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5000 words to explain the private operation method of Xicha


with a small program, hi tea will be online and offline. In addition to improving sales volume and revenue, Xicha can also conduct data analysis on users’ purchase behavior, refine consumers’ consumption granularity and deepen the link with consumers while obtaining users’ portraits.

A few days ago, when I was brushing the news, I found that there were more than 35 million app members who liked tea!

According to official data, as of the first quarter of 2021, the number of members of the app hi tea go has exceeded 35 million, with 81% of online orders.
If you don’t have any concept, let’s compare Starbucks. At present, TA’s membership data in China is 15.4 million, less than half of that of Xi cha.
Hi tea small program has done so well???
With doubts, I came back to check the relevant information and found that Xicha was the originator of the small program in the tea industry. Before Ruixing started the small program, Ta had already launched Xicha go.
Now, Xicha not only makes the small program prosperous, but also relies on the small program to be the first in the tea industry
How does Xicha do it?
In this article, let’s dig out the secrets behind the private operation of Xi tea.
Want to do a small program, the first step is to do the user’s basic disk.
So, where does the flow of hi tea come from?
1) Offline store drainage
For Xicha, which has nearly 1000 offline stores, drainage of course starts from the stores.
① Small program starts early
When we look back at the development of Xicha, we will find that there is a problem that has bought a big hidden danger for the growth of Xicha – queuing.

In the short term, queuing may create momentum for a brand and give people a sense of popularity of the brand; But in the long run, people other than loyal users are likely to be blocked by long queues.


In order to deal with this problem, hi tea launched a small program hi tea go in May of the first half of 2018.
How early is it?
Xi tea is more than three months earlier than Ruixing, who made his fortune by online fission; Starbucks didn’t have a small app until 2020.
Although the initial launch of the small program hi tea go is to solve the queuing problem, but because of the early admission, hi tea has unconsciously accumulated a large amount of private domain traffic through the small program order.

Up to now, the number of members of hi tea go has exceeded 35 million.

A 6031 2 store assistance is well done
In order to further promote small programs offline, Xicha has also launched a go fast-selling store dedicated to small programs.
These stores are often small in size, and the windows at the door and inside the store are full of QR codes of small programs.
Every time the user enters the store, the assistant will remind him that the store can only place an order through a small program.
In this way, through a large number of fast-selling stores, Xicha can transfer its huge offline user group to small programs.
In addition, in the experience store of Xi Cha, the shop assistant will also give voice guidance to the users
For example, when queuing up to order, the shop assistant will remind the user that if you mind queuing up, you can use a small program to place an order, which is convenient and fast
2) Online own traffic
The most convenient thing to bring small programs to draining is the WeChat official account with the ecology. So the binding between official account and small program is inevitable and obvious.
Official account menu bar settings
The official account of WeChat, a little tea, can find the go of the small program in the menu of the official account. Click to jump to the small program.
② The article picture has its own jump link
In addition to the obvious settings of the menu bar, hi tea also contains a lot of caution in every push.
The user portrait of hi tea has always been a young group with fashionable personality. They often have a high demand for “texture”. Therefore, the pictures pushed by the public official account are all full of style and beauty.
Most importantly, each of these exquisite and beautiful products has its own jump link.
Think about it. Just one second ago, after watching the new season’s tea ranking, the next second you click on the picture will automatically jump to the product page.
Is the drainage efficiency improved every minute!
With the flow, how to maximize the transformation of users in the small program?
As we all know, the process of placing an order in a small program is not complicated. Open the page of the small program, then start to purchase, and finally pay for the order.
However, even with such a simple step, Xicha can put in countless tips to transform you.
1) Home page: set off atmosphere and guide consumption
General small program home page, or like Starbucks and Naixue tea, as much as possible to highlight their various activities, to attract customers;
Or, like lucky, put more content into the home page space as much as possible, and make full use of the advantage of the home page to undertake the “user’s first sight”.
But I found that the contents of the home page of hi tea are different from those of Ta
① Beautiful product Poster
A little bit of Jinxi tea app home page, you will find that nearly half of the space is a variety of new product posters.
These posters are beautifully composed and have all kinds of price introductions.
In my opinion, Xicha takes up a lot of space on the front page to arrange posters. There are two reasons for this design:
On the one hand, through the rich texture of product posters, set off the atmosphere, enhance the user’s desire to buy, establish a delicate brand image.
On the other hand, the poster copy repeatedly emphasizes the “natural and fresh” of raw materials. For example, the poster of succulent grape says “hand peeled” and the poster of succulent bayberry says “picking bayberry in early summer”.
These copywriters have repeatedly hinted to users that the materials of hi tea are very good and fresh.
There is a theory behind Xi Cha’s doing so——
According to the Goebbels effect, we know that when a point of view is repeatedly repeated, it will become fixed thinking.
In other words, when Xicha brainwashes users repeatedly and my materials are very good and fresh, users will really accept this information and think that the quality of Xicha is very good!
In this way, it not only strengthens the high-quality brand positioning of Xicha, but also improves the user’s brand preference for Xicha.
② Eye catching ways to buy
In addition to the poster, occupy the largest page is the way to buy.
It can be said that the copywriting below the purchase channel is directly hitting the pain point of users.
For example, when a store takes down a copy from itself, it is “order without queuing”, which can be said to be one of the most painful points of tea loving; The next delivery document is “contactless delivery” to meet the needs of the epidemic.
In addition, Xicha has also developed other online consumption modes, i.e. friend shopping. Through the single, not only reduce the distribution cost of hi tea, but also let users enjoy the benefits.
2) Shopping: fine operation drives growth
Whether the user takes it or accepts the delivery, they will eventually jump to the purchase page of hi tea. On this page, Xicha is also full of caution machines.
① Shopping page for thousands of people
The purchase page of hi tea app presents different arrangement according to different users and stores, which can be called thousands of stores.
First of all, due to the different use of raw materials in different stores, not all stores are the same.
For example, some stores may run out of grapes, so if users locate the store, they will not see succulent grapes on the recommendation interface, but recommend other more popular tea drinks.
For stores, each store can have its own main products in the corresponding period; For users, it can also avoid the embarrassing situation of no goods after placing an order.
Secondly, according to the new and old users, the vertical screen menu bar of the applet is also different.

For new users, like tea will often be popular drink list in front.


Because new users may not know how to choose a large number of drinks, what they need to do is to reduce the difficulty of users’ choice, so that users can complete their first purchase as soon as possible, and feel “aha moment”.
The most popular drink list is made up of 10 popular drinks with the largest sales volume each month. Among them, “succulent grape”, which ranks first in many months, is the first cup of hi tea for most people.
It is easier to attract new users to create popular models, especially those with popularity, so as to drive growth.
For old users, like tea is to put new product recommendation and seasonal restrictions in front.
Because tea is a low decision cycle consumer goods, for old users, continuous sensory stimulation is very important. In order to attract old users all the time, we should focus on creating freshness, continuously develop new products, and update and iterate the menu.

Through the refined operation of different stores and new and old users, Xicha not only provides good shopping experience for users, but also attracts new users to taste new products and improves the life cycle of old users.

② Fine to the extreme single product page
When the user selects a tea drink according to the recommendation, you can also click on the detailed page of the tea drink to learn more about it.
First of all, each tea product page is a white background color drawing, the second page is the physical picture.
What is the purpose of this?
「 The “primacy effect” tells us that the first impression is often the strongest and lasts the longest. The color drawing looks more delicate and beautiful, and gives users a better first impression.
In addition, this kind of white background without scenery can highlight the central selling point. For example, the selling point of “Zhizhi raspberry” is the production of fresh strawberries, which is also helpful for users to choose.
Secondly, Xicha has made a very detailed division on the product taste.
Take the example of Naixue’s tea, which belongs to Xicha’s “Duijia”. Naixue’s taste is only divided into three aspects: tea base, temperature and sugar content.
However, Xicha is divided into seven parts: state, ice content, sweetness, tea base, ingredients, taste and whether the top ingredients are packed separately.
In this way, Xicha allows users to enjoy customized services to the maximum extent, and solves the problem of “hard to tune”.
Finally, through the real product evaluation under the single product page, users can intuitively see the feedback of other users.
On the one hand, it provides users with reliable reference and enhances the brand favor; On the other hand, because users can comment freely, it also forces stores to keep vigilant and pay attention to product quality.
The ultimate goal of hi tea is that the introduction page of each drink must be done, so that users can immediately understand all aspects of this drink without going to offline stores, place orders according to their own needs, and get a cup of their own exclusive tea.
3) Placing an order: improving experience and balancing resources
In order to solve the problem of queuing, Xicha also launched the order progress bar on the small program.
As long as you place an order on the app, the app will automatically screen out the nearest stores for you. There will be progress bars under each store to show how many orders you have in front of you and how many cups you have in the production process.
In this way, users can arrange their own time reasonably, share the production pressure of those popular stores, and avoid the uneven distribution of resources.
In addition, if there are too many cups in the shop, in order not to delay the user’s time, the app will automatically display “busy tea making, you can only buy snacks and ice cream”;
When the production pressure is reduced, the app will send you a reminder message to show that you can place an order.
Finally, we can make a summary for the small program
Improve retention through membership system
As we all know, tea drinking is a scene with high frequency and low demand intensity.
Then, the establishment of user incentive system plays an important role in prolonging the life cycle of users and improving the re purchase rate of users.
To this end, hi tea is full of details in the membership system.
Members who like tea can be divided into ordinary “go members” and paid “planet members”. As long as you scan the code into the small program, authorized login, will automatically become a go member.
If you want to become a “planet member”, you need to pay. It is divided into six levels. You can see the picture:
1) Convert ordinary members into paid members
So, how does Xi Cha make users buy planet members?
The most important point is that it will sell members when users need special rights most.
For example, some shop assistants will catch those queuing users:
Now, if you open a star member, you can get two priority coupons (you don’t have to wait in line, you can make them first). In addition, you can get two free shipping coupons, two buy two get one free
According to my observation in the store, many people have paid for the card here, because the “priority coupon” can hit the pain point directly without queuing up.
For another example, the shop assistants will remind users when they place an order:
Ah, you have a lot of points here, but you are an ordinary user. You can only accumulate one point for two yuan, which is a bit of a loss. Do you want to help you open a planet paid member, so that you can double your points every time you spend.

You can try it for only one month. According to your latest frequency, it’s definitely cheaper.

You see, compared with “uneconomic” go members, from the perspective of saving money for users, the success rate will be greatly improved.
2) Improve the ARPU value of paid members by using member level design
① Promotion difficulty
The members of Xi Cha are divided into six grades: silver, gold, platinum, diamond, black gold and black diamond. At first glance, it is more difficult for the members to advance than to climb the Sichuan Road, but Xi Cha will let you go up unconsciously.
After you open a paid member, you are a silver member. At this time, the system will give you 200 points directly. When you use up the coupons sent by Xi Cha, you will find that you are already gold???
How about it? Is it easier than the golden rank in the king.
After deducting the points given by the system, it only costs 300 yuan to upgrade from silver to gold, but it costs 1200 yuan to upgrade from gold to platinum.
Therefore, in order to reduce the difficulty, the hi tea party will launch various “bonus points” or “bonus points doubling” activities from time to time, such as doubling bonus points on goddess day, selecting lucky users to give triple bonus points on their birthday
In addition, we all know that many businesses will update the member’s QR code in real time to prohibit users from lending members through screenshots.
Different from these businesses, in order to encourage users to save points and improve consumption power, Xi Cha not only does not limit “borrowing members”, but also introduces star membership entity card, which can accumulate points as long as you swipe the card.
In this way, users can lend their cards to their colleagues and friends for consumption (just provide the card number), so that they can enjoy the discount and keep increasing their points.
② Membership rights
In terms of card opening (star member) benefits, Xicha has made the most of the discount, giving two priority coupons (no need to line up, priority production), two free shipping coupons, and two buy two get one free coupons.
First of all, preferential coupons are one of the selling points of hitcha membership cards, which can directly hit the pain point where users don’t want to queue up.
Secondly, through free shipping coupons and buy two get one free coupons, it can not only improve the user’s order frequency in small programs, but also help to pull new customers.
Finally, these coupons are time limited coupons, which force users to spend as many times as possible in a short time, and further transform them into mature users.
However, after observation, I found that Xicha did not do well in the setting of promotion rights.
The most obvious problem is that the division of rights and interests is not obvious.
For example, from gold (accumulated 500 points) to platinum stone members (accumulated 2000 points), it will cost at least more than 1000 yuan. However, in fact, platinum only adds one coupon for every three points compared with gold, which is similar to several coupons.
For another example, from diamond (accumulated points over 4000) to black gold members (accumulated points over 7000), the rights and interests enjoyed by users are almost the same, only the number of coupons has changed.
There is little difference in member level benefits, which also hurt the promotion motivation of users to a certain extent.
Finally, we can make a summary of the membership strategy of hi tea
In fact, in the final analysis, hi tea is doing hierarchical operation for different user groups.
For ordinary users, what Xicha needs to do is to guide them to log in to small programs, reduce the standard of ordinary members, and expand the membership base of Xicha;
For loyal users, what Xicha should do is to further improve the loyalty of users, extend the life cycle of these users, and improve their ARPU value as much as possible through payment and the noble experience brought by payment.
But when I wrote this tweet, I also found that the membership rights and payment methods of Xi Cha often change
For example, sometimes paid members can pay quarterly, sometimes not;
For another example, in the early days, the annual fee paid by members was generally 150-10, but later it became 80-5… Not only the annual fee paid, but also other rights and interests changed frequently.
Member welfare is not stable, it is easy to hurt loyal customers, causing everyone’s dissatisfaction.
If you want to do a good job in the membership system, the rights and interests of members are the key point. Only when you choose a suitable practical interest and convenient way for members, can you attract members to cohere in the products for a long time and become loyal users.
Before the launch of the app, Xicha had only offline data. When users bought a drink, they didn’t leave many traces.
But with a small program, hi tea will be online and offline.
In addition to improving sales volume and revenue, Xicha can also conduct data analysis on users’ purchase behavior, refine consumers’ consumption granularity and deepen the link with consumers while obtaining users’ portraits.
Of course, it’s not just the small programs that make Xi Cha so successful. However, a series of operations and forward-looking operations on small programs are worth learning.
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5000 words to explain the private operation method of Xicha
而喜茶从状态、冰量、甜度、茶底、加料、口味和顶料是否分装等 7 方面,做了极度细致的划分。



喜茶的会员分为普通的「 go会员」和付费的「星球会员」两种。只要你扫码进入小程序,授权登录,就会自动成为 go会员。
想成为「星球会员」则需要付费,它又分为 6 级,大家可以看图:


你看,以“不划算”的 go会员作为锚点对比,从为用户省钱的角度出发好意提醒,成功率当然会大大提高。


① 晋级难度
喜茶的会员分为白银、黄金、铂金、钻石、黑金和黑钻 6 个等级,乍一看这会员晋级之路,比爬蜀道还难,但是喜茶会让你在不知不觉间就上去了。
开通付费会员以后,你就是白银会员了,这时系统直接就会给你 200 积分,当你把喜茶送的几张优惠券用完以后,你会发现,自己居然已经是黄金了???
扣掉系统赠送的积分,从白银升到黄金,只需要 300 元,但是从黄金升到铂金却需要 1200 元。
因此,为了降低难度,喜茶会不定期推出各种各样的「积分赠送」 or 「积分翻倍」活动,比如女神节当天翻倍积分,抽选幸运用户生日当天送三倍积分……

② 会员权益
再比如,早先开年费会员送的满减券一般是 150-10,后来就变成了满 80-5……不仅满减券,其他权益也经常变化。



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