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The beauty of eating is becoming a new consumption track



For a long time, moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging and anti-oxidation have been the goals of many cosmetics and skin care industries. Now, benefiting from the traditional concept of diet adjustment, more and more consumers hope to achieve this goal through diet or natural ingredients, so as to achieve the beautiful state of both internal and external, which also gives birth to the vigorous development of oral beauty Exhibition.


According to the report on consumption trend of oral beauty in 2019 released by cbndata and tmall global, driven by the beauty economy, the consumption growth of oral beauty category in the past year is much higher than the average growth of each category, and the consumption scale of tmall global has increased by more than 140% in the past three years.


And with the rise of ingredients in the beauty and skin care industry, after collagen and hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide, ceramide, elastin, N-acetylglucosamine and other raw words are becoming the next focus of brand development of oral beauty products.


Girl’s beautiful career,

Let everyone incarnate “component party”


Both men and women, skin care has become a compulsory option. In the 2021 National Health insight report released by Dr. Dingxiang, poor skin condition has become the second biggest health problem for consumers, ranking behind emotional problems, especially for women. Young consumers such as Post-00, post-95 and post-90 pay more attention to skin problems.


With the increasing prevalence of rational consumption attitude, young consumers’ demand for skin care products is not only big brand, expensive is good and blindly follow the trend, but also will scientifically analyze their skin condition, and then choose skin care products and cosmetics suitable for their own skin. More and more scientific and rational “ingredient party” and more and more subdivided “efficacy party” are becoming more and more common.


In terms of efficacy, consumers mainly focus on moisturizing, moisturizing, sunscreen, repairing, cleaning, anti-aging, whitening, oil control, anti wrinkle and other effects, and their demands focus on basic skin care such as moisturizing, whitening and sunscreen, and special skin care such as pore thinning and mouth closure.


Photo source: clove doctor x Estee Lauder’s insight report on the current situation of skin barrier


The Internet and the media make it easier to obtain popular science information, and more consumers know that starting from the efficacy demand, they can understand the corresponding functional components, which leads to the continuous mining of new skin care ingredients. For example, in the field of moisturizing and replenishing water, ceramide and squalane are of great concern. Nicotinamide and glycyrrhizin are increasing rapidly in whitening and brightening effects; two yeasts and bosin are strongly associated with anti-aging antioxidants.


Photo source: Baidu skin care report


And now, with the oral beauty tuyere blowing, the component party rising in the beauty industry has also begun to emerge in the oral beauty racetrack;


According to cbndata’s big consumption data, the top 10 ingredients of beauty and skin care category have formed a certain consumption scale in the oral beauty racetrack, including hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide and ceramide, which originally dominated skin care from “external application”, have now shifted to the battlefield and started a new round of “internal service” competition.



At the same time, the popular effects of moisturizing, whitening and anti aging in skin care products are also concerned and sought after by consumers. Subdivided into the core functional components, hyaluronic acid, which is hydrating and moisturizing, has just been successfully released from the circle recently, so what can nicotinamide, which is used in whitening circuit, do in food circuit?

skin whitening? freckle removing?

What effect does nicotinamide have?

Nicotinamide, also known as nicotinamide and nicotinamide, is an amide compound of nicotinic acid and a derivative of vitamin B3. In skin care products, nicotinamide is a whitening ingredient recognized by consumers, and the core ingredient used by the famous Olay white bottle is nicotinamide.


It is believed that nicotinamide, as a precursor of nadpa, is involved in the three major metabolism in the body, and is a potential component to maintain skin energy balance and present a young state. Studies have shown that nicotinamide does have some beneficial effects on the skin, whether applied externally or orally.


In 2002 [1], Japanese researcher Tomohiro Hakozaki published a paper on nicotinamide, which showed that nicotinamide can slow down the transfer of melanosomes from melanocytes to keratinocytes in vitro, which is also generally believed to be the mechanism by which nicotinamide can produce whitening effect.


Previously, Hakozaki’s observation of a clinical facial experiment in 1997 and 1998 showed that within 8 weeks, compared with women who did not use a moisturizer containing nicotinamide, women who used a moisturizer containing 5% nicotinamide had significantly improved facial pigmentation.


Photo source: Hakozaki, 2002


There is also some evidence that topical use of nicotinamide can help repair the stratum corneum, and its mechanism of action is to increase the biosynthesis of ceramide and other stratum corneum lipids [2].


In addition, studies have shown that oral nicotinamide can maintain cell health, enhance the DNA repair ability of UV damaged skin, and play a prominent role in the treatment of skin diseases [4], skin inflammation [4] and prevention of skin cancer [5].

First layout,

Brands are focusing on nicotinamide


The effective whitening effect and direct skin health effect of nicotinamide make many brands at home and abroad pay attention to it.

At the end of February this year, zimeitang, a leading local brand of oral beauty, launched a nicotinamide collagen fruit drink, which takes nicotinamide as the core component to launch a new attempt in the field of oral whitening.


Photo source: zimeitang


With nicotinamide as the core component, this new product mainly meets the demands of whitening and skin care. In addition, six skin care ingredients, including rice bran oil powder, Phyllanthus emblica, yeast extract, acerifolia cherry, collagen peptide and elastic collagen, are added to help whiten and brighten the skin.


It is not difficult to see that these ingredients are actually targeted to choose star whitening and skin care ingredients that have been verified in overseas markets. Rice bran oil powder is rich in ceramide, which can help repair skin barrier; yeast extract is rich in glutathione, which can inhibit the increase of melanin; sufficient collagen peptide and elastic collagen can keep skin moist and full.

The courage to lead the oral whitening trend is closely related to the accumulation of zimeitang itself in the field of oral beauty. Since 2009, zimeitang has focused on women’s beauty and health, providing solutions for women aged 20-40. Its grasp of the trend and track is also very accurate and clear. It develops products around the needs of becoming thinner and beautiful. Its collagen and enzyme products are very popular with consumers in tmall.


Of course, apart from market insight, stars also pay more attention to meihebai. Before the release of many products, stars will be invited to test the experience, use and feedback of products. For the new nicotinamide collagen drink mentioned above, zimeitang invited actor Bai Lu as the brand recommender.

After hyaluronic acid,

Can nicotinamide break the ring?

From the bottom of the demand, female consumers are very concerned about whitening. Especially in summer, whitening and sunscreen are just needed. According to cbndata’s big consumption data, about 5 out of every 10 oral beauty consumers in taonei buy oral whitening products.


Looking at the current oral whitening market, whitening pills are dominant, and there are many brands entering the market. The logic for consumers to choose products can only be based on the recognition of different brands or based on KOL’s recommendation evaluation. For consumers, the recognition is not high.


Therefore, it is a very good choice for zimeitang to take nicotinamide as the core component to meet the needs of the party.


First of all, the efficacy of nicotinamide has been verified. At the same time, as a group B dietary supplement, the safety of nicotinamide added to food can be guaranteed under the prescribed dose.


More importantly, thanks to its efforts in skin care products, the whitening effect of nicotinamide has been widely recognized in the consumer port, which is a great advantage compared with other whitening ingredients.


According to the white paper on beauty and nutrition in China 2020 jointly issued by nutrition and health food branch of Chinese Nutrition Society and dermatologists branch of Chinese Medical Association, consumers believe that vitamin C is the first nutrient related to skin whitening, followed by B vitamins, such as nicotinamide.


Photo source: 2020 white paper on Chinese beauty and nutrition


Make good use of the cognitive advantage of nicotinamide as a whitening star ingredient and “nicotinamide used in small white bottles”, first attract the attention of consumers, then cooperate with more professional ingredients, break through the core whitening demands, advance towards specialization and differentiation, and deeply strengthen the whitening and skin care positioning of products. From eye absorption to powder absorption, the mood and demand are in place.


In addition, using the idea of skin care products for reference and infiltrating the products into the scene can highlight the efficacy and positioning of nicotinamide as the core component.

For example, hyaluronic acid can replenish water and keep moisture, so it is designed as a drink that can not only quench thirst, but also keep moisture at any time. Similarly, the core demand of nicotinamide is whitening, and sunscreen in summer is the scene of high demand for whitening. Zimeitang designs its products as a small package ready to drink form that can be carried with you like sun umbrella and sunscreen. Matching with physical whitening scene, it is easier to stimulate the demand for oral whitening and break the circle in a wider range.





Behind the outbreak of a popular track and an innovative concept is often inseparable from the support of new technology / new raw materials. Collagen, hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide… High tech ingredients from the beauty and skin care industry are landing in food, driving the demand for oral beauty track to explode. At the same time, more and more local female oral beauty brands such as zimeitang are seen by more consumers.

With the upgrading of consumption, women’s pursuit of beauty is bound to be more and more rigorous, advanced and subdivided, from external application to internal use, from skin care to oral beauty, from improving skin defects to giving off good looks from the inside out. Are you involved in her beauty business?


reference material:

[1] The effect of niacinamide on reducingcutaneous pigmentation and suppression of melanosome transfer,T Hakozaki,2002

[2] Nicotinamide increases biosynthesis ofceramides as well as other stratum corneum lipids to improve the epidermalpermeability barrier,O Tanno,2000

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[4] Oral nicotinamide protects against ultravioletradiation-induced immunosuppression in humans,EleniYiasemides

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