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Functional milk tablets rise, brand trust dominates

Milk slice is a kind of special food in Inner Mongolia. It is mainly made of fresh milk or milk powder as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of accessories, mixing, pressing and packaging. Milk flakes can be taken with you without refrigeration or heating. According to the report of the food industry research center, after years of development, the total retail sales of dairy products in China will exceed 400 billion yuan in 2019. It is predicted that China’s dairy market will continue to develop steadily in the next five years. By 2024, the total retail sales of dairy market is expected to exceed 560 billion yuan. As a subdivision of dairy products, milk flakes have a bright future.


Consumers’ health awareness and brand power should not be ignored
Established in August 2000, Inner Mongolia Tailida Dairy Co., Ltd. focuses on “grassland feeling” brand milk tablets. Mr. He, its sales manager, once analyzed: “the compound growth rate of China’s leisure milk tablets is more than 20%, and the future market scale may reach 2.5-3 billion.”
With the outbreak of the epidemic, people’s health awareness gradually improved, functional snacks began to surface. For example, collagen milk tablets, probiotics, calcium lactate milk tablets and other functional milk tablets are more and more concerned by consumers. As an indispensable snack in childhood, it is also a meal before and after tea in the 90s. At the same time, it is also concerned by Baoma in the 80s and 90s. The combination of milk tablets and functionality is enough to see its market space.
Chen Yitao, general manager of Guangdong Haiyi Food Co., Ltd., said: “the post-90s have gradually become the main force to promote social development, and the post-90s have also entered the University. The requirements of the young generation of consumers for brands have gradually increased. According to the data of China’s Food & Beverage trends and consumer insight, 86% of consumers will consider food safety when purchasing food, and 52% of consumers say that food safety is the primary consideration when purchasing food. To a certain extent, the market position of a brand determines consumers’ trust in product health. “
With the addition of functionality, functional milk tablets have gradually become an important direction in the field of milk tablets. At the same time, the epidemic swept, making the “immunity” this keyword into all walks of life. According to the 360 index data, during the epidemic period, Chinese netizens showed a high degree of concern about “immunity” related topics such as “what is immunity”, “the importance of immunity”, “how to improve immunity”, “what foods to improve immunity”, “health care products to improve immunity” and so on. The increase of people’s disposable income has also further promoted the development of immunity product market. Relevant forecasts show that from 2017 to 2027, the global market CAGR of immune health products will reach 7.5%. From these data, we can imagine the market potential of functional milk tablets with the selling point of enhancing immunity.


The rise of functional upsurge, immunity is still a hot spot
Open microblog and little red book, and search for “snack recommendation reward”. The ones at the forefront must be functional snacks and candy, as well as milk tablets. Piggy’s functional milk tablets are sold better in the market. Besides having New Zealand high quality milk sources, they also add probiotics and calcium lactate, which are popular among young people and their mothers. Morinaga lactobacillus milk tablets can enhance immunity, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and supplement probiotics anytime and anywhere. Its independent packaging design has also attracted many consumers. Recently, the beakid family has also launched a probiotic milk tablet, which is adorable with SpongeBob’s lovely shape and functional elements. In this kind of Amway comment, it is similar to “can it improve immunity?” Does it have health function And “which product?” Is it safe and reliable It can be seen that consumers attach importance to the health attributes and brands of food.
Kakadou also launched a probiotic milk stick, which makes milk chips into cute cartoon shapes and sells them in the form of lollipops, which has aroused a lot of praise in the market. Huang peicai, its general manager, once analyzed and pointed out: “nowadays, consumers are rational in purchasing food. Their first consideration is” safety, nutrition, hygiene and convenience “. Therefore, dairy products should be “eye-catching” enough in the face of children, and in the face of adult consumers, they should also meet their health and functional needs in order to sell well and lead the market. “
As for the current situation of consumption upsurge of milk flakes, an expert in the candy industry said: “the revival of milk flakes this time is mainly due to the rise of pressed candy. Around 2015, the technology of pressed confectionery improved by leaps and bounds. Then, the pressed confectionery enterprises with urban ranches as the main force quickly became popular, and opened a new situation with milk tablets. This is mainly because milk tablets and pressed candy are the same in technology. “
The market prospect of milk tablets is good, but the competitive environment of the industry is getting tighter. According to incomplete statistics, the common dairy brands on the market are Puzhen, metropolitan ranch, Kakadu, grassland love, Grassland Red Bull, Leda, Yili, Mengniu, etc. As the milk slice industry continues to be optimistic, more and more enterprises have begun to set up milk slice production lines, trying to set foot in the milk slice industry. China’s milk tablet market has entered the situation of competition, and functional integration may become a bonus item for brands.
Source: Snack express original article: reprint with authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Han Mingjie editor: Song Guanchu

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