tags with high face value and suitable for girls have become hot spots, from which we can see the importance of product packaging.
Photo source: Little Red Book
In addition to all kinds of packaging melee, innovative forms of fruit wine emerge one after another, and the categories are subdivided again.
Last year, jianghuguai launched bagged smoothie fruit wine, focusing on “pocket fruit wine that can be eaten frozen”, adding a new color to the innovative form of this category. The packaging of this wine is a rare nitrogen filled fresh-keeping bag in the industry. It stands out in a number of glass bottles and can be called “a new species in the sweet wine industry”! Not only that, this new packaging also has unique functional advantages.
Nitrogen filled fresh-keeping bag packaging can not only firmly lock the flavor and aroma of fruit wine, but also solve the problem that traditional bottled wine can not be drunk at a time and is not easy to preserve. One bag at a time can be opened and enjoyed. And if you put it in the refrigerator for freezing, you can unlock the fruit wine in the form of sand ice. You can not only drink it directly, but also drink it with a few exclusive cocktails of frozen sand mixed with soft drinks and ice DIY.
2. Break the homogeneity and choose the right brand tone
In the face of similar fruit wine products, how to break the homogenization has become a new brand need to seriously consider the problem. Not only should the packaging and taste win the hearts of female consumers, but choosing the right brand tone is also important.
In addition to the general fruit based wine, the fruit wine track also emerged a “focus on national style” player – drop drink. Falling drinking means “sunset drinking”, positioning “Guofeng tea and fruit wine”, and focusing on female consumers aged 20-35. In less than two months, it has launched six flavors with national characteristics: Dahongpao grapefruit, Dianhong pickled plum, Dancong peach, Dianhong rose, jasmine litchi and queshechunjian, which perfectly mix and match with “tea” elements.
Photo source: Luoyin
With the innovation of “fruit + tea + wine” and national style packaging, and its unique mellow and dense taste, Luoyin has successfully established its own differentiation barrier and quickly gathered a large number of young women supporters on the social platform.
Photo source: Luoyin
Therefore, in addition to using eye-catching packaging and innovative taste to improve product competitiveness, choosing a new brand tone to capture specific consumer groups is also a new idea of brand innovation.
3. Marketing hotspots correspond to consumption scenarios
Because of the variability of the lifestyle of young consumers, the wine consumption scene will become more personalized and private. According to the report on wine consumption, fruit wine, mixed wine and liqueur have become the top alcohol consumption preferences of the post-90s and post-95s, and light drinking has become a good “self-healing” prescription for the younger generation.
Photo source: 2020 young people’s wine consumption insight Report
In terms of marketing hot spots for women’s consumer market, Rio slightly drunk, as the head brand of premixed cocktail, has also made a full score demonstration.
In May last year, Rio and brand spokesperson Zhou Dongyu shot an atmosphere advertising film “walking in the rain”. In the short film, Zhou Dongyu sits alone at the windowsill listening to the intermittent spring rain. The breeze bursts, and his time alone is as good as the sound of the wind chime~
Subtitle slowly hit “slightly drunk, is to give yourself back.” It skillfully and appropriately creates the consumption scene of Rio’s slightly drunk products, and shows the extremely relaxed and decompressed pleasure state when slightly drunk, which perfectly fits the product concept – “one’s little wine”.
Photo source: Rio micro s
Also focusing on the decompression time of urban women after work, there is Suntory’s well-known premix brand – holleyoi. Zhong Chuxi, the spokesman of the brand, interprets the comfort of being alone in the “cozy blockbuster”, and feels the different experience brought by slight drunkenness with taste buds and emotions.
Photo source: horoyoi
In addition to the “drinking alone” which is recognized and sought after by most young consumers, this track is also not lack of products focusing on other scene consumption.
Since its establishment in 2014, bingqingmei wine has been focusing on the single category of Qingmei wine. The original fruit fermented Qingmei wine makes the fruit wine taste moderate sour and sweet. Compared with the soaked plum wine, the fruit aroma is more rich and hierarchical.
Image source: ice blue
In addition, Bingqing also created a new consumption scene of fruit wine – “table wine”. Focusing on the hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot scene, which accounts for 22% of China’s 4 trillion yuan scale catering, we have established cooperation with many hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot brands to combine “meal” and “drink” more effectively. This practice not only provides excellent reasons for consumers to consume fruit wine, but also promotes the overall consumption upgrading of the catering industry. It can be said that the fruit wine products “another shortcut” successfully broke the circle of another life moving case.
Image source: Bingqing
It has to be said that in the face of new consumers and the rapidly changing market, many brands have poured into this track, but unfortunately, it is still in a state of no product. However, we still have reason to be optimistic about this category and the sparks from its collision with “her economy”.
According to the wine consumption report, the four key words of young people’s wine consumption are diversified segmentation, trendy taste, sweet fruit flavor and healthy slight drunkenness, while low degree slight drunkenness fruit wine can fit almost every consumption trend.
Photo source: 2020 young people’s wine consumption insight Report
In 2021, the new trend of liquor consumption is becoming younger, trendier and lower. Under the pressure of life, young people who choose to live alone or at home prefer to drink alone to complete private healing. Wine is replacing soft drinks like Baijiu, beer and carbonic acid, and becomes a new drink for dining, social gatherings and outdoor scenes. The following new alcohol lifestyle is also gradually subverting the bad habit of “persuading alcohol” in the traditional wine table.
It can not only relax the taste of fruit, but also make people less uncomfortable. In addition, high value packaging can also be used to “send circle of friends”, coronating the ritual sense of ordinary life.
Photo source: white paper on alco pop category culture of Chinese young people’s low tide drinking
At present, although the product of tiny drink wine accounts for only 0.3% of China’s trillion beverage market share, its growth rate is far higher than that of Baijiu, beer and wine, showing a good growth momentum in the whole liquor market.
In this regard, the white paper on alco pop category culture of Chinese young people’s low tide drinking points out that although slightly drunk drinks are accompanied by benign trends such as category upgrading and strong consumers’ willingness to try, there are still problems such as poor brand stickiness, which requires brands to continuously speed up their own innovation speed and expand new channels.
In 2021, will there be more wine brands that insist on bringing forth new products and meet consumers’ demands for more diversified experience? We look forward to it together.
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