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With the c-position of nutritional beverage market suspended, who can lead the group?

nutrition drinks ushered in the spring of development.

Since Coca Cola entered China in 1978, the domestic soft drink market has begun to expand in scale and categories. With the development of China’s economy, the improvement of residents’ consumption level and the upgrading of consumption structure, China’s beverage industry shows a good overall growth trend, and has become one of the largest soft drink markets in the world.
According to authoritative data, even if the demand for soft drinks is reduced due to the epidemic situation, the market scale of soft drinks will still reach an astonishing 573.549 billion yuan in 2020. As a part of the beverage market, nutritional drinks have a low market share and lack of top brand products. Why did this happen? Where is the way out for nutritious drinks? With such a question, today we come to explore.
Many industry pain points of nutrition drinks
There are many products of nutritional drinks in the domestic market. Famous brands such as Hainan Yedao, Yili, Heiniu food and so on have relatively mature nutritional drinks on sale. From the actual consumption situation, there have been two problems in nutrition drinks for a long time
First, the taste is not easy for the public to accept. Although nutritional drinks have the attribute of “nutrition”, as a market-oriented consumer product, many manufacturers ignore the taste of products in order to improve the nutritional value of products. For a considerable number of consumers, nutritional drinks are difficult to taste or have no competitive advantage compared with other drinks.
Second, the applicable consumption scenarios are narrow. From the perspective of applicable consumption scenarios, the existing nutritional drinks are relatively single, and for consumers, they are more “exclusive” than social circle. For example, the vast majority of consumers are obviously unlikely to drink a bottle of nutritious drinks while eating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot and lobster, which makes nutritious drinks out of touch with the vast majority of consumption scenarios.
Crisis is an opportunity,
Nutrition drinks usher in the spring of development
In recent years, consumers pay more and more attention to the quality of life and food safety, and the demand for nutritional drinks is also growing slowly. In particular, the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, so that consumers have their own health and hitherto unknown urgency and sense of crisis. On the one hand, the vast number of consumers strengthen exercise to improve their physical fitness; on the other hand, they have reasonable diet to supplement nutrition. The consumer market is in urgent need of nutritious drinks with rich nutrition, wide application range and good taste. Nutritional drinks have ushered in a great opportunity for their development in the crisis brought by COVID-19 to many industries.
Who can lead Qunlun under the trend of the times?
It is the general trend that the demand for nutritional drinks is strong and the potential market scale is expanding. In this trend, the nutrition drink industry is also changing quietly.
1、 Tremella is popular
Tremella has been a good tonic for Chinese people since ancient times. Through market research, we found that: many consumers are eager to take in more nutrients through Tremella to achieve the effect of nourishing. In recent years, many scholars have deeply studied the physical and chemical properties and bioactive components of Tremella fuciformis polysaccharides, and confirmed that Tremella fuciformis has many effects, such as increasing human immunity, moistening skin, anti wrinkle, whitening and lightening spots, nourishing lung and protecting liver. Tongjiang tremella, promoted by Tongrentang, is sold at a maximum price of more than 4000 yuan / kg. The main reasons for its high price include Tongrentang’s brand endorsement, the concept of selecting products of origin and the homology of medicine and food, which adapts to the market demand of high-end consumption and gift consumption. The online sales alone is close to 30 million yuan.
2、 Tremella products appear frequently
Based on the nutritional components of Tremella fuciformis and the needs of consumers for nutritional intake, major enterprises have used modern food processing technology to produce some functional foods with high added value and mainly composed of Tremella fuciformis polysaccharides, such as instant Tremella fuciformis, tremella beverage, instant tremella powder, tremella jelly, and other related functional foods. Among them, “jiangxiaoer” stewed Tongjiang Tremella has been concerned by consumers and people in the nutritional beverage industry since its product release. We take this product as an example to analyze the industry of nutritional drinks.
“Jiang Xiaoer” may try
Jiangxiaoer is a great attempt of Tongjiang Micang Erji Food Co., Ltd. In the major enterprises have tried to break out of the circle, “jiangxiaoer” has found its own path.
1. Optimizing raw materials to highlight the core selling points of nutritional drinks
Nutrition drinks, as the name suggests, “nutrition” as the core selling point. It is Tremella fuciformis, but there are significant differences in nutritional value due to different varieties, producing areas and grades. Although the selection of high-quality raw materials virtually raises the production cost and dilutes the profits of the enterprise, for nutritional drinks, it is the core factor for nutritional drinks to compete with other products for market share, and it is also the primary starting point for consumers to choose nutritional drinks.
Tongjiang, known as the “hometown of Tremella in China”, was a delicacy in the imperial cuisine of the Qing Dynasty, and it was also a tribute to Empress Dowager Cixi. The strong support of Tongjiang government combined with the capital, technology and concept of “Micang Erji” gave birth to “jiangxiaoer”; and the core advantage of “jiangxiaoer” is the rich nutrition of raw materials.
Authoritative test results showed that the content of crude polysaccharide of Tremella fuciformis in Tongjiang was 40.42%, and that of common Tremella fuciformis was only 15.8%; the content of dietary fiber in Tongjiang Tremella fuciformis was 72.7%, and that of common Tremella fuciformis was only 30.4%; the content of protein in Tongjiang Tremella fuciformis was 10.5%, and that of common Tremella fuciformis was 6.38%; the total amount of amino acids in Tongjiang Tremella fuciformis was 8.88%, and that of common Tremella fuciformis was 7.2%.
“Jiangxiaoer” this product accurately grasps the consumer’s consumption psychology, and highlights its own competitive advantage in the competition with other market segments and similar nutritional beverage products.
2. Elaborately made to ensure the same quality of nutritional drinks
As an industrialized product, modern processing technology not only determines the production capacity of the enterprise, but also is conducive to product quality control. With the development of network and the prevalence of we media, a product quality problem can make an enterprise fall into a serious survival crisis in an instant. Product quality has become a rigid requirement and “live” high voltage line.
Traditional Tremella need to be cleaned and stewed for a long time, which is time-consuming and laborious, and the quality of stewed product is easily affected by human factors. “Jiangxiao’er” is made by modern technology. It has gone through 11 standard manual screening, 3 times of artificial root cutting and weighing, 4 mountain spring water cleaning, 15 degree fresh-keeping pretreatment, whole cold chain environment cleaning, 118 degree high temperature sterilization for 30 minutes, 6 processes of quick fresh locking and vacuum sealing. It has high nutritional value, wide application range, instant eating, sweet taste, zero addition and zero antisepsis Low sugar, zero fat and many other advantages.
“Jiangxiaoer” stewed Tongjiang Tremella is not only easier to be recognized in the selection of raw materials, but also caters to the consumption tendency of people in modern society. The most important thing is that the product has 13 core links from production to ex factory tracking, three cycle testing, and each step is implemented to the specific responsible person. The original traceability has the basis, and the product quality can stand the test.
3. Multiple functions to expand the application scope of nutritional drinks
There are many factors influencing consumers’ choice behavior. From the reaction of “jiangxiaoer” after it was put into the market, consumers take “jiangxiaoer” stewed Tongjiang Tremella as an important choice in a variety of consumption scenarios, which is the result of a variety of factors. “Jiangxiaoer” breaks through the inherent limitations of consumers and consumption scenarios of nutritional drinks, which is one of the important factors.
As a drink, “jiangxiaoer” has a solid – Tremella fuciformis, but after stewing, it is soft, waxy, sweet and has the taste of liquid. “Jiangxiaoer” gives consumers the intuitive impression of “good to drink”. As a main “nutrition” product, “jiangxiaoer” can supplement energy for fitness exercise, stay up late to work overtime, long-distance travel, postpartum recovery and even daily nutrition supplement. It is loved by people of weight loss and fitness, professionals, tourism lovers and people of all ages.
In consumer feedback, a considerable number of consumers choose “jiangxiaoer” as a snack. “Jiangxiaoer” can bring a sense of satiety, and can eliminate the “guilt” of consumers eating late at night, because “jiangxiaoer” has low sugar and zero fat.
4. Pay attention to packaging and influence the decision-making process of consumers
In the face of a wide range of nutritious drinks, consumers can only display information through words or packaging pictures in most cases. But “jiangxiaoer” uses transparent glass bottle as inner bottle, so that consumers can clearly see each piece of Tongjiang Tremella. The difference between “seller show” and “Buyer show” is avoided, which affects the decision-making process of consumers’ choice between different products.
Throughout the whole nutritional beverage industry, new products continue to appear, indicating that the domestic nutritional beverage market still has great potential to tap. The popular praise of “jiangxiaoer” shows that good taste, nutrition, safety and universal use will become the decisive factors for consumers to choose nutritional drinks, which also affects the future trend of the whole nutritional drinks.
At the food and beverage sw093t booth of the outdoor exhibition hall (North District) of the Western Expo City of the 2021 national Chengdu spring sugar and Wine Fair held from April 7 to 9, Micang Erji brought many products such as “jiangxiaoer” stewed Tongjiang Tremella to the exhibition, which was well received, indicating that Micang Erji’s attempt was successful. We are looking forward to more excellent products in the nutritional beverage market, and we also expect “jiangxiaoer” to have better market performance and serve more people in the future.
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