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Dorimi jelly, Haagen Dazs in pudding

It’s not a waste of summer to have something to eat without any precaution or politeness? Emmmm… The most exciting food in summer is ice food! If there is a product that can be transported at room temperature and frozen for consumption, who can guarantee that it will not move? Anyway, don’t miss this summer!   In 2018, the emergence of Wangwang frozen craze realized the dual consumption of normal temperature and frozen food, became the best partner of consumers in hot weather, and led the development of an industry segment.   A6022
with the advent of the era of great health, simple frozen craze can no longer meet the changing needs of consumers. Jiangxi Huachen Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huachen food”) timely launched dorimi milk frozen pudding. On the basis of frozen craze, neutral reconstituted milk was added to meet the food needs of consumers, It also reduces the harm of traditional acid pudding to human body, causing hot business.  

shocked Shenzhen and Chengdu, attracting investment was very hot. In the spring of 2021, doremie jelly pudding made an amazing debut in Shenzhen, and then set off an upsurge of ordering in Chengdu. According to a staff member at the scene, during his trip to Shenzhen and Chengdu, he has recorded more than 500 customers with clear intention. After strict screening, brilliance has successfully signed more than 200 contracts with customers, and dealers across the country are still consulting.  
according to general manager Sun Guorong, a customer of Tianjin Shicheng BofA, duoruimi jelly was very optimistic at Shenzhen whole food exhibition. After it was actually introduced into the market, it broke out in Tianjin market. At present, the shipment volume reached more than 6000 pieces in April, and it is expected that the monthly sales will exceed 10000 pieces in the peak season of June to July. Nowadays, more and more dealers like general manager Sun Guorong choose dorimi jelly to grow together with brilliance food.  
after continuous struggle at the beginning of the new year, brilliance food has successfully entered Dazhang supermarket in Luoyang, Henan Province, and held in-depth discussions with Shandong Liqun supermarket system, Hebei Beiguo supermarket system, Henan pangdonglai supermarket system, etc. This also means that brilliance food has successfully entered North China and Northeast China, and will soon become the most “provocative” food this summer.    Frozen milk, Haagen Dazs
in the pudding industry, has just come out. Why can dorimi reconstituted milk pudding attract the attention of many dealers? What is the business logic behind this?   First of all, the production efficiency is high. So far, brilliance food is equipped with a total of 10 sets of equipment for production, ensuring 15 hours of operation every day. Zeng Kai, general manager, said: “we have been working all month in March to ensure quality and quantity, and strive to be the most solid support for our customers.” On the basis of ensuring product quality and improving product production quantity, brilliance’s move has been unanimously recognized by customers.  
secondly, although there are many pudding products on the market, their characteristics are not outstanding, while brilliance food is different. After sufficient market research, brilliance food takes “health” as an important key word for future brand communication and product characteristics, and introduces a new hybrid product with flow advantage – neutral and healthy dorimi reconstituted jelly. What is neutral? In the market dominated by acid pudding, the appearance of doremil neutral reconstituted milk pudding has become the first choice of many consumers pursuing health. As soon as the 320G / 4 pack of reconstituted milk pudding came out, it quickly exploded in the market and became a popular product. The single pack of reconstituted jelly followed closely and was welcomed by consumers. The outstanding characteristics make doremie neutral reconstituted milk pudding stand out among many brands.  
finally, advanced Japanese technology is adopted to ensure that the frozen reconstituted milk pudding has the frozen feeling of Wangzai milk. Dealers do long-term business, so dealers will also pay attention to the development prospect of products when selecting products. Brilliance food actively introduces advanced technology, seeks long-term development, and strives to be a solid backing for distributors.   Therefore, whether it is production capacity, market competitiveness or enterprise development prospects, brilliance food is the best choice for dealers. This also means that brilliance food has become one of the most potential players in China’s pudding industry.   With the further popularization of mobile Internet, more and more enterprises begin to march towards online red food. Eating, is not simply to fill the stomach, not to satisfy the greedy insects, eating, has risen to a kind of identity, is the performance of consumers’ pursuit of higher quality of life.  
it has become a daily life for young people to pursue online Red restaurants and online red food, and the circle of friends has become a “treasure land” for everyone to punch in online red food. In the face of this trend, Zeng Kai said: “in the later stage, we will also turn the reconstituted milk pudding into a popular online product, use online channels to promote products, open online channels and serve more young people.”

Source: Snack Express   Permission to reprint
Editor in chief:   Li Jun
Author:   Guo Jia  |  Editor: Song Guanchu

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Time: August 28-30, 2021
Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 181, convention and Exhibition Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province)
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Dorimi jelly, Haagen Dazs in pudding

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