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1. Yulu green tea is fried with Xinqing in Yuanqi forest, and the original flavor of green tea is restored with double teas
2. Pulse into the bubble track, innovative taste, rebuild young resonance
3. Jianlibao refers to the taste of orange ice beer, which is slightly soaked in water, and then continues to mix and match the special flavor
4. Zhong Xuegao X-box horse sells new ice blue sea salt coconut, blue and white color matching brings fresh pleasure
5. Huahuaniutuichang, a lot of Xiaole, appetizer before meals
6. Layout of women’s health scene, Mengniu push the new product of pure fruit jelly
7. Mint health push nutrition box, specially designed for school-age children
8. Aiming at single people, buffx promotes new fish candy containing dopamine
9. Nello chews beans with new Matcha and banana flavors, focusing on two major problems: relieving alcohol and helping sleep
10. Old gold mill’s new Zaoren Rubik’s Cube
11. The first plant of new vegetarianism is pork with high protein and low fat to protect the health of Chinese people
12. Good snail powder market segments, PetroChina on the new boiled, brewing snail powder
13. After 8 years of deep cultivation of oat products, Ozark has completed a round of financing of 100 million yuan
14. Speed up the pace of listing, dingdong got $700 million financing
15. Focus on health product track, plant nutrition brand, plant label, 60 million yuan Angel + financing
16. After three months, it won the favor of capital again, and nearly 50 million yuan of pre-A round financing was completed for seasoning brand taste
17. Linglang, a skin care and functional food brand, has completed tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing
18. Beyond meat factory completed in China to speed up distribution in China
19. Expand the scope of consumption and sales, Nestle builds a new plant-based food production base in Malaysia
20. Chobani launched its first online DTC platform, laying out Omni channel sales


On April 7, Yuanqi forest launched a new sugar free tea, Qingjian Yulu green tea. The main product is 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 card. It is made of high-grade Yulu green tea and ground Matcha tea to create the taste of ready brewed teapot. Theaminophen and natural tea polyphenols contained in the product can relax tight nerves and achieve the purpose of relieving fatigue. The new product has been launched into tmall tea flagship store, with a price of 460ml * 15 bottles / 97.9 yuan.
Photo source: Tea burning flagship store
On April 7, pulse launched a new vitamin bubble drink. The new product contains two kinds of dual fruit flavors. The dual mixed lemon and lime flavor adopts the combination of lemon and lime, which is refreshing and refreshing; the orange and blood orange flavor is euphemistic and subtle, and the combination of rich fruit aroma and small bubbles is more sour and sweet. In addition, four kinds of vitamins and 11.5% dietary fiber are added to meet the health needs of consumers. The hot selling price of new products is 480ml * 15 bottles / 59.9 yuan.
Image source: pulse

On April 8, Jianlibao officially announced the launch of a new taste of orange ice beer with micro bubble water. Fresh means that the orange flavor is integrated into the full beer aroma, with fresh head aroma and refreshing aftertaste. The product uses natural sugar erythritol, 0 alcohol added, each bottle contains 8.4 oranges of dietary fiber, help the normal function of intestinal tract, suitable for dinner, travel and other scenes. The new product has been launched in tmall flagship store, and the price is 500ml * 15 bottles / 54.9 yuan.
Last year, Jianlibao joined the bubble drink and launched two kinds of micro bubble aquatic products with mixed flavor of white peach, cherry and mojito.
Photo source: Jianlibao flagship store
4、钟薛高 X 盒马发售新品冰蓝海盐椰,蓝白配色带来清新愉悦

On April 8, Zhong Xuegao launched a new ice cream blue sea salt coconut. New products cut into the holiday scene, strict selection of high-quality coconut milk, with Spirulina globulin powder, showing a refreshing sea blue visual sense. At the bottom, sea salt is innovated, and the slightly salty taste brings a unique experience. High face value plus salt and sweet taste, refreshing and refreshing brings pleasure. The blue and white color of the new product matches the depth of the box horse. It is now on sale in the box horse at the price of 17.9 yuan / piece.
Photo source: Zhong Xuegao

Recently, Huahuaniu shangxinchang has a lot of xiaoxiaole lactic acid bacteria drinks. Different from other probiotic drinks, changjiduoxiaole uses the combination of lactic acid bacteria and herbs, especially adding hawthorn, chenpin, yam and other natural herbs, with the help of plant power to achieve the effect of refreshing and greasy, appetizing and invigorating the spleen. The product is low-fat, sugar free and easy to drink. It is now on sale in tmall flagship store. The price is 354G * 6 bottles / 30 yuan.
Photo source: huaniu flagship store

On March 29, Mengniu’s brand Ningchun launched a new product of xiaohongtiao juice jelly. It selected Haematococcus pluvialis with imported elastin peptide, adding 0.27g Haematococcus pluvialis per 100g, 50mg skipjack elastin peptide, cranberry juice and pomegranate juice. The content of original juice is not less than 25%. Convenient to drink, independent packaging design. The price of the new product is 15g * 14 pieces / 238 yuan.
Photo source: Condensed pure power

Recently, peppermint Health launched a new peppermint children’s growth nutrition box. Products for 6-9-year-old primary school students, dedicated to customized daily nutrition for children, a total of 7 days, 30 days two specifications, including milk calcium CBP colostrum basic protein tablets, lactoferrin tablets, DHA algal oil jelly, lutein ester jelly 4 single products, can deal with height, physique, brain power, vision four growth problems. At present, the new product has been launched in tmall flagship store, selling for 7 days / 109 yuan, 30 days / 399 yuan.
Photo source: Mint health

On April 1, a new product of buffx fish candy was launched, which was specially designed for single people to save their loneliness. The new product integrates phenylethylamine, dopamine, adrenaline, pheromone, etc. into it. Through exogenous supplement, it can enhance human energy and confidence, improve the sense of happiness, so as to achieve the feeling of falling in love. Take dopamine as an example. If you eat a piece of dopamine produced by a fish pond, you can kiss for more than ten minutes.
Image source: buffx

According to foodaily’s observation, Nello recently launched two new chewy products in succession. Matcha flavor focuses on protecting liver and relieving alcohol. Each box is added with 600 mg curcumin, 800 mg pueraria powder and 1000 mg vitamin B yeast, which can repair damage and protect stomach. Banana milk flavor is dedicated to solving sleep problems. It is added with Y-aminobutyric acid, banana powder and Ziziphus jujuba seed powder, which can regulate neurons of awakening system, relax body and mind, and comfort five internal organs. Two new products have been launched in tmall flagship store, with Matcha flavor of 20g * 3 boxes / 99 yuan and banana milk flavor of 20g * 3 boxes / 89 yuan.
Photo source: nelo tmall flagship store

Recently, Laojin mill launched a nourishing snack jujube Rubik’s cube. The new product was upgraded on the basis of jujube and walnut. Five natural ingredients including walnut kernel, first-class Junzao, black sesame, medlar and cranberry were strictly selected. The unique fresh locking process retained the sweet and sour taste of fresh fruit. The tablet design infiltrated the sweet and sour jujube juice into the dried walnut kernel to remove the bitterness and create the sweet and sour taste of red velvet thousand layer crisp. 9 yuan / 150g.
Photo source: old mill flagship store

At the 2021 national sugar and wine fair, the new vegetarians launched a new plant, streaky pork, which uses the technology of plant protein mixing 3.0 and is rich in high-quality protein to supplement nine essential amino acids. Each 100g contains 8.5g dietary fiber and 775kj calories, which is only half of the calories of pork. In terms of texture, the new product has the unique natural texture of streaky pork, with uniform fat and thin, soft and glutinous entrance, delicate and real to meet the needs of taste buds.
Photo source: new vegetarian plant meat

On April 6, PetroChina launched a new product of snail powder and simultaneously launched its own brand “luoxiang hospitality”. The new product includes two types: boiling type and brewing type. The new product mainly features thick, fresh, spicy and hot. It is based on the thick soup of 8 hours’ stew. The smooth powder of q-spring is matched with 6 kinds of ingredients, such as sour bamboo shoots, dried bean curd and radish. It is full of ingredients and rich in taste. Tmall flagship store sells for 310G * 3 bags / 33.3 yuan for boiled type and 185g * 3 barrels / 26.6 yuan for brewing type.
After the outbreak during the epidemic period, there were many market entrants in this segment of snail powder. In January this year, Sinopec launched its own brand “Yi sister snail powder”.
Photo source: PetroChina flagship store

Recently, oatmeal brand ozak has completed a round of financing of 100 million yuan. This round is exclusively invested by Jiayu fund, and the funds are mainly used for brand construction and channel expansion. Ozak was founded in 2013 and is committed to providing healthy, safe and natural snacks for consumers. It mainly sells cereal, nuts, plant milk and other products. The re purchase rate of its cereal products in tmall flagship store is 32%, which has long occupied the first place in the list of tmall’s “meal filling cereal”.
Photo source: Ozark flagship store

It is reported that fresh e-commerce dingdong has recently completed a $700 million D round of financing. This round of financing is jointly led by DST global and coats, followed by the old shareholders tiger global management, general Atlantic, CMC capital, today capital, Sequoia Capital, ocean link and Hony investment, and Gaohu capital serves as the financial adviser of this round of financing. This round of financing funds will be used for new area expansion, supply chain investment and team building. This is also the first round of financing after the rumor that Ding Dong bought vegetables to go public.
Founded in 2017, dingdong shopping is committed to the service mode of direct purchasing from the origin, front warehouse distribution and delivery to the home within 29 minutes. At present, there are more than 10000 SKUs of fresh products, with more than 20 countries and regions in the world, and more than 600 suppliers of fresh products.
Photo source: microblog @ dingdong shopping

On April 6, the plant nutrition brand plant label received 60 million RMB Angel + round financing, jointly invested by Chuxin capital, Hejing capital, Zhenge fund, pleasure capital and Shangcheng investment. This round of financing will be mainly used for the construction of distribution channels, product development and brand building. Established in February 2020, plant label is a subsidiary of Sirui (Jiangsu) Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on health products.

It is reported that nearly 50 million yuan of pre-A round financing has been completed recently for flavoring brand taste. This round is led by Jingwei China, followed by old shareholders Xianfeng Changqing and 42 capital. This round of financing will be used for team building, product development, channel intensive cultivation and brand building.
The last round of financing for all tastes took place three months ago. It was an angel round of financing of RMB 10 million, led by Xianfeng Changqing and followed by 42 capital. The re financing in March shows that the capital market continues to be optimistic about this new condiment brand.
Photo source: all tastes

It is reported that Linglang, a skin care and functional food brand, has completed tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing, which is jointly invested by a real estate group and a fashion retail group. This round of financing will be used for follow-up product development, brand building, market promotion, etc.  
Founded in October 2020, Linglang is affiliated to dingdong lemon group, and its core users are mostly young women. At present, it is building a set of service and product convergence system with Lingyue light medical beauty brand of dingdong lemon to enhance user LTV by combining online and offline.
Image source: Linglang

On April 7, beyond meat announced the official opening of its plant meat production plant in Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone near Shanghai. It is reported that the new factory will be mainly responsible for the production of a series of plant pork, beef and poultry products, including the first innovative product specially made for the Chinese market by alternative pork customers, and the new factory is expected to be fully put into operation in early 2021.
In addition, beyond meat also plans to enter new sales channels such as e-commerce in the future, and the completion of the new factory will help other meat customers improve the speed and scale of their production and distribution in China.

Recently, Nestle announced that it will build a new plant-based food production plant in Malaysia with a construction area of about 6000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 8000 tons, which is Nestle’s first plant-based food production plant in ASEAN and its second plant-based food production plant in Asia. The new plant will be used to produce plant hamburgers, steaks, grilled slices and minced meat of Nestle China’s plant-based brand harvest gourmet, and will provide retail services. Meanwhile, harvest gourmet has signed supply agreements with a number of global and regional restaurant chains to expand its sales range.
Source: Foodbev
20、 Chobani 推出首个线上 DTC 平台,布局全渠道销售

Recently, chobani, a Greek yogurt brand, announced the launch of an online DTC platform. Meanwhile, chobani caf é, chobani’s offline store in New York, will provide warehousing, takeout and distribution services for online DTC sales. The products will be shipped from stores to 48 states except Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Currently, the only product available online is chobani oat barista edition. This is also chobani’s first attempt to break the traditional retail model and sell online through DTC channel.
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