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Mead Johnson’s latest empirical results reveal that it is the first patent formula of prebiotics regulating sleep mode

Recently, Mead Johnson disclosed the latest empirical results of its patented formula “PDX + gos long and short chain prebiotic combination”. A sleep study involving 161 infants was published in the world-famous scientific journal Pediatrics research recently. The results showed that the formula supplemented with PDX + gos long and short chain prebiotics could accelerate the maturity of infants’ sleep pattern, increase the waking time in the morning and reduce infants’ crying, especially at night.

“This study adopts a double-blind randomized controlled clinical study method to observe the effect of PDX + gos prebiotics combination on sleep health for the first time, which provides a new direction for the study of infant sleep pattern development.” Dr. Chen Liang, director of Greater China Medical Affairs of Mead Johnson, said that the combination of PDX + gos long and short chain prebiotics is a nutritional ingredient patented by Mead Johnson in many countries around the world, including China. At present, it has been used in the formula of Mead Johnson Lanzhen, platinum Rui and other mainstream milk powder products.

It is understood that the above clinical research on the relationship between infant intestinal nutrition and sleep began in 2014, led by Professor John Columbo of life span Institute of the University of Kansas, and participated by many international well-known research institutions, such as Department of nutrition of medical center of the University of Kansas, sleep and functional neurobiology Laboratory of Institute of nutrition and food technology of the University of Chile.

Dr. Chen Liang, director of medical affairs, Greater China, Mead Johnson

Data show that this study, with the help of intelligent sleep recording equipment and parents’ records, continued to observe from newborn to 112 days. The results showed that the infant formula supplemented with PDX + gos long and short chain prebiotics could accelerate the maturity of infant sleep pattern and reduce infant crying compared with ordinary formula.

It is worth noting that this is also the world’s first double-blind randomized controlled trial to explore the relationship between PDX + gos prebiotic combination formula and baby sleep pattern.

According to the Chinese sleep health guidelines for infants and young children, 20.87% of the children aged 0-5 years have sleep problems, which are characterized by difficulty in falling asleep, waking up at night, snoring and insufficient sleep. Experts pointed out that good sleep is not only the basis of growth and development, but also the development of sleep patterns is an important part of the development of the central nervous system.

Although scientific research on infant sleep has a long history, there are few studies on how intestinal nutrition and health affect infant sleep patterns.

“In the combination of PDX + GOS, gos mainly acts on the front end of the large intestine, which can improve the intestinal ecological balance. PDX acts on the whole colon, inhibits the intestinal harmful bacteria to a certain extent, and promotes the proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria. The combination of long-chain prebiotics and short-chain prebiotics breaks the limitation of pure short-chain prebiotics. At the same time, it plays a role through the mechanism of “gut brain axis” to regulate sleep patterns Chen Liang said that in Mead Johnson’s view, whether there is a solid scientific research foundation behind the formula and whether the benefits of the formula have been fully demonstrated scientifically are the key to judge the “gold content of scientific research” of infant formula.

Xiaoshidai learned that Mead Johnson’s platinum Rui had previously upgraded its milk source to A2 protein milk source. The company said that based on the original combination of PDX + gos long and short chain prebiotics, platinum Rui series selects A2 protein milk source from Europe, which is more conducive to the absorption of infants’ intestines.

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