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Dry goods | 2021 food packaging label design trend, all here!

It is not easy to predict the future of the food label design industry, but a sudden epidemic, home consumers rely more on online shopping. The change of consumption mode also greatly increases the requirements for product labels.

What are the new trends of food packaging label design in 2021? How does such a label affect the terminal sales of products?

Let’s look at the 9 trends of industrial food label design in 2021~



Die cutting shape

Every label is a die-cut label, shelf appeal and durability is the top priority of food labels. This kind of brand is separated from the container less times. By changing the printing technology, it can use the die-cutting label for almost any product or purpose. Using die-cutting to highlight the product, it can easily achieve different types of label shapes.


2D draft – graphic illustration

In 2021, there will be 2D or planar examples because it emphasizes the simplicity of design, shadow and layout. The minimalist approach enables designers to use flat images as an ideal way to create structures such as bottle label design on printed materials.

They are also a general style of illustration and can be successfully adapted to represent many unique brands. They are most attractive in packaging design, and graphic illustrations are relatively easy to print on various packaging media.


Noisy design

Compared with competitive products, product label design should stand out. Therefore, they should be characterized by gorgeous patterns, complex details and striking colors.

Bold design is not limited to art. Starting with a simple bold stroke in sans serif, it’s all about patterns or illustrations. According to the experiment, the proportion of participants viewing bold lists increased by 42% compared with ordinary lists. This makes the label more eye-catching when the package uses a bold border (e.g. bold diagonal stripes instead of pinstripes or no lines).


Perspective packaging

Sometimes, transparent food labeling is the ideal way to ensure that people pay attention to the product. Transparency can be a clear way to attract attention. “For me, the greatest beauty is always the greatest clarity” – Gothhold Ephriaim Lessing, these days, people realize what they are eating, especially after COVID-19, so transparency makes them confident in the visible products.


Sustainable materials

Consumers now understand and find themselves paying more attention to the environmental impact of the brands they buy today. About 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. The results show that most consumers label themselves as “environmental awareness”, and more than two-thirds of them cite “environmental protection, recyclable packaging” according to their needs.

Sustainable packaging materials will play an important role, such as biodegradable packaging, corrugated paper foam packaging, recyclable materials, corn starch packaging, seaweed, mushrooms and organic fabrics, with few alternatives in an eco-friendly way.


Contrast palette

Color contrast can arouse people’s strong feelings. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the shadow wisely. They just help us distinguish objects. It allows professional designers and marketers to direct the attention of customers visiting their sites, with or without color. Compared with similar colors, complementary colors tend to produce higher contrast, so they are more visually attractive. Therefore, for the use of complementary color packaging, it is expected that the purchase intention will be higher.

Patterns and textures
In 2021, we will focus on texture and pattern in label design. Design pattern is a repetitive element in digitization, which makes the surface of textured room experience by touch. It can use both to complement the brand without breaking away from the logo. The design and texture on the label can improve the customer experience and help build brand personality.
Shadows and gradients
They are color transitions, gradual blending from one color to another, without the limitation of two shadows. Gradient trend is extremely flexible and powerful, because of its subtle and bold personality, which is the focus of design or background. Mixing different shadows can create new creative color combinations and bring modernity and emotion to label design. The application, execution and placement of gradients can be transformative to create a great visual experience.
Charm of the old world – retro style
In 2021, people begin to regard the old value as gold, and nostalgia will appear in it.
Food label design with retro feeling will arouse people’s sense of happiness and remind them of a simpler era. It refers to any design or the passage of time, a single era or a combination of periods. Leverage retro style textures, bottle shapes, materials, packaging and image choices, transcend logos and labels, and cover the entire brand experience. The actual design is done in the past, and retro usually refers to modern design that imitates these older designs. Therefore, creativity is inspired by the retro style, not the real retro design.
In general, the trend of food packaging is changing every year, but the most important thing is to keep it up-to-date so as not to lose the game in the market.
The emerging trends in labeling are largely affected by the demand for clean, intelligent, convenient and sustainable solutions. Therefore, in the future, brands can explore the food label design by positioning the style of the product itself, and choosing the label design that most conforms to the brand image may be easier to achieve product upgrading~
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