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Why is there a circle in the middle of mints?

So much mints? Do you know what the hole up there does? what? No? I don’t believe it! How dare you say you haven’t eaten the mints on the bank counter and the hot pot barbecue counter? Anyway, it’s the one with a hole in it. The mint in my heart is it!
In fact, the first mint with a circle was not shouting “the mint with the hole” The road to success.
The first Mint factory with “circle” was a mint brand called life savers. At that time, in order to solve the problem that chocolate candy is easy to melt in summer, people thought of combining hard candy with mint, which not only has heat resistance, but also can bring cool taste to people in summer. This new candy is called “life savers”.

But do you know why mints are made into this shape? Good material fungus used to whistle when I was a child, but the point is definitely not to let you play!
There’s a hole. It’s safer!
Peppermint with ring will make you think of life buoy! is it? That’s right. This kind of mints doesn’t have a circle at first. Making a circle on the mints is actually for “breathing”!

Like many family safety stories you’ve heard, mints with no holes in the middle often get stuck in children’s throats, so there are many “mints massacres”. Many children died of suffocation due to improper chewing after eating this kind of mints.

So, the “lifeguard” sugar factory improved immediately. It made a hole in the middle of the mint. Even if it was in the throat, one could still breathe.
There’s a hole, it’s sweeter!
There’s another explanation for the ring on the mint, which sounds reasonable! The explanation comes from nuclear physicist Ron Davis, who explains the problem mathematically.
“The sweetness people feel when they eat candy is proportional to the rate at which it dissolves.” Because when people eat sugar, they feel sweet. In fact, the sweet molecules of candy are dissolving. The dissolving speed is directly proportional to the surface area. Ring shaped candy surface area increases, dissolves faster, and tastes sweeter.
There is a hole, more cool!
The next is the explanation from Baolu peppermint you know. This advertisement from Baolu in 1988 gives a direct answer. A hole is drilled in the peppermint, and then the green peppermint powder is sprayed on the round hole.
Spray Mint powder in the hollow cavity, effectively increase the coolness of mint candy! Yes, the reason why there is a hole in the middle of Baolu mints is that the manufacturer needs to apply Mint in the hole again during the process of making mints. Cool ~ it’s super cold, isn’t it

The original “lifeguard” mints fell apart after World War II, but Baolu seized the opportunity after World War II and called out “the minute with the hole”. So that’s how mints look with holes.

Did you have mints after lunch today?

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Why is there a circle in the middle of mints?

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