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Chinese food wants to turn over.

Chinese fast food is popular, but it can do better.

The local chicken is on fire.

The rustic Chinese fast food chain will open 978 stores in 2020, just a few steps away from the “small target” of 1000 stores set by the chairman at the beginning of this year. In January 2021, Laoxiang chicken announced that it would open its first local store in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Yangzhou at the same time, which attracted the eyes of the people all over the country.

The cry piteously for food is not unusual for the long queue of dragon at the noon of the working day. The waiting guests are lined up in serpentine passages, waiting for the food.

A bowl of fresh stewed chicken soup, a small portion of pickled fish and a plate of stewed chicken with mushrooms are placed in a small bowl for each person. Diners can choose dishes by themselves and then check out.

Laoxiang chicken is the leading enterprise of Chinese fast food chain in the past two years, but it is not the only one on the track of Chinese fast food chain.

Rural foundation, Mr. rice, and real Kung Fu are also deeply cultivating their own industries. KFC, McDonald’s and other foreign fast food monopoly situation has been broken, domestic brands are hard bar foreign boss.

What are the new development ideas of Chinese fast food chain brands? Apart from white-collar lunch, what other varieties need to be developed? Can the current Chinese fast food be different from foreign fast food?

Eating in the daytime and dancing in the evening

Today, the name of Weiqian Ramen has long faded.

As a chain brand of ramen, Weiqian ramen, once popular all over the country, has been the main product line of ramen, but such a single product supply has encountered development difficulties in the process that people’s taste buds are constantly filled with fresh food. The lack of innovative taste and single product did not become a classic, but was rejected by many diners.

What’s more, these Chinese fast-food brands have robbed many businesses of Ajisen ramen.

As a result, many of its stores have closed down and its reputation has declined. The stock price of Ajisen China has dropped from HK $13 in 2011 to about HK $1 in 2021, and its market value has dropped by 92.2% in the past ten years. It is not too much to say that Ajisen China is on the verge of death.

Weiqian Ramen at a time of crisis can only learn from the past and find another way out. Recently, Weiqian Ramen Barbecue House officially opened, and the mixed mode of Japanese ramen and Japanese barbecue has become the desperate survival of this lonely giant.

Some cross-border operations are passive for survival, while others are active for breakthrough.

On the new year’s day of 2021, the first store of Laoxiang chicken in Shenzhen is also the first store in South China. It is located in the shopping mall in the CBD core area of Futian District. Whether it is a brand new decoration design or a unique business concept, it marks that the local chicken is no longer “a bowl of chicken soup in the world”.

First, from the perspective of store design, the first store in Shenzhen has abandoned the traditional green tone of native chicken and adopted rammed earth color instead, which complements the green plants planted on the open space in front of the store. At the same time, the design of seats is no longer the multi seat of “white-collar canteen” in the past, but divided into single seat, double seat, multi seat and outdoor dining seat, which meets the consumption demand of multi scene.

Second, from the perspective of business model, the restaurant is still a popular restaurant with good food during the day. At night, it turns into a fashion bar, with dozens of beers and ready-made cocktails on the market. The average person can enjoy nightlife for tens of yuan, which is full of attraction for night owls seeking cost performance.

In the process of modern people’s increasingly colorful life, people’s demand for food has long changed from full to good, interesting and pleasant. The business philosophy of mix and match is to attract a variety of customers, and then increase the efficiency and reduce the cost.

Of course, due to the great contrast between Chinese fast food and bars, I believe that while some diners shout “earth to the extreme is tide”, there must be other people who are hard to accept. It will be an important topic for the next stage to change the inherent concept of diners.

Chinese afternoon tea

It’s not just nighttime bars that need to change ideas, but Chinese afternoon tea.

Chinese afternoon tea, the name sounds familiar and strange.

At present, whether it’s local chicken, Mr. rice or other cutting-edge Chinese fast food chain brands, their mode is almost the same: they mainly make lunch on weekdays for white-collar workers, and assist in dinner on weekdays.

However, in addition to the lunch time on weekdays, the passenger flow in other time periods is rare, especially in the afternoon, there is always an obvious “business blank period”.

This has a strong relationship with people’s inherent consumption habits.

When it comes to afternoon tea, what comes to mind? Coffee shop or dessert shop? All in all, it won’t be a Chinese fast food restaurant.

In people’s impression, Chinese fast food and afternoon tea are incompatible. However, if you think about it carefully, you will find that the formation of this kind of thinking idea is actually caused by the objective environment for a long time.

In terms of the current configuration of Chinese fast food restaurants, it can be said that it is qualified or even excellent to serve as a white-collar canteen, but what can be eaten as afternoon tea? I’m afraid not. The lack of Chinese afternoon tea industry gives fast food chains a way of thinking: who can make Chinese afternoon tea flower, who may be able to win more than half.

Compared with the demands of fast, convenient and full management for working lunch, afternoon tea, as a consumption mode integrating leisure and business, pays more attention to delicacy. Therefore, it puts forward higher requirements for dishes in terms of appearance and taste. At the same time, it also needs to keep improving in the selection of tableware and the appearance of dishes.

Today, the reason why wanghong afternoon tea is popular depends largely on the store environment and the appearance of dishes. However, for chain fast food stores, it is more difficult for them to decorate all of them into the online red style, and the period of renovation is also longer. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to make an article on the dishes.

Moreover, the fast food chain stores in the early stage of development are often under great pressure in the supply chain, so it is difficult to spread out a large number of afternoon tea varieties in an all-round way, but it is feasible to focus on 2-3 categories and win the brand reputation.

In addition, if we make some homogeneous dessert drinks with the dessert shop, the winning rate is not high.

Since it is a Chinese fast food chain, we should consider doing some local flavor snacks with Chinese characteristics, such as meat hamburger, pancake fruit, pure tea drink and the crisp point with it.

These local snacks can not only be used as afternoon tea, if the sales volume is good, they can also be promoted to the breakfast period or even all day sales, so as to increase the take out and take out volume, so as to reduce the cost and increase the profit.

To talk about afternoon tea, there are more of the local flavor and local flavor.

“I’m always hungry after work. If there are egg cakes in the fast food restaurant, I’d like to buy a cushion. If it’s delicious, breakfast can be solved here. I don’t like western dim sum, but I like Chinese flavor. ” The idea of white-collar fish may represent many working people.

In addition, if you want to share a share with other dessert and beverage stores, Chinese fast food chains can also develop some differentiated varieties in popular categories, such as guzao milk tea and qufan Congjian milk tea.

The best example is the milk tea launched by Cuocuo hotpot.

The tabletop milk tea completely abandons the net red route, without all kinds of strange ingredients, milk cover and fruit tea. In the simple package, there are only milk tea with mellow taste and pearl that can be added, but it is more healthy and rich, which is very similar to the taste of our childhood, thus creating a new way to achieve a different successful product model.

Aiming at the business opportunity of Chinese afternoon tea, Laoxiang chicken opened up afternoon tea time in Shenzhen’s first store. Before 17:30 every day, there are all kinds of desserts, yoghurt, ice cream, milk tea and so on. The selection of utensils is more fashionable, which is suitable for putting pictures.

Some netizens in xiaohongshu have taken the lead in clocking in:

“When you come here, you must try the cabbage and coconut milk in the shop. It’s so colorful, nutritious and good to take photos! In addition to delicious drinks, there are also many delicious snacks to pick. I love the hand-made peanut crispy meat and pepper crispy meat here most. “

With the smell of the earth and the tide of China, this afternoon tea has been on the tip of the tongue.

The difficulty of supply chain, the art of cost performance

When we envision a bright future for Chinese fast food, we have to admit that as a low threshold industry, catering is easy to get started and hard to practice. Such as countless meteors falling down, there are few restaurants that can last as long as stars. If the catering industry wants to survive, or live beautifully, it must guarantee both quality and quantity.

For fast food, to ensure the supply chain is to ensure the quality of products; to ensure the cost performance is to ensure the quantity of customers.

The interpretation of these two problems by fast food companies will gradually widen the gap between them.

Problem 1: can the supply chain move forward with heavy load?

For a long time, the category of Chinese dim sum is no less than that of Western desserts. On the contrary, there are more kinds of materials for Chinese dim sum, and the styles of finished products are also varied. However, correspondingly, Chinese snacks such as Melaleuca pastry have higher requirements for knife work and cooking techniques.

Can the fast food supply chain control such complicated process and form a unified quality control mode? What is the quality of Chinese afternoon tea?

The same problem will gradually emerge in the daily dishes. Although Chinese fast food can supply 20-30 kinds of dishes, there are still some bottlenecks.

For the fast food chain, there must be a “ceiling” in the variety of dishes. After a long time, customers will inevitably feel “bored”, which is easy to follow the footsteps of Weiqian ramen.

Therefore, it is an important task for the design team to introduce the old and bring forth the new on a regular basis, and the construction of an excellent and complete supply chain team will be the key to the gap between enterprises and peers.

Problem 2: can cost performance sustain?

The vast majority of consumers choose to patronize Chinese fast food chain, one is fast, the second is suitable for Chinese stomach, the third is high cost performance.

On the one hand, as a fast food catering that takes the mass line, whether it can meet the consumption level of the vast majority of the working class is crucial; on the other hand, the so-called cost performance is also the result of businesses sacrificing profits to a certain extent. Such a business model has a strong dependence on passenger flow.

At the same time, compared with high-end restaurants, consumers are more sensitive to the price rise of fast food, so the price rise space of customers is very limited.

For these new Chinese fast food chains, if they enter the first tier cities or new first tier cities, most of them are located in large shopping malls with dense traffic, so the cost of renting is naturally more expensive. In addition, the rise of food material prices and labor costs also caused varying degrees of pressure on store operation.

In the future, with the continuous expansion of chain fast food track, there will always be new enterprises that are more willing to squeeze their own profit space. If you don’t have the same guarantee, you can kill a rookie and directly raise the cost performance to a new height. The “seven injury boxing” style routine of “burning money to encircle land” will still be an inevitable competition mode in the industry.

The competition of Chinese fast food chain industry is in full swing. The era of fast food has come, in which the eight immortals cross the sea to show their magic power.

However, it is interesting that the more competitive the industry is, the more consumers can enjoy the benefits.

Finally, in the process of track clearance and head concentration, we will finally get a more cost-effective and delicious choice of three meals, and we will also witness how this national trend on the tip of the tongue gets better and better.

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