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“DIY snacks” may trigger the next wave of leisure food

I don’t know when, DIY snacks have appeared on the market. For example, Yili’s breakfast cup has mellow milk below and nutritious cereal on top. You just need to mix the two to get a delicious breakfast full of protein. Moreover, Yili breakfast cup focuses on “sleeping ten minutes more”, takes the current urban white-collar workers as the entry point, and radiates to more circles by virtue of the topic degree, so as to open a precise road for product sales.
In this fast-paced era, convenient and fast food immediately attracted a number of consumers. And “DIY snacks” frequently appear in the vision of consumers, causing the attention of many people in the industry, “DIY snacks” also seems to become one of the hot consumption trends.


Upgrade and innovation of DIY snacks
DIY snacks have absolutely no limitations, and its innovation and upgrading are continuous. Especially this year, DIY snacks are particularly popular, including milk dates, yoghurt Hawthorn balls and so on. In fact, all these can be DIY. It seems that this year, “everything can be DIY”. Among them, innovation and upgrading are indispensable. “At present, the post-90s and post-00s gradually become the main force of consumption. The post-90s and post-00s like to highlight themselves, pursue customization, and like to buy products with their own characteristics. Individual customization of food, that is DIY snacks, is likely to become another mainstream trend in the future. “
Recently, Hankou No.2 factory launched a new product “Hei Leng” jelly soda, which is composed of double taste of jelly and soda. You can enjoy the fun created by yourself by shaking before drinking. DIY has its own unique taste. The product specially adopts large caliber bottle type, hoping to make consumers enjoy themselves. The first wave of “Hei Leng” has entered South China 7-Eleven, Zhongbai Rosen, South China family, East China family and national box horse. Other convenience stores and stores have also been launched one after another, and the market response is very good.
As well as in the nood’s new product, low-fat and low calorie energy ball, consumers can use the raw and auxiliary materials in each package to roll, DIY to make their own energy ball. The snack combines jujube, coconut, cocoa and other ingredients in a package, allowing you to roll your own energy ball. Consumers can create nutritious, healthy and personalized recipes for themselves. This snack can also be eaten during the fitness period, including for children. By moving your fingertips, you can create your own recipes and make interesting energy balls with different shapes.
Nestle xufuji’s natural eater green bite is a brand of healthy snacks that can be customized. DIY snack box for natural diners, you only need to open the small program and enter the personalized customization topic, you can customize your own personalized snacks, and the calories of each box of snacks are less than 100 calories. If you are puzzled about how to choose, natural diners also have a good matching theme. For example, there is a customized “aunt does not panic” snack box for girls, and a “coach” focusing on fitness crowd Also love to eat “theme, there are children’s fun snack box designed for the baby. Oreo biscuit has been committed to building a good interaction with consumers. Previously, the biscuit DIY was launched, which can engrave its favorite numbers and characters’ faces on biscuits. It is reported that this service needs to be reserved in advance on the official website. The advantages of being interesting and suitable for various occasions make the sales volume of DIY snacks both offline and online very considerable.


Build a variety of consumption scenarios and grasp the mainstream consumers
Through the observation of the market, it can be seen that offline channels are still crucial for leisure snacks, and traditional channels such as supermarkets and convenience stores still have unique advantages for leisure snacks. On the one hand, although the rise of online shopping has a certain impact on it, leisure snacks are still focused on offline shopping, so that you can touch and understand the products at the first time. “It will increase consumers’ desire to buy offline.” Said Zhang Tao, general manager of Tianjin Lecheng Xinfeng Trading Co., Ltd. Now you often see some offline DIY snack experience stores on the market. The consumers are mainly young people. During holidays, especially special festivals such as Valentine’s day and Christmas, the passenger flow will increase sharply. The significance of DIY snacks lies in the construction of offline + online consumption scenarios, grasping consumers’ consumption psychology and giving consumers a better sense of shopping experience.
New trends and elements are constantly emerging. As GUI bin, general manager of Yingtan Guijia Brothers Trading Co., Ltd., said, the leisure snack market will never be “saturated”. A steady stream of products and changing consumer groups will always promote the healthy development of the leisure snack market. The spring of DIY snacks is coming, and all kinds of products are in full bloom. I believe that with the joint efforts of manufacturers, distributors and terminals, DIY snacks market will be more brilliant.
Source: Snack express original reprint authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Shi Yang editor: Song Guanchu

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