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Liangpin shop nuts enter the “4.0 era”! There are also well-known infant powder suppliers behind the blessing

Leisure snack giant liangpin shop has launched a new wave of “high-end strategy” offensive.


A few days ago, the brand’s probiotics daily nuts IP series products were launched on the Internet. The new products adopted four star imported strains such as Bb-12, and the biggest selling point was “multiple probiotics”. “The new product launched by the company is the first multi probiotic daily nut in China, with the highest strain type and added quantity in the industry.” Good goods shop said.  


It is worth noting that liangpinpuzi probiotic nut new product is one of its main high-end products this year, and its strain supplier Ke Hansen is also a probiotic supplier of many famous brands of infant formula in China.


Through this product, it seems that we can also see that the global supply chain system of liangpin stores is further consolidated. Chinese snack enterprises have gradually achieved global customized R & D from the previous global purchasing. Based on the quality control of high-end snack positioning, liangpin shop has gradually become the representative of Chinese snack brands and has stood on the global food stage.




Nuts, as one of the largest sub categories in the 2 trillion scale “gourmet world”, can be regarded as the C player of the snack industry. Nut driven consumption is on the rise. According to the survey data, the daily nut market will exceed 10 billion in 2019, 14.5 billion in 2020 and 20 billion in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 30%!


No snack company will give up digging into this segment of the track. Liangpin store clearly takes probiotics daily nuts as one of the four main products of the year, which will be launched this spring. At the same time, as a good shop to practice high-end strategy as the goal, continue to launch health supply solutions for consumers.

Yang yinfen, CEO of the company, once introduced that the high-end strategy of liangpin store should be realized by focusing on market segments. “In early 2019, after focusing on high-end snacks, liangpin store has made it clear that in the future, it will customize healthy, nutritious and functional snacks according to the different needs of pregnant women, puerpera, children, silver haired people, fitness people and other sub groups.”


According to liangpin shop, in order to meet the nutritional and health needs of the subdivided population, the probiotics daily nuts series are divided into 0-sucrose type and high calcium type, which are aimed at the sugar control population such as white-collar workers, pregnant mothers, diabetes patients and students aged 6-18.


Xiaoshidai learned that liangpin store also plans to launch the remaining three main new products in the next quarter of this year, aiming at the needs of the segmented population, and the core product direction is “more nutritious and healthy”.


In February this year, the all China Business Information Center released the Research Report on the development status and trend of the domestic snack market in 2020, which pointed out that at present, China’s snack market has shifted from incremental competition to stock competition, and consumers are returning from paying attention to price to paying more attention to quality.


In the face of homogenization of industrial products, fierce market competition and other industries, it is a wise move for good shops to carry out differentiated competition in strategy, choose to focus on segmentation areas, and establish advantages in local markets to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

The change of nut consumption trend is also reflected in the iteration of comprehensive nuts.

Liangpinpu introduced to xiaoshidai that the development of comprehensive nuts has gone through about four generations: in the era of comprehensive nuts 1.0, the types of products are single, with Wolong daily nuts as the main representative; in the era of comprehensive nuts 2.0, the dry and wet separation of dried and hard nuts has been realized, with the emergence of Qiaqia Xiaohuang bag, baicaowei daily nuts, liangpinpu yidaidaijiaren and other products; in the era of 3.0, the comprehensive nuts have been developed The characteristics of this generation of products are from frying to packaging, delivery and delivery When several links are added together, the time should be controlled within one week, also known as “7 days fresh”.

Nowadays, the probiotics daily nuts launched by liangpin store mainly focus on 0 sucrose and calcium supplement, giving nuts more nutritional properties. It can be said that they are the representative products of the 4.0 era.




Behind the introduction of probiotics daily nuts in liangpin shops, an obvious phenomenon is that under the epidemic situation, more and more consumers pay more attention to the improvement of their own immunity, which also promotes probiotics elements to become a new trend of domestic snacks and drinks.

According to the introduction of liangpin shop, most of the probiotics on the market only add 1-2 strains, with single function. In order to differentiate the products, liangpin shop launched the research and development of “multiple probiotics” series through in-depth cooperation with Denmark kohansen, and finally launched the new product.

Kohansen may be familiar with the probiotics industry. According to the data, as the leading brand of probiotics supplier in the world, corhansen has a history of over 100 years in research on probiotics. It has the largest strain factory with the strongest production capacity in the world, and the probiotics market share is the first in the world. It provides strains for many large domestic dairy companies, including JUNLEBAO, Yili, beikangfu, Newtown and many other high-end series of infant formula brands .


Xiaoshidai learned that liangpinpu and kohansen “got together” and signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the first time at the third international fair to be held in Shanghai in November 2020.  


In August of the same year, liangpin store held the sixth supplier conference with the theme of “high quality, high quantity and efficient development” at its headquarters in Wuhan, central China, where Cargill, cohenson, Andrew and other international food leaders in Asia Pacific region appeared.


The cooperation with infant formula suppliers has always been the embodiment of liangpin shop’s “stress” in choosing accessories. It is also the need of liangpin shop’s quality control based on the positioning of high-end snacks, global supply chain expansion and upgrading. The broad prospects of China’s leisure snacks and the blueprint of liangpin shop’s 100 billion yuan plan are also the reasons why the global food giants are “excited”.


For example, kohansen, as a global probiotic research expert, before cooperating with liangpinpu, Danish kohansen mainly cooperated with dairy products in the Chinese market. This deep cooperation with liangpinpu may further expand the application of probiotics in the food industry. Probiotics will go from the single product to the snack market to bring unlimited possibilities.




In fact, the cooperation with kohansen is only a part of the high-end supply chain of liangpin stores.


Public information shows that in 2020, liangpin store will further put the foothold of high-end snacks in the product end on the “pyramid top selection of good materials”. “Where the high end is, it depends on the materials. We must choose the materials from the top of the pyramid and use the materials from the head. What we are doing now is to set the highest standard in the market. In terms of raw materials and technology, we will definitely be different from competitive products. This is also the product strength behind the brand. ” Yang Hongchun, founder of liangpin shop, said.


Statistics show that by the end of 2020, liangpin shop has used 190 kinds of raw materials from 32 countries and regions around the world, and has developed more than 1000 kinds of snacks. In addition, relying on the fair, liangpin shop has also realized the “made in China” of Chinese snacks from the direct purchase of high-quality raw materials and imported snack products to the introduction of foreign unique accessories, advanced food technology and production equipment.


Adhering to the concept of “purchasing global good materials and establishing a new standard for healthy snacks”, liangpin shop has also been recognized by the market.


In 2020, it is a particularly difficult year for many industries. In terms of revenue, net profit and the number of stores, liangpin stores maintained a year-on-year growth, especially in the fourth quarter of 2.364 billion, which reversed the negative growth trend of the first three quarters, with a year-on-year growth of 4.83%, making the annual growth positive, and the annual net profit also reached a new high since 2017.


It is reported that since the implementation of the high-end strategy through the high-end supply chain in 2020, the distance between good stores and competitive products has gradually been widened at the brand level. At present, China is building a new development pattern with domestic big circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other. Liangpin stores speed up the construction of high-end supply chain. By gathering high-quality industrial resources at home and abroad, they develop higher quality products. While upgrading their own brands, they also lead to the upgrading of industrial standards and drive the development of domestic industrial chain.

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