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Golden salesman Su Xinqing: Henan big business reveals the things about dealers’ selection

According to the survey, there are tens of thousands of new products on the market every year, but few of them survive, and even many products survive for less than three months. Every year, the dealers are troubled by the problem of product selection: the products are too miscellaneous, the marketing difficulty of big brand products is low, the unknown brand products have no appeal, and the consumers are not interested.

Su Xinqing, general manager of Zhengzhou pinshangfeng food company
Su Xinqing, general manager of Zhengzhou pinshangfeng food company (hereinafter referred to as “pinshangfeng food”), came today to reveal the things about the selection of products by dealers
manufacturers and reputation is the first choice

The success of distributors depends on products, and the success of products depends on food enterprises.
Su Xinqing said: “when we choose products, we should first look at the scale and reputation of the enterprise, and then the quality of the products. Because only the enterprise can be reliable, can the product be reliable. “
So, how to judge whether the enterprise is worthy of cooperation? The strength, history, honor and reputation of an enterprise are important standards to measure the competitiveness of products. Dealers are willing to cooperate with enterprises with strength and good style.
2. Focus on price. Food enterprises will conduct sufficient market research and choose the most suitable price when pricing, and dealers should always pay attention to the market price and consider the reputation of the enterprise. Considering the market orientation, marketing idea, business model and team execution of the enterprise, we can only achieve the same goal.
Su Xinqing’s products, such as Weilong, Ganyuan, Miss Dong and Xingxing cup, have passed the market certification, and have been perfectly integrated into the leisure food industry in Henan Province, bringing great profits to pinshangfeng food.

Breaking the traditional perception of “quality is the king”, Su Xinqing explored a new way for dealers to choose products.
Trust is the foundation
Choose the right product, we must maintain the sales channel. Su Xinqing agent’s products mainly focus on offline channels, so it is particularly important to maintain the terminal relationship. Su Xinqing said: “if you want the terminal to cooperate, the most important thing is to bring profits to the terminal.”
First, choose a good product. Su Xinqing organized like-minded dealers to form the “new power alliance”, he said: “there are many people and great power. There are good products in the market. There will always be people in the alliance who know first. We will share resources and make concerted efforts to promote the market.” It is reported that the members of the “new power alliance” are all over the country’s major markets and occupy a pivotal position in the leisure food industry.
Secondly, we should do a good job in product promotion. How can a good product be known by more people? Of course, it’s product promotion. Su Xinqing will regularly organize tasting, promotion and other activities in the terminal channel to attract consumers and bring profits to the terminal. Only when we go out with our products can we attract consumers to come in.

Finally, be strict with yourself. Su Xinqing is strict with the team of pinshangfeng food. He explains: “only when his own strength is improved, can good products come to the door.” This has always been something Su Xinqing is proud of. He said: “if there are new products launched by the enterprises we cooperate with, they will tell us at the first time. This is mutual trust.”
Trust in products and channels has laid a solid foundation for Su Xinqing’s work.
and move forward steadily

The market scale of leisure food is still growing steadily, and the online penetration rate is increasing. Based on the huge consumer population and high purchase frequency, the leisure food industry in China has a large market space and is still in the growth stage.

For dealers, the booming leisure food industry just brings them a good growth environment. In this environment, dealers should master the skills of selecting products, and combine with Su Xinqing’s selection methods,

It can be summarized as follows:
1. Products have good growth and can make progress together with the company;
2. The company’s existing resources, capabilities and products complement each other and optimize the company’s product structure;
3. Competitive enterprises, brands, products and prices can only launch powerful products and grow together with dealers if they have strong strength; The manufacturer has good marketing idea, business model, market support and team execution. Su Xinqing believes that the most important thing to choose products is to choose manufacturers.
Dealers are the operators of product promotion, Su Xinqing said: “the leisure food market is growing in the sun, we will also stabilize sales, do a good job in product agency, and promote the better development of the market.”

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