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Unifying executives reflect on mainland business operation, Mengniu cheese business plans to inject mecolanto, Pepsi promotes new products of decaffeinated cola, New Zealand plans to ban live animals from exporting to the world, and Quanjude, Yanjing and new dairy have achieved good results

Hot company information and announcement


Chairman of uni president rethinks mainland business operation (Food Board)

In the past three years, uni president central control has been in a period of stagnant growth (from 2018 to 2020, the revenue will be 21.772 billion yuan, 22.02 billion yuan and 22.762 billion yuan respectively). Zhi Xian, chairman of uni president, explained that it has been filling the “lost part” of the two products that he was proud of. HaiZhiYan and Xiaoming, who fell from the peak, offset the positive growth of other products, so the overall income stagnated. “When I saw the high-rise buildings rise and collapse, I killed myself. The previous operation was too short-sighted, leading to a gap.” Luo Zhixian also reflected on some bad habits in the mainland market: being too impatient, hoping to quickly build explosive products, hoping to get rich overnight, so as to constantly consume each other internally. But fortunately, it has become a thing of the past. “Problems like returns have been basically solved, and the biggest loopholes have been filled in. This year, there will be more obvious growth performance.”

Yanjing Beer’s revenue and net profit will drop in 2020 (Interface)

Yanjing Beer today released the 2020 performance express and the first quarter performance forecast of 2021. According to the financial report, in 2020, the company realized an operating revenue of 10.928 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 4.71%; realized a net profit of 197 million yuan belonging to the shareholders of the listed company, a year-on-year decrease of 14.32%; and realized a beer sales volume of 3.5346 million kiloliters. In addition, in the first quarter of this year, the company’s net profit loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies ranged from 100 million yuan to 120 million yuan, a decrease of 126 million yuan to 146 million yuan over the same period of last year.

Quanjude releases first quarter performance forecast (company announcement)

Quanjude today released the performance forecast for the first quarter of 2021, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is expected to be – 48 million yuan to – 46 million yuan. Quanjude said that affected by the epidemic situation in the first quarter of 2021, the company’s sales of Jingmen stores and food recovered slowly, resulting in a loss in the first quarter.

New hope expects net profit of 120-180 million yuan in the first quarter (company announcement)

It is estimated that the sales price of live pigs in the reporting period of the company will decrease compared with the same period of last year. The main reason for the decline of the company’s performance in the reporting period is the rising cost of pig breeding combined with the rising price of feed raw materials and the impact of epidemic situation.


新乳业今天公告,2020年全年实现营业收入67.49亿元,同比增长18.92%;归属于母公司所有者的净利润2.71亿元,同比增长11.18%。同时,新乳业预计由于公司业务持续稳定向好,规模快速增长,以及寰美乳业并入合并范围的 影响,2021 年第一季度收入同比增幅超过 90%。

Mengniu promises to inject cheese business into mclardo (company announcement)

Miaolando announced yesterday that the transaction of non-public offering of shares to Inner Mongolia Mengniu and raising no more than 3 billion yuan is in the stage of review by the CSRC. Mengniu Dairy promises that after the completion of this transaction, on the premise that Inner Mongolia Mengniu is the controlling shareholder of the issuer, Mengniu Dairy will take miaolando as the operation platform of cheese business, and will trade the dairy products of Mengniu Dairy and its controlled enterprises including cheese and related raw materials (i.e. butter, vegetable oil, cream and cream cheese) within 2 years from the date of completion of this transaction Cheese business is injected into listed companies. Mengniu Dairy will ensure that miaolan will withdraw from liquid milk business through asset disposal and other means within 3 years from the date of completion of this issuance.

JUNLEBAO liquid milk project with an annual output of 260000 tons is expected to be put into operation this year

On April 12, Wei Lihua, chairman of JUNLEBAO dairy group, and other three people successively visited JUNLEBAO factory and JUNLEBAO ranch in Daming County, Handan City, and gave opinions on speeding up the construction progress of the project and ensuring the quality and safety of the project. It is said that the total investment of Handan JUNLEBAO liquid milk project with an annual output of 260000 tons is 590 million yuan, which is expected to be completed and put into operation this year; the factory mainly produces national student drinking milk, pure milk, prepared milk and other products. JUNLEBAO farm has a total investment of 350 million yuan to build a standardized dairy breeding base with 12000 cows. After the completion of the project, it can produce 80000 tons of fresh milk annually.

New Zealand milk powder brand gaopei will take new products to participate in consumer Expo (Hainan Daily)

According to Hainan Daily, New Zealand milk powder brand GoldMax will participate in the consumer Expo, bringing its series of products and a number of new products. “Duty free in Hainan Islands has brought us huge potential energy. In the past five years, the sales volume of gaopei milk powder duty-free shops has been growing.” Wu Suguo, President of Guojian group (gaopei), said.

Bright Dairy and jiajiayue cooperate to develop Shandong market (company news)

On April 11, the cooperation ceremony between Bright Dairy and jiajiayue was held in Shandong Province. The two sides will integrate superior resources, make use of jiajiayue’s network advantages in Shandong market, and jointly promote bright products to expand the market.  

Unauthorized use of academician Zhong Nanshan’s image for publicity: a metro mall in Guangzhou fined 200000 (headline in Beijing)

The first batch of false advertisements in 2021 in Beijing were announced today. Among them, Guangzhou Tianhe shopping mall of Metro Business Group Co., Ltd. could not prove that academician Zhong Nanshan had made relevant remarks, and the sign placed in the milk sales area was “listen to academician Zhong Nanshan, drink milk! Enhance immunity But it can’t prove the authenticity of academician Zhong Nanshan’s statement. The company was eventually fined 200000 yuan.

Help small and medium-sized catering enterprises, American food and Unilever food planning, and promote customized products (

According to the news of yesterday, after Unilever food planning and American cuisine jointly launched the first customized single product of fresh chicken essence of carriott in 2019, the second customized single product of carriott, which is extremely delicious, has been exclusively sold in American cuisine since April. It is understood that the customized product is a product jointly designed by American cuisine and Unilever catering for small and medium-sized catering users. Meicai is a domestic food supply chain enterprise, with 2 million precision small and medium-sized catering customers.

Meituan’s response to “there is a huge transfer of 300 million shares, and it is said that a major shareholder wants to sell off”: untrue (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton news yesterday, according to CCASS data, some investors have transferred more than 300 million shares or 5.12% of their real name shares to Goldman Sachs, which media speculates may be that major shareholders want to sell off. In response, meituan said: market related speculation is not true.

Meituan lost the lawsuit again due to unfair competition, and the new anti French internet article applies to takeout field for the first time (CFA)

The Huaian intermediate people’s Court of Jiangsu Province recently made a judgment on meituan’s unfair competition, according to the Financial Association today. This case is the first case of unfair competition infringement in the takeout field determined by applying Article 12 of the Anti Unfair Competition Law of the people’s Republic of China, which came into effect on January 1, 2018. According to the civil judgment, Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd. (meituan) will compensate Shanghai lazas Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hungry) 352000 yuan.

Hungry? Lost again due to unfair competition, forced merchants to choose one from the other (blue whale Finance)

According to blue whale financial news today, a shop in Wenzhou has been shut down because it refuses to be hungry. Recently, the Wenzhou intermediate people’s court ruled that the Wenzhou Branch of Shanghai lazas Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hungry) had unfair competition, and ordered it to compensate Beijing Sankuai Online Technology Co., Ltd. (meituan takeout) for the economic loss of 80000 yuan.

Beverage “under Hawthorn Tree” will be made in Bozhou (Bozhou Evening News)

On the morning of April 13, Bozhou mayor Du Yan’an met with Shan Yuming, chairman of Tianjin Guanfang Investment Group Co., Ltd. and his party to discuss the investment of Tianjin Guanfang investment group in Bozhou high tech Zone and witness the signing ceremony of project investment. It is reported that the company will invest 300 million yuan in Bozhou high tech Zone to build two advanced beverage production lines to produce the best-selling beverage “under the Hawthorn Tree”. After it is completed and put into operation, the annual output value will reach 1 billion yuan and the profit and tax will exceed 100 million yuan, contributing to the rapid economic development of Bozhou.

New takeaway delivery service (business information) in the business scope of Shunfeng affiliated company

According to industrial and commercial information, recently, Shenzhen Shunfeng intra city logistics Co., Ltd. changed its business scope and added delivery service. Shenzhen Shunfeng intra city logistics Co., Ltd. was established in October 2018 with a registered capital of about 698 million yuan. Its business scope includes international freight forwarding, logistics agency services, car rental, loading and unloading, delivery services, etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is 100% owned by Hangzhou Shunfeng Tongcheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

A new company was established in Qingdao by the affiliated company of daidaiyitao. The business scope includes fresh fruit retail (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton today’s news, tianyancha app shows that on April 12, Qingdao huiyixuan Technology Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 2 million, and its legal representative is Tu Changdong. Its business scope includes supply chain management services, Internet sales, electronic products sales, daily necessities sales, wholesale and retail of fresh fruits / vegetables, wholesale and retail of edible agricultural products, etc. The equity penetration chart shows that the company is wholly owned by Beijing Daily Yitao Sharing Technology Co., Ltd., and the suspected actual controller is Zeng bin, co-founder of daily Youxian.

FDA plans to limit arsenic, lead and mercury in baby food

The US Food and drug administration plans to limit arsenic, lead and mercury in baby food, US media reported today. “We recognize that the food that Americans want infants to eat contains zero toxic elements. In fact, because these elements exist in our air, water and soil, how low their levels need to be limited. “The agency said the FDA’s goal is to reduce arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury in these foods as much as possible.

Evian’s French tweet causes controversy (Figaro)

According to French media today news, local time 13, Evian France company in its twitter account issued a tweet: “if you drink 1 liter of Evian water today, please forward.” As it coincided with the first day of Ramadan, the tweet immediately caused controversy. Later, Yiyun sent out another tweet to apologize, saying it had no intention of provocation. However, this statement has also attracted attention. Some netizens are dissatisfied with its submission to the “threat”. Some netizens think that no matter which day it is, the brand has the freedom to publish information and spread.

Pepsi launches ESM magazine

Pepsi Max has launched a new decaffeinated cola and is said to be the first sugar free Cola series besides light Coca Cola, foreign media reported yesterday.

Aiming at outdoor consumption in summer, Diageo promotes new canned drink products (Foodbev)

Diageo recently launched a new canned ready to drink product in the UK, which is made of Gordon’s non-alcoholic spirits and tonic water, aiming at outdoor mobile scenes in summer, foreign media reported today.

Quick reading of food industry information


Infant formula milk powder in China is on the rise

From July 7 to 10, Tang Jun, deputy director of the State Administration of market supervision, and a group of six people went deep into Heilongjiang Province to investigate the production supervision of infant formula milk powder and other dairy products. Tang Jun, deputy director, pointed out that through this investigation and visit, we can feel that China’s infant formula milk powder is on the rise, is favored by the majority of consumers, and has a good development trend.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: global food prices have risen for ten consecutive months, among which dairy products have the largest price increase (Economic Daily)

According to a report released by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the prices of global food commodities rose for the tenth consecutive month in March this year, with vegetable oil and dairy products showing the biggest increase, the Economic Daily reported today. It is said that the FAO dairy price index in March was 3.9% higher than that in February. Due to the decline of production in Oceania and the scarcity of shipping container resources in Europe and North America, the import volume of Asia, especially China, surged, and the price of milk powder also rose.

New Zealand to ban live animal exports globally (Holstein magazine)

According to the WeChat public “Holstein HOLSTEINFARMER” news, the latest news from New Zealand media, in April 14th, the official account of New Zealand’s Ministry of industry officially announced that the export of live animals was banned in 2023. Damien O’Connor, the Minister of primary industry, confirmed that after a two-year transitional period, the ban would come into effect in 2023. According to Holstein, during the transition period, the New Zealand government strictly monitored the age of exported cattle and the safety level of ships. The article points out that 40% of China’s live cattle imports come from New Zealand, and the ban has a great impact on China’s new pasture construction.

Working meeting of dairy industry special committee of Jinbo Convention and Exhibition League (China International Import Expo)

Today, the member units of the dairy Professional Committee of the exhibitors’ Union of the 4th China International Fair and the dairy purchasers gather together to listen to the policy interpretation, discuss trade cooperation, look forward to the future development of the dairy industry and promote double circulation. At the meeting, Wang Lin, director of the special food safety supervision and Administration Department of Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, interpreted the regulatory policies for special foods such as infant formula milk powder. In addition, representatives of Nestle, Danone, Fonterra, A2 and other enterprises, as well as representatives of purchasing companies such as tmall global, Lianhua supermarket, Wal Mart and Guangyu food, held open discussions and sharing on product planning, channel layout and purchasing demand.

Major supermarkets in South Korea continue to stop selling Nissan seafood (industry express)

Busan, South Korea is closer to Japan, and it has been importing aquatic products from Japan by sea. After Japan decided to discharge nuclear sewage, merchants expressed dissatisfaction and concern one after another. South Korea’s supermarkets plan to continue not to sell Nissan seafood after Japan decided to drain the waste water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea, South Korea’s retail industry said on the 13th.

Last month, the US FDA revised the Japanese import warning (Wall Street News)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revised its 99-33 import warning again in March. The FDA stressed: “due to the public health problems related to radiation and nuclear pollution, FDA has strengthened its surveillance on Japanese controlled products.” According to the FDA announcement, the Japanese foods involved include: milk, butter, dried milk products; fish, sea urchins, clams and other marine biological products; meat, meat products and poultry (beef, boar, bear, deer, duck, rabbit and pheasant products); vegetables, citrus and grapefruit fruit kiwifruit and so on, involving Aomori, Fukushima, Miyagi, Nagano, Tochigi and other places.

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