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This is the innovation power of China’s food industry. Isee Innovation Award enterprise / person / technology [nomination Award] is announced!


on May 19, at the Isee night award ceremony, we went to the innovative social event of food people to witness the birth of the final award and celebrate the annual innovation achievements of the food and beverage industry.
“ New food era is coming!
We are experiencing the wave of digital reconstruction and new brands, and the speed of brand innovation and industry iteration is faster and faster. We deeply feel that “innovation” is subverting the traditional food and beverage industry, and the importance of innovation is increasingly recognized by the industry. Isee innovation award is honored to witness the top-down changes in the food industry, and hopes to provide an open innovation platform to work hand in hand with the industry to create a “new food era”.
All along, we respect products & innovation, and more respect the enterprises and people who strive for it. They deserve to be seen by the industry / business / consumers. Therefore, the third Isee innovation award is upgraded by the Chinese version of the Harvard Business Review on food strategic cooperation daily. It sets up three categories of awards: products / enterprises / people, to jointly explore and commend the enterprises and people in China’s food and beverage industry who have the courage to explore and practice, as well as their representative products, brands and technologies, and to gather the strength of the industry to speak out to the outside world.
On April 12, after the same stage PK of 400 + winning products, we officially announced the “top 100 innovative products Award” (click to see details). As of April 19, the registration channel for enterprise / character / innovative technology awards has also been officially closed. We have received 226 award cases, and we are surprised and moved by the industry innovation vitality behind them.
Then, in April 24th, the iSEE Innovation Award Committee composed of industry, business schools, think tanks, investors, scientific research institutions / University experts gathered in the creative and innovative Shanghai Center Tower to participate in the iSEE innovation awards final meeting, and conducted professional discussions and grading.
After summary and screening, the enterprise / person / technology [nomination Award] of Isee innovation award was officially announced today. At the same time, the Isee Innovation Award judging presidium will discuss and review the controversial cases. The final awards for products / enterprises / people will be officially announced at the Isee night award ceremony (the same period of foodaily fbic2021) on May 19. We are looking forward to witnessing the birth of the highest Innovation Award, spreading China’s food innovation and enabling China’s new food culture.
This article includes:
1. List of enterprise nomination Awards announced
2. List of nominations for people
3. List of technology category nominations announced
4. Isee night award ceremony notice
Enterprise nomination Award

Announcement of the list

The enterprise category awards set up two categories of awards: outstanding innovation practice and cutting-edge pioneer brand【 Outstanding innovation practice Award] is aimed at enterprises with excellent practice cases in leadership and change, strategy and implementation, innovation, merger and integration, marketing, operation management, organization and culture, corporate social responsibility, etc【 The “new pioneer brand award” is aimed at the track leaders who subvert the traditional categories or create new categories in the food and beverage industry. Let’s applaud the nominees who break through the fierce competition

Outstanding innovation practice nomination Award Announced


New pioneer brand nomination Award Announced
Nominations for people
Announcement of the list
The person category awards set up the “innovation person of the year award”, which aims to explore brand / category pioneers and new technology pioneers in the food and beverage industry.
Annual innovative person nomination Award Announced
Technology nomination Award
Announcement of the list
Isee night award ceremony notice
Congratulations to the above nominees again. In addition, we invite the above nominees / brands to attend the Isee night award ceremony from 18:00 to 21:00 on May 19, to witness the birth of the final product / enterprise / character awards with industries, business schools, think tanks, scientific research institutions, investors and media, Spread the innovation power of China’s food industry and celebrate the annual innovation achievements of the food and beverage industry (the nomination certificate will be presented at Isee night award ceremony).
In addition, if you are interested in foodaily fbic2021 (May 19-21), which will be held at the same time as Isee night award ceremony, you are also welcome to consult and register. We offer a discount of 7.50% for the above Isee Innovation Award nominating enterprises.
At foodaily fbic2021, foodaily will gather 2400 + SKUs of the world’s most innovative products, 500 + world’s best brands, 1500 + product decision makers, and 100 + industry leaders based on its insight into global innovation in the past year to bring the industry an innovation feast of [stage of innovative products] x [food Developers Conference] x [top product social circle], starting from products, Bring innovation dry goods and innovation practice from different dimensions.
For details of foodaily fbic2021, click to view details:
Highlights of foodaily 2021 global food and beverage Innovation Conference
At present, Yili, Mengniu, Nestle, Mars, Yizi, Pepsi, greeco, Meiji, JUNLEBAO, Amway, Tomson, Beijian, Yuanqi forest, Wahaha, carrer’s, xiaocan tea, Naixue’s tea, new hope, Zhengda, YIHAI KERRY, Wugu mill, Herbalife, Tailai, rogate, novozyme, epspice, spinger, biregie and other 300 + enterprises are here.
In order to ensure the sense of experience of all participants, we also limited the number of participants to 1500.
Contact: Jane
Mobile: 187 6194 2027
Contact: Betty
Mobile: 183 6250 6360
Joining the community: Cherry (wechat: 15240428449);
Business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246).
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This is the innovation power of China’s food industry. Isee Innovation Award enterprise / person / technology [nomination Award] is announced!
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