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Convenience store food, yyds!


the top 10 convenience store to save migrant workers, we found it!

In 2021, what is the most common dilemma for employees?

Probably the performance did not make much, but the weight rose against the trend. The reason is probably that the convenience store downstairs is so delicious.

As a fattening base in the workplace and a tea room for workers, convenience stores have become the most inseparable part of the workplace.

Every new season, the bustling colleagues in front of the shelves always make people exclaim, “can you still gather so many people to paddle?”, People even wonder if there is a “buy out convenience store in time” in their KPI.

What kind of delicious magic do these shops, which mainly sell satiety, possess? What kind of food can be called “convenience store food”? Standing in front of the shelves constantly tangled, how to take advantage of the opportunity to fish workers to buy delicious new models?

Through the microblog topic # recent favorite convenience store food #, we saw everyone’s cry for convenience store food and found a right way for convenience stores to find food.

Which foods a6301

Can be called “convenience store food”

Through the answers of netizens, we can clearly know that today’s “delicious” impression of convenience stores mostly comes from the packaged goods with the name of convenience stores and the ready-made food rolling in hot soup and iron bars.

Under the topic of microblog, the convenience store food most mentioned by netizens is rice ball. There’s no mistake. It’s the rice ball that can’t be torn or hot forever. Although that small piece of laver destroys countless people’s dream of perfect shape, it doesn’t prevent us from casting it into the food king of convenience stores.

But the question is, with so many convenience stores, which one should I buy? After semantic analysis of microblog, we found that the rice ball of the whole family won the most praise.

Netizens are generous in praising the whole family’s rice ball, such as the most direct “super delicious”, the “first choice for breakfast at school” full of scenes, and the simple “how to eat enough”.

After the family meal, 711 racers with sandwiches and Kanto cooking closely catch up. As the two soul tools of convenience stores, sandwiches and Kanto cooking are absolutely the best choices for fishing.

If you don’t have the habit of eating breakfast, a sandwich in a convenience store can soothe your hungry soul; If you are young and haven’t heard of Fei Xiang, a string of Kanto cooking will let you know what is called “a fire in winter”.

But a new question came. When the whole family and 711 dominated the top 3 food list of convenience stores, where did Rosen, who once made Nanjing people crazy about it, go?

The answer is that Rosen includes convenience store food from No. 4 to No. 9. And in the selection process of convenience store food, no product can be as good as Rosen’s cake.

In the light speed fattening track of cake, Rosen ice moon cake has won five times as high praise as the second place – complete strength“ In the microblog comment area, such a cry has already made people feel indignant and even resentful – “why doesn’t Rosen open a shop downstairs in our company?”

(photo source: microblog @ mengchiji)

However, even when you choose such a competitive product as ice moon cake, we also suggest that you pay attention to the taste and ingredients. After all, there are 1000 Harry Potter in a thousand people’s hearts about taste. But some of the tastes that are highly praised by the majority of the people may be the most difficult choices for you when you first choose them.

We still take the top ten convenience stores as an example to find the most popular food matching. For example, when choosing rice balls, we suggest you choose tuna triangle rice balls or heat an Orleans chicken leg rice balls; Eat Kanto cooking, you can first try radish, crispy sausage; When eating chicken food, the first choice is chicken chops, chicken legs and chicken kebabs. These collocations are not easy to step on.

On the whole, although there are many delicious food in convenience stores, if you want to better experience the delicious food in convenience stores, you might as well eat all these popular products that have won the most praise.

If you have eaten all these proved delicious food and want to continue to explore niche styles, or you can’t wait to try new products, maybe you can choose according to the previous experience and taste.

Want to be a convenience store gourmet

Sweetness is the first choice

What is a happy planet? Convenience stores are likely to be the happy planet. But if you want to choose delicious food on this planet, the most suitable flavor for you to explore is probably sweet.

Among all the comments with positive words such as “delicious” and “like”, we selected the top 10 most popular convenience stores among netizens. There are six ways of making them, all related to sweetness.

At present, convenience store gourmets love the most is “ice skin”. As a way to make ice cream with chocolate, Oreo, grapevine and whole strawberry, ice rind can add delicious buff to the ingredients.

Behind the ice rind is the “cream” that human beings love and hate. As the most painful delicacy in modern people’s life, every cream carries tears of human regret. But can this stop humans from greedily chewing cream? No, because the strawberry cream sandwich of Bristol, the 7-11 butter red bean casserole and Rosen’s cream privet will tell you what it means to be “fatter, happier”.

Judging from your comments, the dessert world without cream is like the famous detective Conan without Xiaolan, the bilibilibili without bullet screen and the Spring Festival without red envelope. Cream is definitely a hymn in the history of human food culture.

(photo source: microblog @ greedy eater)

Looking back, among the most popular ways of making things in convenience stores are curry and crispy bone, which are related to saltiness. For you who don’t want to eat sweet one day, it’s also a good choice to taste salty and delicious one day. According to Amway of netizens, the whole family’s Curry Pork Chop Rice and 7-11’s curry fish egg are all the best.

At the end of the list, we also found smoothies. Whether it’s the chocolate smoothie or the cheese strawberry smoothie of the whole family, this way of using ice to stimulate your taste will definitely be one of the reasons for you to maintain your weight in the coming summer.

To sum up, if you want to have a good time in the convenience store, your focus should not be on the healthy choice of “Wow, wild vegetable life is producing carrot juice again”. After all, how many healthy things are delicious?

Your attention may have to be focused on what makes you feel good.

Buy food at a convenience store

And these minefields you need to pay attention to

After talking about so many things that make people feel happy, it is necessary for us to give everyone a preventive injection – which foods in convenience stores need to be prepared before trying?

In the same way, we selected a series of negative emotion words from the comments of microblog and Douban “convenience store food” group, and applied these negative emotions to food. As a result, in the numerous praise, we also found some, it seems that is not so happy food.

In order to prevent you from stepping on the pit, we have summed up two key words.

First of all“ ×× Season. Convenience stores have different marketing plans every quarter. In recent years, the trend is to put on the shelves some seasonal limited products according to the flower and fruit season. But the key to selection is to buy convenience store’s own brand products and carefully select big brands.

For example, in the cherry blossom season, whether it’s cherry blossom tofu cake or Matcha Cherry Blossom Bobo cup, it can get a lot of praise. But the cherry flavored potato chips of Leshi, cherry ice cream of Menglong and strawberry chocolate of dove may all be the reasons for you to say goodbye to this promotion season.

(source: Douban)

Second, my friend, you can believe that convenience stores can mix different flavors very well, but it’s not necessarily a good thing that there are too many flavors added.

For example, ahuatian is sweet and delicious, and Bobo is sweet and delicious, but the combination of ahuatian and Bobo becomes a sweet product“ It seems that it’s the taste of ice cream, but the result is black cake embryo + Super greasy cream. It’s sweet to the throat, and the smell of cocoa butter goes straight to the head. ” Too sweet taste, more or less with the meaning of a little persuasion.

(source: Douban)

However, compared with the sense of massiness brought by the combination of various flavors, the bitterness of not being able to participate in the discussion of delicious food because there are no chain convenience stores such as the whole family, Rosen and 711 in the local area may be more uncomfortable. In the comments, there are many similar “please Jinan, open a convenience store like this, I really want to taste Rosen’s ice cake” and “when can there be a convenience store in Harbin! I’m so pissed off with complaints like “555.”.

In this way, compared with the migrant workers who can only order takeout on weekdays, the students who can only buy a steamed bun to satisfy their hunger before class can have a convenience store downstairs, which is already a kind of stable happiness.

But in the most simple desire of the hungry soul, if only the convenience store could keep full all the time. If the freezer is empty, Kanto is empty and Bento is gone, that is the real pain.

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Convenience store food, yyds!


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