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Step forward, plant meat opens the way of deep cultivation in China

The year 2020 just passed can be said to be “the year of the future”. From concept to product, from western style to Chinese style, from catering to retail, the heat of plant meat continues to rise. At the beginning of 2021, plant meat products are no longer only limited tasting products, but gradually become daily products

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Ida Li Marketing Manager

Director of technical department, Victor Liu rogate
Shiyao Yu, senior R & D scientist

毕业于澳大利亚昆士兰大学(University of Queensland),获得植物生理学和生物化学博士学位。博士期间研究领域为作物遗传和高聚合物结构分析。自2018年以来,任职于在Roquette中国研发部,主要负责从事研发工作,期间参与发表了多项专利研究,同时参与并领导了多个内部创新与研究项目。

Company profile:

Especially in the field of plant raw materials, plant protein and pharmaceutical grade excipients, it is one of the world’s leaders, pioneers and leading manufacturers. Constantly discover and provide raw materials to meet the basic and unique needs of healthy life, and bring a healthier lifestyle and treatment for human beings.


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