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Liangpin store’s annual strategic new products are on the market. How to refine and innovate from nuts to trillions of snacks?

How to solve the problem of product homogeneity? From the innovation and evolution of nutlet to see the growth opportunity of trillion snack market: the era of “fine innovation” is coming!

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From eating well to eating well, and then to eating delicately and emotionally, after the change of the main consumer groups, the status of snacks in the hearts of consumers has far exceeded the food itself. Foodaily believes that health, emotion, emotion and experience will be the key words to release the huge expansion space of snacks in the future, and how to disassemble and recombine these key words will bring great challenges To bring unlimited imagination to the snack track.


Recently, foodaily noticed that liangpin shop, which successfully went on the market last year, launched one of the four strategic products of the year, probiotics daily nuts series, at the end of March, and announced its annual financial report for 2020. Combined with the new action and financial report of liangpin shop, today we will take a look at how liangpin shop, as the head player representative of leisure snacks, attacks the trillion snack market?


After several years of consumer education, nuts have become a health food in the public’s cognition. It has evolved from a variety of social facilities that give gifts during festivals to a healthy snack every day. Its growth story can be described as very wonderful.

Photo source: liangpin shop

At the same time, the competitive market is also in a serious situation of product homogeneity. Is there room for innovation? How can nuts expand their market scale? What kind of strategy and layout action does a new product reflect? And from the enterprise strategy of liangpin store, how can the trillion homogeneous snack industry break through?


Refined innovation of nuts: from mass to segmentation


According to the white paper of cbndata, the nut food market ranks second in the scale of leisure food. Among them, the status of mixed nuts is very stable, almost contributing to half of the nut Market.


Relevant data also show that the daily nut market scale has exceeded 10 billion in 2019 and is expected to exceed 20 billion in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 30%. After many brands have flocked to this segment of the track, the daily nuts have become a red sea, the products are highly homogeneous, and the players have fallen into the highland of low price competition.


Can a mature category with strong consumer stickiness still have a chance? As long as consumers are changing, they will have a chance to open a new hole in the Red Sea.


Recently, foodaily learned that liangpin store launched one of the four main products of the year – probiotics daily nuts series. This new product is the first to create the “triple probiotics” of prebiotics, probiotics and epigenetics. It adopts four kinds of star imported strains such as Bb-12, and adds 6 billion CFU active probiotics per 100g. The variety and quantity of strains in a single product are the highest in the industry.


Among them, foodaily learned that the new product series includes 0-sucrose and high calcium. From these two creative concepts, we can see that liangpin shop is deeply engaged in the subdivision of nut snacks, and pays attention to raw materials and technology, leading the upgrading of health and quality, as well as the “careful thinking” that liangpin shop wants to break the homogeneity of products and look for new growth points.

Photo source: liangpin shop


At present, liangpinpu’s comprehensive nut series can be divided into four times: the era of comprehensive nut 1.0 with single product type; the era of comprehensive nut 2.0 with dry and wet separation of nut and nut; the era of “seven days fresh” comprehensive nut 3.0 with extreme freshness; and the era of probiotic comprehensive nut 4.0.

Next, foodaily will take apart for you. What are the highlights of the probiotic daily nuts series in the 4.0 era? How to achieve high quality under the high end strategy?


1) Premise: To explore the nutritional and health needs of the subdivided population


In the era of national health preservation, daily nuts are used as healthy snacks for high-frequency consumption, but there is a lack of targeted product solutions. Aware of the blank consumer demand in the market, good shops with high-end snacks as the strategic direction choose to target the subdivided groups and launch annual strategic new products.

It is understood that liangpin shop’s two new products of daily nut series are aimed at different consumer groups. 0 sucrose type is aimed at white-collar workers, pregnant mothers, diabetics and other people who need to control sugar;

Photo source: liangpin shop

The high calcium type is for students aged 6-18 years old, especially adding calcium fruit and milk calcium extracted from milk. Both of them are natural calcium sources. They can supplement calcium when eating nuts, which greatly meets the nutritional and health demands of students.

Photo source: liangpin shop

2) In view of the demand of subdivision, I have spent a lot of time on the selection of raw and auxiliary materials


“Probiotics + probiotics” strengthen the function of “probiotics + snacks”


As consumers pay more attention to gastrointestinal, immune and other health functions, the global probiotics market is developing rapidly. According to Euromonitor International data, the average annual growth rate of probiotics market in China is about 15%, which is expected to reach nearly 90 billion yuan in 2022. How can probiotics + nuts achieve 1 + 1 > 2?


For this new product, liangpin shop has made great efforts in probiotics. Using the fruit dry wrapping powder technology, liangpinpuzi, together with the world’s leading supplier of raw materials for bacteria, Hansen, selected and quoted four star strains of Bifidobacterium animalis Bb-12, Lactobacillus rhamnosus LGG, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus paracasei in the daily nut series, adding 6 billion CFU of active probiotics per 100g to meet the health needs of consumers in intestinal and immune aspects Health demands.

Photo source: liangpin shop


In order to reduce GI value, liangpinpu realized low GI through “triple probiotics” patent technology. In addition, this product also compounded prebiotics and epigenetics for the first time. Foodaily learned that “triple probiotics” has applied for invention patent.


Super fruit “calcium fruit” launched for the first time


In order to meet the needs of students for calcium supplement, high calcium daily nuts are specially added with calcium dried fruit, milk calcium in milk, nut puzzle and dried fruit for calcium supplement, and one bag for two nutrients.


In the process of calcium supplement from dried fruit and nut kernel, liangpin shop traced the origin of all kinds of fruits and found a natural fruit “calcium fruit”. Calcium fruit is rich in calcium, calcium content is 2-10 times of other fruits, can supplement natural calcium source for human body. At the same time, it tastes sweet and sour, and can taste rose. As a rare and scarce fruit variety, this is the first time in the industry to add daily nuts.


Image source: Google


3) Quality upgrading is inseparable from the support of process innovation


It is understood that seemingly small innovations are often inseparable from technological breakthroughs, and this probiotic daily nut also contains four technological breakthroughs.


4) Once again, the art of cross-border, inside and outside to bring good experience and interaction

For the first time, liangpin shop joined hands with Boston Museum of fine arts to bring the “Queen’s nutrition Art Museum” co branded customized gift box, with the “Gatsby style” as the symbol of the beautiful era as the element to create a high-value co branded gift box. In addition, this product small box packaging design, also introduced the shield design element, has the protection consumer health implication. From packaging to cross-border marketing, liangpin stores create a high-end image from the inside out, bringing high value and good experience to the target consumers through vision and interaction.

Photo source: liangpin shop

From the practice and thinking of deep cultivation of nut snacks, liangpin shop develops new products aiming at the “health” demands of the segmented population, and upgrades the visual experience, which just reflects the idea and practice of creating product differentiation under the high-end strategy of liangpin shop.


How to break the homogenization and develop the high-end snacks in liangpin shops?


According to the data of China industrial information network, the average annual compound growth rate of China’s leisure food industry market scale from 2015 to 2018 is 12.3%. In 2018, the leisure food market scale has exceeded one trillion yuan. According to the data of Frost & Sullivan, a consulting company, the leisure food market scale in China is expected to reach 1298.4 billion yuan in 2020.

Just like nuts, the whole snack track is very attractive, but the homogenization competition is very fierce. How to get out of the vicious circle of differentiation competition is a challenge that players must face.


Foodaily believes that facing the challenge of competition, we have to return to the “consumer centered”. Nowadays, the mainstream group of leisure snacks is still the young generation, which drives the consumption upgrade. The new generation of young people will pay more attention to the quality, experience and even emotional resonance of products. Therefore, high quality and good experience will become the core competitiveness of brands.


Under the background of the above industry, we have seen the high-end strategy of liangpin stores, which has also achieved results.


Positioning high end, deeply cultivating market segmentation, fine innovation and creating differentiation


In 2019, liangpin stores put forward the “high-end” strategy, and are committed to meeting the segmentation needs of segmented consumers with higher quality products.


Looking back to 2020, under the guidance of high-end strategy, liangpin shop has been working hard to further subdivide the market. According to the different needs of pregnant women, puerpera, children, silver haired people, fitness people and other subdivided groups, it has customized healthy nutrition and functional snacks. It has launched four sub brands, established brand matrix, and focused on the balanced development of the whole category.


In May 2020, liangpin store launched its first sub brand “liangpin snack Fairy” for children, and participated in and formulated the first group standard for children’s snacks “General requirements for children’s snacks” in China.

By the end of 2020, the sales revenue of liangpin xiaoshixian is 223 million yuan, and the net profit is 25.4098 million yuan. Children’s snack series products create a variety of star products. Among them, the star product sesame sandwich seaweed achieved an annual income of 41.53 million yuan, rabbit Hawthorn stick achieved an annual income of 18.97 million yuan, and probiotic yoghurt bean achieved an annual income of 6.7 million yuan. The children’s snacks of liangpin store have been in the leading position in the market segment.

Photo source: liangpin shop

In August 2020, liangpin shop launched the sub brand of fitness light snacks “liangpin Feiyang”, focusing on the general fitness crowd. The products are divided into three series: light truck, shape control and Quzhi. It launched more than 20 products, including “triple anti sugar” protein meal substitute milkshake, low GI biscuit, light fruit cereal stick, low-fat chicken breast, low-fat dried egg and low-fat konjac. Three months after listing, the compound monthly growth rate is as high as 256.73%, and the sales volume will reach 108 million yuan by the end of 2020.

Photo source: liangpin shop


In the second half of 2020, “liangpingou”, which provides long-term group buying welfare solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, and “liangpinchaxie”, which is based on the consumption scene of afternoon tea, will be released one after another. In addition, from the “good product” family, focusing on the fresh brine market, “sauce uncle” has also become a new star in the brine market.


From the financial report data, we can see that the strategy of liangpin shop layout market segmentation has achieved initial results. At present, the high-end positioning of the enterprise has been basically successful, and gradually formed a differentiation advantage in the industry.


Trillion snack market,

Open up unlimited imagination with the idea of “subdivision”


At present, the growth rate of the trillion scale snack market is slowing down, and the saturation is gradually increasing. In terms of categories, candy, chocolate and preserves accounted for the largest market share of leisure food, accounting for 31.95%, followed by baked cakes, puffed food, leisure bittern products, nuts, biscuits and others, accounting for 20.51%, 13.01%, 9.51%, 8.11%, 7.83% and 9.08% respectively.


In addition, according to the online data of Taobao platform, the online channel of non instant consumption of leisure snacks has gradually shifted from the rise of volume and price to the decrease of volume and price. The price has a downward trend, and the promotion activities of online head merchants are more and more frequent, which further shows that the current homogenization competition is serious. In this situation, innovation and differentiated development is the breakthrough in the future. The competition of homogeneity is fierce, and the innovation combined with consumption trend and differentiated development is the breakthrough.


In addition to the domestic brands represented by liangpin shop, from the perspective of global innovation observed by foodaily, in the snack track, the fine innovation for the segment market has become a major trend and a new idea, and has brought new vitality to the originally crowded track.


Subdivide: women, men, children… Think about how you can subdivide


With the increasing proportion of snacks in consumers’ daily diet, jif power ups, an American snack brand, aims at children and adults of different ages, hoping to solve their consumption demands at different times of the day through its own products. Last year, jif power ups launched a three-layer baked cereal “molars” designed specifically for children, each containing 5 grams of protein, so that parents can rest assured to choose snacks for their children.


Image source: Facebook


Domestic snack giants are also optimistic about children’s snack racecourse, such as good food and snacks, which are already rich in products, including biscuits, milk, jelly, children’s fish sausage, functional candy, etc., and pay great attention to using some health labels, such as zero flavor, high calcium and high protein, and at the same time, color and appearance in the experience of packaging design. They are very rich and childlike.

Photo source: liangpin shop


Subdivide the scene: breakfast, brunch, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea, before going to bed… Think about how you can subdivide it


European brand launched a nut snack product, peaceful night snack, which aims at the bedtime scene precisely and is suitable for relaxing and full snacks at night. It launched a product made of almond, pumpkin seed and mint powder, which is rich in dietary fiber and protein, helping to increase the sense of satiety, drive away fatigue and bring positive feelings to consumers.


Image source: Facebook


Similarly, the above-mentioned American snack brand jif power ups also has an insight into and seizes the business opportunities of breakfast snacks. In the face of young people who need convenience, snacks will play a very important role in the breakfast scene, so it focuses on adult breakfast and even brunch (especially for young people who don’t like breakfast before lunch).


Image source: Facebook


According to the “fourth consumption era”, in the second consumption era, family centered consumption is in full swing, and the turnover of supermarkets reaches the peak. Thirdly, the individualization of consumption in the consumer society makes the consumption structure change from material to service, and the development of convenience stores, catering and takeout is accelerated. In addition, consumption from the public to the minority, representing the personality of the circle, perceptual response to the choice of consumer activities and goods, to adapt to the era of self.


Although product homogenization is a big challenge for the industry, there will be no new opportunities without challenges. In the context of the current consumption era, foodaily believes that innovation is the best solution to this challenge. It will be a new driving force for the development of the industry to focus on the main consumers who buy snacks, and do meticulous disassembly and reorganization in terms of health, appeal, emotion, emotion, experience and feeling.


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