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No new consumer leader with high potential energy brand is cost-effective


How to give products more sense of value without being scolded by consumers has become the key factor for new consumer enterprises to win.


In recent years, the momentum of consumption upgrading is booming. The new consumption track represented by new tea, new snacks, new toys and so on has run out one brand and enterprise after another. Such as Xicha, Naixue, Zhong Xuegao, Yuanqi forest, paopaomate, etc.

Throughout these enterprises, it is not difficult to find that these top enterprises have a high brand premium.

Many people in the industry said: “the new consumption upgrade is not to sell cheap goods more expensive, but to sell more advanced.”

Many enterprises are used to setting the price according to the value and think that only good products can be sold more expensive. In the classic marketing theory, customers see value through price, they will think that expensive is good.

So how to give the product more sense of value without being scolded by consumers has become the key factor for new consumer enterprises to win.


Super Premium piece

At the beginning of summer every year, milk tea is a hot season for cold drinks, and it is also the season for fruits to come on the market. But the price contrast between raw materials and products is often surprising.

For example, the watermelon products launched by Xicha and LeLe tea, with milk cover on the top and tea and watermelon meat on the bottom, sell for nearly 30 yuan each.

Generally speaking, watermelon is very seasonable, very affordable, holding half to eat to support is a must have a good time in summer. But to put it in the drink, the problem is obvious – the sense of value is too low.

A few yuan a Jin, and how much can be used in a drink, consumers know. How to make consumers feel value for money if they want to sell 30 cups?

Compared with milk tea, zhongxuegao, a brand of wanghong ice cream, is a good hand at creating a high premium. The price of a single product is mostly around 20 yuan.

At such a high price, it sold out an ice cream called “Ecuadorian pink diamond” on the double 11 of 2018, which cost 66 yuan per piece and sold out 20000 pieces in 15 hours.

This ice cream brand, established in March 2018, sold the low-cost products in everyone’s impression at a high price, and obtained the angel round financing of Jingwei China in July that year.

Why can hi tea and LeLe tea be sold at high prices? Can Zhong Xuegao sell an ice cream for 66 yuan? How to sell a low value product at a high price?

  Ecuadorian diamond ice cream at 66 yuan / piece

“Packaging” is the first step to embody the sense of value

The so-called sense of value and high-level is to exceed consumer expectations. Generally speaking, it is to be able to “package”.

First of all, let consumers understand that the “bargains” you sell are not low-end.

From Zhong Xuegao’s official flagship store, we can see that the current product tastes include velvety cocoa, old tree North Matcha, light milk, brewed red hand boiled jasmine, Ghana black gold and other flavors, with a sense of luxury in the name.

In terms of raw materials, Zhong Xuegao mainly added zero, low sugar, low fat, and the taste will not be too sweet and greasy. Similarly, new tea drinks will sell a cup of products to more than 20 yuan, and they will also put XX brand milk, tea from Taiwan and other concepts on the bar.

Before that, Naixue also sold 32 yuan / cup of domineering gold kiwifruit, 33 yuan / cup of domineering chelizi, 58 yuan / cup of domineering bamboo, 48 yuan / cup of domineering durian king and 88 yuan / cup of domineering Cat Mountain King. Golden kiwifruit and maoshanwang durian are all “high-end goods” in fruits.

The watermelon products launched by Lele tea and Youcha are made of Qilin melons with good quality. The people who often eat melons can get a sense of value at once – they use raw materials to show “good” and make consumers feel value.

Secondly, let consumers see at a glance that the added value of expensive products is very high.

Good raw material is the connotation, repeatedly stressed the need to rely on a large number of communication channels, energy consumption. A more direct way is to “do it.”.

Naixue’s tea and two durian drinks are packaged with a small crown. Aloe Vera and crispy Bobo are added to the succulent melon that likes tea, and Manna is added to the watermelon cheese of Lele tea, which increases the sense of chewing, which is the embodiment of value.

The amount of milk tea in the lower layer is less than 500ml, which is less than the capacity of normal milk tea. However, the top layer is made of cream and nuts, which is layered and rich, and will only make consumers feel that it is not enough to drink.

Tea Yan Yue color launched glass products, is its rare fruit tea, priced 17 yuan, more expensive than the signboard.

It took a long time to think about it before putting it on the shelves, and finally showed Sincerity: put a whole sunkish lemon in a cup of lemon tea. It is understood that the cost of a single lemon is 5 yuan. Even if consumers don’t know, they will understand when they see lemons.

Lu Liang, founder of chayan Yuese, said, “where does chayan win? It’s the price of 15 yuan and the quality of 30 yuan. Do we have to give consumers the experience of 40 yuan when we sell 20 yuan?”

After selling the ice cream from 5 yuan to 20 yuan, Zhong Xuegao has also changed its appearance: the packaging is simple, and the product form is made into tiles of Chinese elements, all of which are to highlight the high-level sense.

The inner ice cream stick is made of degradable straw, which is in line with the national food standard. It has a kind of light and sweet wheat straw. Safety is also an element that enables consumers to pay.


In addition to the above, there are two other tips: environment and service. Gorgeous chandeliers, rattan wooden chairs, fashionable walls, decorative paintings… This high-quality dining environment will make many young people can’t help taking photos to share. Coupled with the “artificial + intelligent” service in the store, it will create the effect of transferring customer experience beyond expectation.



“Sphere” marketing: net red + time = brand

Many people say that the name “Zhong Xuegao” is very strange. Does it have any meaning? Zhong Xuegao’s official explanation is: No, it’s the Chinese people’s own quality ice-cream, the Huizi pattern of tiles, returning to the natural state. No meaning, no label.

Don’t worry about labeling, is a new brand in the growth period to maximize the way to get fans.

In the past, there was no big data and no understanding of Internet thinking. The logic of brand building was “rigid brand”. The brand side labeled itself, preset its image, and then continuously invested in and consolidated its image. Zhong Xuegao has no label. He can cooperate with the Forbidden City in Chinese style, and he can also have a strong “locomotive style”. He has rich personality and no narrow common characteristics.

Any user may have 1000 labels. Brands don’t have to worry about positioning themselves. They should do their duty well and make their products delicious. They don’t have to raise the ice cream to any height.

On this basis, users will label you, such as fun, cool, expensive and so on. At the beginning, you don’t need to distinguish which is and which is not. When there are 10 million or 20 million users who label you with tens of millions of labels, we will find that these labels have something in common. That is what you really look like. You are more authentic and have no barriers with customers.

This kind of brand strategy is a kind of spherical and flexible strategy, with the core quality unchanged and other people constantly adjusting.

The a positioning of rigid strategy is self pasting, while the B positioning of spherical strategy is constantly refined by others; At present, B’s practice may be better and more in line with the personalized needs of young people.

At first, Zhong Xuegao’s label was “net red”. The only way which must be passed tiktok Kwai, Tmall, micro-blog, BiliBili and so on, has become the channel for users to get information. It is known to every family on the Internet. This is the only way to make a brand. It’s the most terrible thing to ask for a red net.

How to be a “net red” brand? From Zhong Xuegao’s experience, there are three key points

First, product breakthroughs. No matter the name, quality or special stick, some small details give consumers different cognition.

Secondly, content breakthrough. Instead of making up stories, there are hidden topics in products, raw materials, prices, flavors and environmental protection packaging, which can be fermented after discussion by people from all walks of life.

Finally, external momentum. You can go to stars and anchors to spread products and build momentum on the outside.

Do two of them well, you can become “net red”.

It’s not difficult to be a net star. What’s more, it’s no longer opportunistic. Zhong Xuegao never thought about tearing off the “net red” label. Net red + time = brand. The future of “net red” depends on two things:

1、 The quality is stable. Stable quality is a relative value, not an absolute value. If the product score is 80 in consumers’ mind now, more new brands will appear next year, and the product score may only be 70. At this time, we should make the product better and return to 80. This is a dynamic process.

2、 Continuous innovation. Stability is to maintain old customers, innovation is to pull new. Innovation is not a change of taste or packaging. It doesn’t make much sense. The real innovation is to create new values, new environment, scenes and habits, or to do some forward-looking projects, such as products that can balance the intestines, products suitable for diabetics and so on.

Many people talk about Zhong Xuegao’s marketing and think it’s just a corner of the water. It can turn the brand into a net red, but it won’t last long.

For Internet marketing, we should pay attention to the value of three-dimensional traffic. The original traffic is single, but today’s traffic is three-dimensional. We must find a core force, and then match other traffic, instead of doing it together.

Taking Zhong Xuegao as an example, xiaohongshu was a good platform in 2018. Zhong Xuegao concentrated on deep penetration, found a large number of internal employees of xiaohongshu to try to eat, let them “plant grass”, and then made an overall promotion strategy around xiaohongshu to drive the brand with KOL; In two years, if we find that there is a new platform and the traffic is dynamic, we will take the new platform as the core.

Many brands will rely on a single flow such as wechat or tmall, or some brands go hand in hand, invest in everything and fail to do it well. In fact, there will be problems.


Delicious is the bottom line: only do yourself well, not cater to

“You can’t ask me for the price of chicken essence when you want to drink the soup stewed by an old hen.” In all the comments about Zhong Xuegao, there is a saying: besides being expensive, there are no shortcomings.

From the price point of view, some products with a cost of less than 7 Jiao have a factory price of 1 yuan and a market price of 6 or 7 yuan, almost 10 times the premium. They are not necessarily healthy and delicious. Zhong Xue’s high cost is at least five times that of ordinary products. The cost of 4-5 yuan, the unit price of 12, 15 and 18 yuan, is only about three times the premium. It’s healthy and delicious.

In fact, many old tastes and good things with high quality are defeated in the process of price comparison and cost performance.


There is no bottom line for cost performance. Even if Zhong Xuegao now costs 5 yuan, some people will say it’s expensive. Historically, none of the brands that can go through different business cycles and come down all the way are cost-effective.

Zhong Xuegao’s consumers are mainly women aged 27-35, with a family and a good occupational distribution. Zhong Xuegao’s brand doesn’t have to work hard in a certain direction. It’s more about facing consumers than catering to them, because catering needs to change a lot of things, including reducing the quality and influencing the brand.

For Zhong Xuegao, there are several key points that he thought very clearly.

First of all, use good materials. Zhong Xuegao’s products, in addition to the particularity of chocolate flavor raw materials, do not add food additives, stabilizers, preservatives, etc. Dairy products and cream come from repeated tests. It is normal for a material to be tested 70 times.

The use of environmental protection stick is also the characteristic of Zhong Xuegao. It is the most basic for food enterprises to make their products delicious. We need to know how to make our products more popular. The use of straw environmental protection stick is just like this. Advocating environmental protection has also brought consumers more attention.


The price of traditional ice cream mold is 30000-80000, and Zhong Xuegao’s tile mold is better than hundreds of thousands. The mold technology is difficult. The arc and interface angle have high requirements for the accuracy of electric welding and the quality of mold workers. Zhong Xuegao found a small factory to make stick labels and provided management and financial support to standardize their production. Before the product was presented, nearly 20 million yuan was invested in the construction of the supply chain.

A lot of technological things can’t be made with technology and investment. It’s a process of accumulation. Some brands of popsicles in Japan have a very good structure, and the technology and cold chain have the ability to make the particles smaller and finer. This kind of products, no domestic manufacturers can do, because to cooperate with the cold chain.

Zhong Xuegao is lucky in his success. First of all, the company’s R & D is really powerful and unique in terms of product value; Second, the aesthetic and consumption power of consumers have reached a certain height.

Of course, the above can not guarantee the success of the brand, which is similar to the passing in football games. If one step is not done well, don’t try to shoot, but even if it is done very well, it may not be able to score in the end.

The success of these netizens is an accident, but there is also necessity in this accident. They have mastered this methodology.

Source: xiaofeipai1, reprint authorized.

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