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The former Nestle executive in China is the general manager of Supor. Wandashan strives to go public next year. Red Star Meiling has made new progress in listing. Dingdong has obtained $700 million in financing for buying vegetables. Coconut has deleted controversial advertisements and “self defense” articles

Hot company information and announcement


Zhang Guohua transferred to Feihe non executive director as general manager of Supor (company announcement)

Feihe announced today that due to personal reasons, Zhang Guohua was transferred from the company’s executive director to the company’s non-executive director, which took effect from April 1, 2021. At the same time, the announcement revealed that Zhang Guohua served as the international chairman of vitamin and chairman of vitamin world USA of Feihe from April 2019 to March 2021, and was responsible for the development of overseas infant nutrition market of the group.

SUPOR says Zhang Guohua has rich management experience in multinational companies (company announcement)

SUPOR announced in the evening of March 31 that Su Mingrui applied to resign as the general manager of the company for personal reasons and agreed to appoint Zhang Guohua as the general manager of the company according to the nomination of the chairman of the board. In addition, Supor said in the investor relations activity record sheet released today that Zhang Guohua once served as the chairman and CEO of Nestle Greater China and the chairman and President of Feihe international business department, and had rich management experience in multinational companies. According to the data, SEB group is the actual controller of Supor. SUPOR acquired the consumer product business of WMF brand in China market in 2017 and entered the field of maternal and infant products in 2019.

Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy held a meeting to promote listing (Beidahuang financial media)


On the morning of April 2, the working meeting on promoting the listing of Wandashan Dairy in Beidahuang was held. The meeting affirmed the initial achievements of the company and the listing guidance institutions. Wang GUI, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd., stressed that we should strive to achieve the goal of listing in 2022.


Fuping County: fully support the listing of Red Star Meiling on the main board (Fuping County Government Office)


According to the work report of Fuping County Government in 2021 recently released on the official website of Fuping County People’s government, this year’s key work includes fully supporting the listing of Red Star Meiling on the main board.

Red Star gazelle’s revenue last year was 363 million, up 6% year on year (pre disclosure document)

According to the newly updated listing pre disclosure documents of Red Star Meiling, in 2020, it will achieve a revenue of 363 million yuan, up 6% year-on-year, and a net profit of 55.0915 million yuan, up 22.73% year-on-year. Red Star Meiling estimates that the operating revenue from January to June 2021 will be about 182 million yuan, up 29.56% compared with the same period last year, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company will be about 28.4 million yuan, up 19.81% compared with the same period last year.


Relying on Mengniu, runpi and other enterprises, Wuhan will build the largest R & D and production base of green health food industry in China (Changjiang Daily)


On the morning of April 1, the fifth press conference of the series of “building” five centers “and” building modern Wuhan “was held. The meeting mentioned that in the future, Dongxihu District will build a 100 billion level health industry. These include relying on Mengniu Dairy, China Resources beer and other leading enterprises to build the country’s largest R & D and production base of green health food industry; relying on liangpinpu, Zhou Heiya and other listed companies to form a listed food enterprise cluster.


Sweet earth, Nestle’s vegetal brand, launched the “baking business”


According to foreign media, Nestle veggie brand sweet earth has expanded its scale by introducing shredded meat products under mindful chik’n series and adding new flavors, including Korean barbecue flavored shredded plant meat. “The best thing about Nestle is that we’re not just focusing on technology right now or in the short term, but five to 10 years from now.” “We are making a lot of investment in plant protein, focusing on the development of plant-based products and being able to innovate quickly,” said Ryan riddle, senior product R & D expert at Nestle


New Vegetarianism of plant meat brand promotes new products of “pork of five kinds” (company news)


New vegetarianism, a plant meat brand, announced that it will launch a new product “plant streaky pork” at the 104th national sugar and Wine Fair on April 7. It is said that “the taste and texture are very close to the real streaky pork”, which is suitable for Hunan stir fried meat, double cooked meat, boiled meat slices and other Chinese dishes. New vegetarianism has completed a round of pre-A financing of tens of millions of yuan in September 2020, which is exclusively invested by Jingwei China.


Chengdu Yili modern intelligent cold chain logistics park started (Qionglai financial media center)


On the afternoon of March 26, the launching ceremony of Chengdu Yili modern intelligent cold chain logistics park and Yili Jindian fresh milk offline was held. According to reports, Chengdu Yili modern intelligent cold chain logistics park project covers a total area of more than 50 mu and is expected to be completed in November 2022. The construction of the project provides support and guarantee for Chengdu Yili to launch new products and improve output value. At the same time, the commencement of Chengdu Yili modern intelligent cold chain logistics park and the launch of Yili Jindian fresh milk project also mean that the company will build a new industrial chain of fresh milk production.


Mengniu signs strategic cooperation agreement with Kyushu Dadi (mengma Finance)


On March 31, Mengniu Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Kyushu Dadi Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kyushu Dadi). The signing plan is to carry out more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of milk industry chain, such as milk source construction, forage cooperation, technical exchange and financial support. After the signing of the strategic agreement, Kyushu Dadi will continue to expand the scale of breeding, with an annual milk output of more than 10000 tons. In the next three years, the milk output of bilateral cooperation will triple. Kyushu Dadi holds more than 30 dairy farms in Inner Mongolia, Hebei and other provinces and cities, and is one of Mengniu’s 100 ton strategic partners.


“Ding Dong buy vegetables” completes $700 million round D financing (CFA)


According to the Financial Association today, fresh e-commerce “Ding Dong” announced the completion of $700 million round D financing. This round of financing is jointly led by DST global and coat. The old shareholders tiger global management, general Atlantic, CMC capital, today capital, Sequoia Capital, ocean link and Hony investment continue to increase their weight. Other new shareholders include aspexmanagement, 3W fund, mass Avenue global, aplus partners and Gaohu capital. Gaohu capital acts as the financial adviser of this round of financing.

Coconut group’s application for “state banquet beverage” related trademark was rejected (

According to today’s news from, the No. 37334439 “Yeshu cocount China state banquet beverage” trademark applied by coconut group was also defeated by the court in its lawsuit initiated after the application for registration was rejected. The court held that the trademark in dispute in this case contains China’s national name and is designated to be used on the reviewed goods, which is easy to cause adverse effects on the public.


Coconut tree has deleted controversial advertisements and “self defense” articles (Beijing News)


According to the Beijing news today, the controversial recruitment advertisement of coconut group has disappeared on its official microblog page. Meanwhile, the article “coconut employees are worried that recruitment information will be investigated and hyped and will be on the verge of bankruptcy” published by coconut group has also been deleted on its official website and official microblog. Earlier, coconut group said its advertising language did not violate existing laws and regulations.


Guo Guangchang’s first talk on acquisition of shede (surging News)


On April 3, Guo Guangchang, chairman of Fosun international, discussed the acquisition in public for the first time after shede liquor joined Fosun. What is the reason why Baijiu industry is concerned? Guo Guangchang said in a 2021 dealer conference at the wine making industry that “China has the most fragrant Baijiu”. Guo Guangchang also revealed that the layout of the wine industry will not be limited to the Baijiu industry. “Fosun Group is a global enterprise, so I personally very much hope to be able to boost willing to go global. From the overall layout of Fosun, China’s good wine is not just Baijiu, we will continue to lay out other good wine. Guo Guangchang said.


China Resources and Fenjiu Group Sign digital strategic cooperation agreement (company news)


On the afternoon of March 28, the signing ceremony of digital strategic cooperation agreement between China Resources venture and Fenjiu Group was held in China Resources Building. The relevant person in charge of China Resources venture said that as an important strategic partner of Fenjiu Group, China Resources venture will authorize Huachuang Zhixin technology to carry out in-depth cooperation on Fenjiu informatization, digitization, intellectualization and other fields, and provide Fenjiu with digital transformation services, including management informatization, supply coordination, production intellectualization, channel visualization, terminal lean, marketing digitalization, etc Cooperation will be formed in various fields.


Costco may settle in Guangzhou (Nanfang Daily)


At the 7th China Guangzhou International Investment Conference, Guangzhou Liwan District government signed a memorandum of cooperation with kaishike (China) Investment Co., Ltd., according to Nanfang Daily. This means that Liwan may become Costco’s first stop in Guangzhou market.


Fuyi is expected to save a lot of acquisition costs (Aohua Finance Online)


Fuyi, Australia’s largest wine company, may save more than 70 million Australian dollars due to the drop in the price of grapes, Aohua Finance Online reported today. This brings some comfort to Fuyi, which is facing the high tariff of Chinese wine.


Starbucks plans to abandon disposable cups in South Korea in 2025 (Sina Finance)


Starbucks said on Tuesday it plans to eliminate disposable cups in all stores in South Korea by 2025 to reduce landfills and carbon footprint, the first such move in its major markets.


CEO of Lavazza: expect revenue to rebound this year, continue to focus on M & A opportunities (ESM magazine)


According to foreign media, Antonio baravalle, chief executive of Italian coffee maker Lavazza, said at a news conference that the group’s revenue is expected to rebound this year, reaching at least 2.2 billion euros (about 17 billion yuan) in 2019. Last year, Lavazza had sales of 2.085 billion euros (16.1 billion yuan). “Although we have to pay special attention to the economic and financial situation, if we see suitable M & A opportunities, we will try our best to seize them,” baravalle said At present, the group has no specific acquisition plan.

Quick reading of food industry information



Administrative measures for registration of infant formula powder incorporated into the legislative work plan of the General Administration of market supervision in 2021


According to the legislative work plan for 2021 recently released on the official website of the State Administration of market supervision, 61 department rules will be formulated and revised, including the administrative measures for the registration of infant formula milk powder products, the administrative measures for the registration of formula food for special medical purposes, the Interim Measures for the supervision and administration of quality and safety of food related products, the administrative measures for the supervision and inspection of food production and operation, and the administrative measures for the registration of formula food for special medical purposes《 Measures for the administration of food business license, etc.

Capacity verification results of national inspection and testing institutions in 2020

On April 2, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued a circular on the results of proficiency testing of national inspection and testing institutions in 2020. It showed that in the proficiency testing of vitamins in infant formula milk powder, the assessment sample was infant formula milk powder, and three concentration samples were used for assessment, with the assessment parameters of vitamin A and vitamin D. a total of 186 inspection and testing institutions participated in the project. Among them, there are 185 vitamin a parameter assessment institutions, 154 of which are qualified and 31 of which are unqualified; there are 161 vitamin D parameter assessment institutions, 154 of which are qualified and 7 of which are unqualified. According to the requirements, the inspection and testing institutions that fail to pass the results of capability verification shall carefully find out the problems, analyze the causes, earnestly carry out the rectification and technical verification, and submit the rectification and verification materials to the approval and testing department of the State Administration of market supervision and administration before April 30, 2021.


Jiangxi infant milk powder industry supervision released new measures (Jiangxi market supervision)


According to the official account of the WeChat public, “Jiangxi market regulation”, a few days ago, the Jiangxi provincial Market Supervision Bureau formulated four measures to promote the implementation of the plan of “quality upgrading, industrial upgrading and brand cultivation” for the production of infant formula milk powder by strengthening technical guidance, strict system inspection, carrying out flight inspection and continuous risk monitoring. High quality development of infant formula milk powder industry.


Hebei provincial market supervision bureau to promote the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder


According to the official website of Hebei provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau, recently, the provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau organized a provincial Symposium on the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder. The meeting pointed out that in February, the state released a new national standard for infant formula milk powder, which put forward higher requirements for enterprises and regulatory authorities. To implement the “four strictest”, strengthen the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder, adhere to the problem orientation, focus on preventing safety risks, and constantly improve the ability to find and solve problems. The Provincial Bureau will further make good use of system inspection and production license inspection, urge enterprises to strictly control the production and operation process, produce legally and in compliance, guide the daily supervision of municipal and county bureaus, and ensure the quality and safety of listed products; municipal and county bureaus should focus on strengthening daily inspection and flight inspection, perform the most severe punishment, and firmly “zero tolerance” for illegal acts of food safety.



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