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Wen Heyou, a super queuing complex

On the first day of the opening of
, Wen Heyou, who is standing in line for No. 50000?

This is probably the longest line you’ve ever seen.

Photo source: Shenzhen newspaper audio visual center

These people who line up in the daytime on weekdays all have a common goal: wenheyou in Shenzhen.

On April 2, 2021, Shenzhen wenheyou officially opened its business in Luohu District, Shenzhen. It is located in a 4-storey single family building, covering an area of about 20000 square meters. It is a commercial space with a focus on food and a set full of “retro flavor”.

On the opening day, wenheyou in Shenzhen implemented an appointment admission system. From 11:00 noon to 5:30 pm, the numbering system showed that there were more than 50000 queuing numbers. Some netizens jokingly said:

I went to Changsha all the time when I was in line.

On social media, it’s also a hot topic. However, the hot search on microblog is that “Shenzhen tea Yan Yuese has already queued up for 30000 numbers” – many people only see tea Yan Yuese, but ignore the real protagonist behind the incident Wen Heyou.

Shenzhen wenheyou’s tea is just a flash shop. Some netizens said that two days before the opening, a cup of tea Yan Yuese was once fried to 200 yuan. After the opening ceremony, only two cups of tea are allowed for each person. Wenheyou even set up a special line to queue for tea on the opening day.

In addition to cha Yan Yue se, other restaurants in Wenhe Youli in Shenzhen also have long queues that make life loveless.

What is sacred about this article and friends?
In a more familiar way, this is actually a “super wenheyou” – used to distinguish other smaller stores of wenheyou, such as “wenheyou old Changsha Lobster Restaurant”, “wenheyou sausage” and “wenheyou old Changsha stinky tofu” scattered in the streets.
As a matter of fact, he you was originally an anonymous street stall in Changsha.
And it was not until 2012 that the first “wenheyou old Changsha Lobster Restaurant” with only 10 tables opened that wenheyou’s name first appeared. But after that, wenheyou old Changsha Lobster Restaurant began to expand, and slowly developed two representative snacks in Changsha, big sausage and stinky tofu, into a new business line.
These snack bars with the signboard of “wenheyou” soon gained popularity, and gained the first wave of relative popularity due to their participation in Hunan Satellite TV’s variety show “day up” and many stars’ clocking in.
However, in Wen Bin’s idea, the founder of Wen Heyou, he doesn’t open a restaurant. What is his great dream
To be a Disney in the catering industry.
“We do catering, but not just catering. We also need to tap local market culture. “This dreamer was interviewed at home.
However, the following words are more candid: “if we only focus on catering, there will be business limitations.”
Wen bin, the founder of Wen Heyou, started with a string stand. According to public reports, Feng bin, another key figure, was once a programmer. Through an urban management friend, he got to know Wen bin, who was the first one to blow up strings. After Wen bin kept opening stores and “lined up in the street to the end of the alley”, Feng bin joined Wen Heyou.
It was 2015, and the most popular restaurant was Huang Taiji pancake. This “Internet red food ancestor” later became a famous Internet thinking joke.
In the same year, wenheyou also began to do things other than catering, but obviously did not follow Huang Taiji’s path. Wenheyou began to focus on “culture” — when the third Lobster House opened in 2015, wenheyou held the Changsha dialect theme exhibition “old Changsha’s firewood, rice, oil and salt: visual record of Changsha Dialect” and the painting exhibition “villains in small streets” and so on.
These look much more advanced than pancakes and apps.
By 2019, wenheyou will begin to take shape.
Wenheyou old Changsha Lobster House Hisense Plaza store in Changsha is upgraded to “super wenheyou”. The first super wenheyou has restored an old Changsha Community in the 1980s in a total space of 7 floors and 20000 square meters, which embodies the characteristics of Changsha everywhere. For example, a snack street composed of 20 local snack bars in Changsha is named “forever Street” – it has the same name as one of the oldest streets in Changsha, and customers can even experience crawfish fishing in the crayfish pond; In addition, Changsha super Wenhe younei has opened an art museum, which will hold 4-6 local cultural exhibitions every year, and also design and produce peripheral products.
Changsha super wenheyou
Unlike the “Internet plus” Internet red brands of the same period, the public information showed that Wen and he had not received any external investment before. In October 2019, Changsha super wenheyou, which opened for less than half a year, has the highest daily turnover rate, reaching a frightening 12 times. Wenheyou is beginning to have the flavor of Disney – people come here not only to eat, but also to take pictures and enjoy the entertainment of different scenes.
But until then, wenheyou was only a local Disneyland in Changsha.
How to expand this model out of Changsha? Tiktok is coming.
Jitter became the national tiktok application before and after 2019, and the video of grass planting became the most important one. Tiktok’s love and sense of retro culture are the favorite of Jen. Wen and tiktok quickly became the “net red punch card” through the daily attendance of short video platforms such as jitter.
Online and offline two traffic black holes meet, super Wen and you completely fire.
Now in the eyes of many people, super wenheyou is not so much a place to taste delicious food as a “scenic spot” to take photos and punch in. This may explain why the Shenzhen wenheyou line has a tour route in addition to the tea Yan Yuese line and dining route.
Shenzhen wenheyou line up after opening
However, unlike Disney’s unified theme, super wenheyou chose to do as the Romans do in the process of entering different cities. It’s reported that in order to restore the street style of Shenzhen in the 1990s, wenheyou spent two years collecting hundreds of thousands of old objects. In the final presentation, such as the slogan “time is money, efficiency is life” put forward by Yuan Geng, the father of Shekou, on the wall in 1980, evokes the memories of many old Shekou people.
This is also a self correction of Shenzhen wenheyou. It draws on the failure experience of the last Guangzhou super wenheyou.
In July 2020, Guangzhou super wenheyou landed in Taiguhui, the commercial landmark of Guangzhou, with an area of 5000 square meters and a three story high building. In the early stage of opening, there was a grand occasion of customers queuing up crazily. However, after three months of fire, the passenger flow of Guangzhou super wenheyou has decreased significantly, many businesses have withdrawn, and the media has revealed that the second floor of Guangzhou super wenheyou was closed in February this year. Many people attribute the depression of Guangzhou super wenheyou to the fact that Changsha super wenheyou has been copied too much. There are not only few designs that can evoke the feelings of Guangzhou people, but also not enough “Guangzhou characteristics” in the selection of food categories.
Due to the lessons of Guangzhou super wenheyou, we can see that Shenzhen wenheyou has made more efforts in setting and food selection this time. For example, among the businesses settled in, there are Xiaoluo stinky tofu, Niuxiang sweet potato porridge, local Yantian vermicelli, baheli beef balls, guangdeji coconut jelly, Guangming pigeon, Dengjia Chuanwen pastry, Youzhang niuza and abahe oyster roast, and many other Guangdong specialty food brands welcomed by the local people; unlike Changsha wenheyou, which sells crayfish with Hunan characteristics, Shenzhen wenheyou This time, oyster, which is popular among Guangdong people, was specially selected as the main city dish, and the brand-new food brand “Shensheng Oyster” was launched. From the early customer evaluation, there are still a lot of Shenzhen people to buy.
Wen bin once drew a blueprint in 2019, planning to open about 10 Super wenheyou companies nationwide and overseas in five years. But tiktok’s sudden success has accelerated Wen Heyou’s success. The epidemic in 2020 also be taken by surprise. They also received the largest amount of external investment in this year. In February 2020, wenheyou obtained the exclusive strategic investment of nearly 100 million yuan from the fund of Jiahua capital. This money is obviously crucial for wenheyou to expand as planned.
Now, with the continuous flow of online traffic and the capital to support offline expansion, wenheyou seems to have been unable to stop it. Perhaps the only thing Wen Heyou has to worry about is that when the residents of the Special Administrative Region, which was established only in the 1980s, were queuing up, they suddenly remembered that they did not seem to have any “retro” culture of the 1950s and 1960s to recall. However, at that time, this queuing complex may have been the first stock in China’s queue.

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